The Pentagon Is Tracking US Citizens Without Warrants Using Commercial Data

Engadget is reporting (via Vice News) that the Pentagon is tracking US citizens. The real issue with this is that the Pentagon is doing this without a warrant. This overall news is pretty troubling. Privacy is a big focus in today’s society. So knowing that our government is spying without permission is pretty harrowing.
The way the Pentagon is doing this is with the help of commercial data. According to Senator Ron Wyden, there is no due legal process in doing this. The information that the Pentagon is using comes from purchasing it from commercial sources. This includes mobile location and other data.
Senator Wyden had this to say: “I write to urge you to release to the public information about the Department of Defense’s warrantless surveillance of Americans. Now to be clear the Pentagon and other agencies have been purchasing location data for years. However, they aren’t doing it for no reason.
The reason for doing this is to track terrorist groups and more to keep the country safe. The idea is noble. But as Senator Wyden writes in his letter: “I have spent the last year investigating the shady, unregulated data brokers that are selling this data and the government agencies that are buying it.” Even with good intentions the means of reaching their doesn’t seem to be ethical.
The Pentagon is tracking US citizens without warrants is unethical
Not only is it unethical, but it is definitely illegal. Government agencies can not do this type of spying on American citizens. This is thanks to the Fourth Amendment. However, the intelligence part of the DoD is foregoing following these laws.
The Defense Intelligence Agency has been purchasing location data and other commercial data to do this. Now, if the Defense Intelligence Agency were to have warrants for these actions it would be legal. The US Supreme Court made that law in 2018. Having a warrant would justify the actions of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Senator Wyden is calling the DoD out for this which is a good thing. But, what about other governmental agencies. Are other agencies doing the same thing, and if so how many more?
However, the DoD does have a reply to Senator Wyden to defend their actions. The DoD says that it is up to each agency to ensure it’s following the law. That is one statement that the Pentagon is giving.
Unfortunately, the Pentagon is keeping other statements redacted. Senator Wyden makes it clear that this information should be made public. He says it should only be hidden if it poses a risk to national security.
This isn’t the first time the government has been called out for warrantless monitoring of American citizens. The overall means for doing this makes sense. But, it is unquestionable that government agencies should adhere to the law as well.
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Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Games – Updated May, 2021

Whether you picked up the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S when both consoles dropped in November, they play the same games, but which are the best ones worth your time and money?
Which games for the Xbox Series X are the best may be a little bit subjective. But if you’re new to consoles or you’re just new to Xbox, or you’re buying games for someone else, the games in this list are definitely really good games that you’ll want to focus on.
The best Xbox Series X games will also change on a monthly basis as we update this list. As more games will come out and we’ll want to rotate in some of the other really good game titles. For now though, these are the best Xbox Series X games your money can buy.
Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Games – Summary
Below you’ll find a small table containing all of the games we’ve selected. Whether you’re short on time or just want to cut to the chase, the table below will list every game along with prices and links to buy them.
Below the table you’ll find each game in the list with longer descriptions as well as trailers and the same links to buy each game.
Where To Buy
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
From $45
Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft
Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Amazon, Microsoft
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
From $45
Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft
Amazon, B&H, Walmart, Best Buy, Microsoft
Watch Dogs: Legion
Amazon, Microsoft
Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, Microsoft, Walmart
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
From $30
Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft
Gears 5
From $10
Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, Newegg, Target, Best Buy, Microsoft
Forza Horizon 4
From $20
Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Microsoft
Yakuza: Like A Dragon
From $40
Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Newegg, Microsoft
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Price: From $45
Where To Buy: Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest game in the Call Of Duty franchise, and is a sequel to the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.
You’ll see some familiar characters in the game and experience a great story campaign mode. Though you may choose to jump right into what is usually one of the best parts about Call of Duty games, the multiplayer.
The game also features the fan favorite Zombies mode, as well as plenty of unlockable new weapons and perks. Not to mention an all-new battle pass that you can pick up with each season of this game.
Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Price: $40
Where To Buy: Amazon, Microsoft
If you’re looking for a really fun open-world RPG game that has plenty of mythic themes and a lot of fun combat, look no further than Immortals: Fenyx Rising.
You play Fenyx, a demigod, attempting to save the Greek gods from impending doom. As an open-world action RPG you will have a ton of ground to cover in the exploration department. As you progress through the game you will get to level up your skills and outfit yourself with all kinds of new gear and weapons.
You will also unlock new abilities. And you might be surprised at how many different puzzles there are in this game for you to solve. Which could lead some rather meager rewards or something truly amazing to help you on your adventure.
If you’re seeking a close comparison to this game so you know what to expect from gameplay, think about Genshin Impact and Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Price: From $45
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft
As Assassin’s Creed games go, AC Valhalla has it all. The most striking graphics to date of any AC game, a massive open world for you to explore, engaging combat. You name it, the game probably has it. The list goes on so to speak.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has you take on the role of Eivor. You can choose to make the character male or female, carrying on the tradition of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
While your lands are drying up, you’re finding it harder for your people to prosper. So you sail your people across the sea to England where you’ll raid and pillage to expand your influence.
The game features a complex and rich story rooted in history, the ability to grow your settlement, fishing, mini games where you play dice, drinking games, and flyting, where you can swap insults with another person in a competition. The game also has a photo mode of you like that sort of thing.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is packed full of stuff to do and many, many hours of awesome gameplay, which makes it one of the best games on Xbox Series X.
Price: From $59.99
Where To Buy: Amazon, B&H, Walmart, Best Buy, Microsoft
If you like games like Destiny 2, which is basically the looter shooter genre, you’ll probably love Outriders. While the two games aren’t entirely the same there are definitely some similarities.
From multiple playable class types to the ever increasing power from better gear drops and weapons, Outriders is packed full of things to chase. It has a pretty decent story too, although the combat and the gunplay is definitely the best part.
It supports gameplay in a single-player perspective or in multiplayer with up to two more players, for a total of three. It also supports cross-play completely. So if you play on Xbox Series X but your friend plays on PS5, you can team up together without issues.
Overall this is a really fun game for fans of shooters that have RPG elements.
Watch Dogs: Legion
Price: $30
Where To Buy: Amazon, Microsoft
This is the perfect game for people who like games similar to Assassin’s Creed but would rather have the gameplay be set in a more modern time.
Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in near future London, where you’re part of a resistance trying to save the city from the dystopian reality that it’s in. Throughout the game’s campaign you’ll have to rise up and join the ranks of the resistance, recruit people to join your cause, and fight back against the corporate overlords.
Once you finish the campaign there will be quite a bit of post-game and seasonal content to go through. You can also choose to dive into multiplayer content if you want to party up with friends and fight for the city together.
The game also features many playable characters. You can play as just about anyone and each character has their own backstory. Which means much of your game time can have a unique feel to it.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Price: $60
Where To Buy: Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, Microsoft, Walmart
A fan favorite series returns with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Complete with all three games wrapped up into one neat little bundle with updated graphics. The game also takes advantage of the faster load times of the Xbox Series X / S, and it supports Smart Delivery too.
Visuals are now enhanced to 4K so although it is the same game you like remember, it will definitely look a lot better than it used to. All three games are also included in a single launcher, so you can go through all the content without having to interact with three different games.
Speaking of content, the Legendary Edition includes all three base games, as well as over 40 DLC packs. The DLC includes both expanded game content and in-game items like weapons and gear. Whether you’re an old fan of the Mass Effect series or this will be your first time playing, there’s a lot to dive into and enjoy.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
Price: From $30
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft
If you grew up with an original PlayStation or Xbox, you’re familiar with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.
These were the defining games of a generation, starting from 1999 and moving into the early 2000s. Both titles have been completely remade with new HD visuals and are faithfully recreated works of the original games.
But there is plenty of new stuff too. Like new skaters alongside some old favorites, as you get the entire original roster. You can pull off the same tricks too. Score all new combos. And customize your skater with all kinds of gear.
Skate in familiar locations and brand-new locations too. With some crazy new landscapes to admire in the background. The game also features local and online multiplayer, so you can compete against your friends just like the old days or play against strangers online.
Aside from game content, one of the reasons this is one of the best Xbox Series X games is because it’s two games in one. While it did launch before the Xbox Series X, it’s compatible with the new console.
Gears 5
Price: From $10
Where To Buy: Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, Newegg, Target, Best Buy, Microsoft
Gears 5 isn’t an Xbox Series X title but it is optimized for it and it was only just released at the end of 2019. Which makes it a great option for this list because it is an excellent game and it’s probably the best priced out of any of them.
Being that it starts at just $10. Gears 5 is the most recent title in the third-person shooter franchise. With single player content, multiplayer PvP, co-op, and more.
There’s also a player vs environment mode where you’ll need to fight back hordes of enemies. Gears 5 features post-game and seasonal content as well. So if you play often enough watch out for these events to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.
If you like shooters, this is definitely one you should pick up. And because it’s available for as little as $10, it’s a great pickup alongside Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
Forza Horizon 4
Price: From $20
Where To Buy: Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Microsoft
Forza Horizon 4 is Microsoft’s exclusive racing franchise and this is the most recent game in the series.
It’s also probably one of the most beautiful racing games you’ll ever set eyes on. While it isn’t an Xbox Series X launch game, it is optimized for Xbox Series X. With support for better visuals and faster frames per second so you can bask in the glory that this game offers not only in its vehicle designs, but also in the landscapes. Which is really some of the best visual stuff to look at in this game.
Forza Horizon 4 features single player and online multiplayer content to go through. Along with seasonal content. The game also has dynamic seasons, with changing weather and visuals that change the pace and feel of each race. This also leads to newly unlocked events and routes to race in.
There are over 450 cars from 100 different manufacturers, with plenty of customization options to make your car look and drive and just how you want it to.
Speaking of customization, Forza Horizon 4 also features a custom route creator. You can make your own routes and share them with the Forza Horizon 4 community. Likewise you can also race other people’s created routes, and routes can be created anywhere in the open world landscape. Giving this game some pretty extreme replay value.
Yakuza: Like A Dragon
Price: From $40
Where To Buy: Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Newegg, Microsoft
Where to begin. Rounding out this list is Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the seventh mainline game in the franchise.
While it features many of the things players may love about the Yakuza series, it has a lot of new stuff and some changes that players have to look forward to. First off, it’s set in a brand new location that’s based on a district in Yokohama.
It also no longer features the same style of combat. Changing from the beat ’em up combat in really every other Yakuza game to a turn-based RPG style of combat. Yakuza has always been an RPG game, so this new style of combat for the series gives it a fresh coat of paint that makes things interesting and quite fun.
As it was just recently released at the tail end of 2020, it also comes with some really nice graphics. You also play a different main character, and have a range of new abilities to unleash on your foes like character summons, where you can summon things like a giant crayfish to help you attack.
You can also craft items, take on jobs, improve your life experience, and engage in legendary battles featuring more familiar characters, like Kazuma Kiryu. And of course there are a lot of other things to do in this game too. Such as new mini games.
If you want one game from this list that offers a megaton of content, Yakuza: Like A Dragon fits the bill quite nicely. And is definitely one of the best Xbox Series X games out right now, if not the best Xbox Series X game.
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Your Google Assistant Menu Has Changed, New Communication Feature

Google has now introduced some changes to the Assistant-related menu in its apps, in line with a new communication feature being added. That’s based on recent reports detailing the alteration, which renames “Voice and video calls” to “Communication.”
Now, that alteration can be found in the Google app and appears to be associated with an update to the app. But the communication menu should also appear just about anywhere Google Assistant settings are accessible. At least, that’ll be the case for everybody who sees the Google app update.
But the change isn’t just in the name, either. Alongside Call Providers, Video & Voice Apps, Device & Call Settings, and Your contacts, in that menu, there’s a new item. That’s dubbed “Broadcast” and, as its name implies, centers around settings for a specific Assistant feature added back in 2017.
What’s Broadcast and what does it do with Google Assistant communication?
Of course, the feature in question adds the ability to use Google Assistant to communicate with associated and linked devices so this menu change is to reflect that. More directly, that’s the ability to communicate directly with devices linked to a smart home or a family group.
Google is giving users two toggles inside that menu now. One turns on or off broadcasting more generally. That will apply to everybody, including those in the group. And it allows broadcasting to personal devices, including smartphones and tablets, rather than to smart speakers or displays.
The second setting option opens things up for those who prefer to do so. That’s aptly titled “Family broadcasting for guests” and its name gives away its function. It allows guest users to communicate with the smart home or family group via broadcasting too.
This could be a slow roll-out
Now, as of this writing, this change doesn’t appear to be hitting everybody all at once. That includes some Android Headlines devices and the source notes a similar trend. The implication is that this is a more gradual roll-out for the AI tool.

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Google Get Help From Samsung With Fuchsia OS

Google has been working on developing Fuchsia OS for a few years now. Development has ramped up over the past year with rumors pointing to us seeing something this year. Now, according to 9To5Google, the company is getting a little bit of help from Samsung on the operating system.
Samsung will be sharing its file management system with Fuchsia OS
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of aspects to consider when developing an operating system. One such aspect is the file system. The file system is the code that manages how files are stored on the storage device. It separates the files and gives them all specific names so that they can be retrieved. Without it, all of the files would just be a clump of code.
For some time, Samsung has been using its own file management system called F2FS, which stands for “Flash-Friendly File System.” It was spotted as early as the Note 10. Now, it seems that Google will be utilizing that file system for Fuchsia OS. Android intrinsically uses the file system called EXT4. There must be something about F2FS that Google finds better than EXT4
This partnership is written in stone, as the official AUTHOR’s file for Fuchsia OS identifies Samsung as one of the contributors. Other companies may very well contribute to this operating system as it nears its official release.
Fuchsia OS is an operating system being developed by Google from the ground up
For years, the tech world has been hearing about Google’s Fuchsia OS. It was first spotted in 2016, and we’ve been speculating about it ever since. We haven’t seen much development from the project over the past few years. Back in December 2020, however, Google stated that it was opening the project to other developers.
What makes Fuchsia shine is the fact that Google is angling this to be able to run on a variety of devices. Nowadays, you can have a computer, a phone, a tablet, and a smart car dashboard, and they can all be on different software. Google looks to create a software ecosystem with unified software.
What makes Fuchsia different from Android and ChromeOS is the fact that it runs on a different kernel. Android and ChromeOS run on the Linux kernel, while Fuchsia will run on a new kernel called Zircon. There’s no telling if this kernel will provide any benefits to the whole experience.
We’re not entirely sure when to expect Fuchsia to make it onto any devices, but the fact that it has its file system and Bluetooth certification in order, we can bet that it may be coming in the near future.
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This Could Be Your First Look At The Google Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro

You want a good look at Google Pixel 6? Because thanks to this leak you get a good look at the Google Pixel 6. Or, what is thought to be the Google Pixel 6. Since this is a leak, it isn’t confirmed that this is the final design. Or even an actual legitimate design for that matter.
The leak comes from Front Page Tech though, which has a good track record with leaks. The Pixel Watch leak from a few weeks ago was from FPT as well. Google is expected to reveal the Pixel 6 later this year in the Fall. But if you wanted to see what the design could look like prior to that, check out the images below.
The design of the device is, rather unique and a pretty big departure from past Pixel devices. In fact there aren’t really any other smartphones on the market that carry this design.
The Google Pixel 6 leak shows the phone has a massive camera bump

The one thing that is going to stand out the most is the camera bump on the back. It’s not just big, it’s massive. It also adorns the back of the phone in a horizontal fashion that covers the entire width of the device. But, not at the top edge.
Instead, the camera bump is located slightly further down from the top edge which is what makes it as unique as it is. Just above the camera bump, which is black, the phone backing shows off an orange color. Meanwhile the rest of the phone backing is white.
Google has used these colors in its Pixel phones before more than once. But never in this way. There also appears to be a white and gold variant, and one with a more subtly hued model that looks like the sand color on its Chromecast with Google TV. All feature this tri-color design.
There’s a larger ‘Pro’ model with three rear camera sensors
It seems Google is going back to offering a regular model and a larger model. At least, judging by these leaks. One of the images shows that there’s one model which is a bit shorter comes with two rear camera sensors.
Meanwhile the larger, ‘Pro’ model comes with three rear camera sensors. Past rumors have suggested that the sensors would be coming from Samsung. Another past rumor suggested that the front facing camera would be a cutout design and be centered as opposed to off to the side.
While the leak doesn’t mention anything about Samsung sensors, it does show the centered front camera. Since one phone is rumored to be a Pro model, it’s also likely that it comes with more powerful hardware. Though, the leak doesn’t mention anything about specs. Save for one detail, the in-display fingerprint reader.
Just like with the Pixel Smartwatch leak, these images are recreated renders of what was shown to Front Page Tech. And not the actual images that were shared.
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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases – Updated May 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big and heavy phone, not to mention its made of glass, so you’re going to want a case for it. As the last thing you’ll want to do after spending $1399 (plus tax) on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is for it to fall out of your hands and shatter.
And that’s where cases come into play. You can think of cases as an insurance plan for your Galaxy S20 Ultra, and one that you don’t have to pay for every month. Some of these are heavy duty, while others are thinner and really just add in some grip so that it’s harder for them to fall out of your hands.
Either way, these are the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases on the market today.
Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases
This list has the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases that are available today. This list will continuously be updated as more cases come out – which is bound to happen after the phone is actually available.
We have wallet folios, TPU cases, rugged cases and everything in between. So no matter your style of case, there’s something for everyone here.

Where to buy
Samsung Leather Case
ESR Air Armor
Totallee Thin Case
Samsung Silicon Cover
Samsung Wallet Cover
Ringke Fusion X
Caseology Parallax
Spigen Tough Armor
Nillkin Frosted Case
Otterbox Commuter Series
Best Leather Case
Samsung Leather Case
Samsung Leather Case
Price: $49.99
This is one of the best first-party cases for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and its a leather one. Which is going to look amazing on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and also feel really great. Especially once the leather weathers a bit.
Because this is a leather case, it is a bit on the thicker side, but it does also add some grip. So you won’t need to worry about the Galaxy S20 Ultra slipping out of your hand which is a great thing. The case is still thinner than the camera bump – it’s a serious camera bump – which means that it won’t be in the way of the ultrawide camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Samsung offers the leather case in a few different colors: black, blue, brown, red, silver and gray. Currently, there is no price available, since the case is not yet available. But it should be once the pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 series start on Friday.
Samsung Leather Case –
Best clear case
ESR Air Armor
ESR Air Armor
Price: $11
Buy: Amazon
The ESR Air Armor is the best clear case that you can buy right now, and it is a really great looking one. It’s going to allow you to still show off that beautiful design of the Galaxy S20 will also protecting it.
As you can see in the image above, the sides are a bit thicker. And that’s because the sides and corners have been reinforced, and will be able to absorb the shock when the phone is dropped. And seeing as when phones hit the ground, they usually land on the side or the corners (more often the corners), this is a good idea.
There is a slight lip here, going over the screen, which is going to protect that screen if it is dropped as well. Given how big this screen is, it’s going to be an expensive one to get replaced.
ESR Air Armor – Amazon
Best thin case
Totallee Thin Case
Totallee Thin Case
Price: $35
The Totallee Thin Case is by far the best thin case that you can pick up for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s super thin, and really doesn’t feel like you even have a case on your phone. But you can feel that it is there, because it gives you some grip.
So, Totallee offers their case in two colors. There’s a transparent, clear case like the ESR one above. And then there’s a matte case like the one pictured here. The matte case looks really good, and honestly it’s the one we’d prefer. Seeing as it will do better at hiding fingerprints and give you a bit better grip on your Galaxy S20 Ultra.
You can pick either one, and both are available for all three Galaxy S20 smartphones too.
Totallee Thin Case –
Best inexpensive premium case
Samsung Silicon Cover
Samsung Silicon Cover
Price: $40
The Samsung Silicon Cover is a really good option for those that want a premium looking and feeling case, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Because let’s face it, that Leather case is not a cheap one. And well, this Silicon Case isn’t very cheap either, but it is worth the money.
This case has a very soft touch to it, which also gives it more grip. So it’s going to be much better than not having a case on your phone at all. Which is very important here, seeing as the glass on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is very slippery.
Samsung’s Silicon Cover does a good job at protecting the entire device, including the display. And it also comes in a number of different colors. This includes blue, black, navy, pink, silver and gray.
Samsung Silicon Cover –
Best Wallet Case
Samsung Wallet Cover
Samsung Wallet Cover
Price: $64.99
If you’re looking for a case that can also replace your wallet, well Samsung has something for you there as well. This is a wallet cover that you can use to put a few cards in – maybe the cards that don’t support Samsung Pay yet – and keep your phone safe.
By having a cover case, you are able to keep that display more protected too, which is also important for most people. It’s a bit on the thicker side, unfortunately, but hey that means that your phone has more protection. And considering the Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to cost you $1400, that’s not a bad thing.
Samsung Wallet Cover –
Best Heavy Duty Case
Ringke Fusion X
Ringke Fusion X
Price: $8
Buy: Amazon
The Ringke Fusion X is a great case for those that are worried about dropping the phone, and damaging it. The Ringke Fusion X has reinforced sides and corners, that will protect the Galaxy S20 Ultra if it does hit the ground. It also has a nice lip over the display that will protect it, without hindering how you use the phone.
This is a clear case too, so you are able to show off that you have a Galaxy S20 Ultra still, which might be important for some users. And we can’t forget, that the rubber sides and corners also add some grip. Making it tougher for it to fall out of your hands.
Ringke Fusion X – Amazon
Best looking case
Caseology Parallax
Caseology Parallax
Price: $14
Buy: Amazon
The Caseology Parallax is one of our favorites because of its look and feel. It’s a really great looking case, with a diamond pattern on the back. Which not only looks good, but it also makes it easier to hold onto the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
This is a dual-layer case. So there’s the soft shell that goes against your phone to protect it. And then there is a hard bumper that goes around the outside. This reinforces the sides and corners so that you won’t need to worry about your Galaxy S20 Ultra incurring damage when it is dropped. And you get all of this for $14.
Caseology Parallax – Amazon
Best kickstand case
Spigen Tough Armor
Spigen Tough Armor
Price: $15
Buy: Amazon
Spigen is a pretty popular name when it comes to smartphone cases, and it has a number of cases available for the Galaxy S20 lineup. But our favorite for the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the Tough Armor. This is another somewhat rugged case for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it also has a kickstand.
The kickstand really comes in handy for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, since it has that amazing looking Quad HD+ display, giving you a really great entertainment experience. And with the kickstand built-in, you won’t need to hold the phone the whole time.
It only comes in black, which is perfectly fine anyways. And it does add some nice protection, making it a really good case to grab.
Spigen Tough Armor – Amazon
Best Hard Case
Nillkin Frosted Case
Nillkin Frosted Case
Price: $10
Buy: Amazon
This is a polycarbonate or a hard case from Nillkin. It does look pretty nice on the Galaxy S20 Ultra though. But with it being a hard case, it does add more protection to your smartphone. And for a lot of people, that’s exactly what they want.
It does come in a number of different colors, including black, blue, red and many more. The black option is likely going to be the most popular.
with this being a polycarbonate case, you are sacrificing some grip, for some added protection. So do keep that in mind before you make your purchase.
Nillkin Frosted Case – Amazon
Best rugged case
Otterbox Commuter Series
Otterbox Commuter Series
Price: $40
Buy: Amazon
The Otterbox Commuter Series is the perfect case for the clumsy person, or someone that drops their phone a lot. It’s a fairly thick case, that offers a ton of protection for your phone. So that when it is dropped, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.
This is also a dual-layer case, with a soft shell going against the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and then a harder shell on the outside that can absorb the shock when the phone is dropped – by mistake of course. It does come in a few different colors, in case you don’t like this mint one here.
Otterbox Commuter Series – Amazon
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This Cool Little Device Lets You Play PS5 Games On Your Laptop

If you ever find yourself in a position where you can’t play your PS5 on a larger screen or monitor, then you might want the Genki ShadowCast. This wonderful little device makes it possible for you to connect the console to a laptop display for playing games.
But not just any laptop, a USB-C laptop. These days, a number of laptops may only carry USB-C ports. Some may also have USB-A ports, but no HDMI in port. In fact it’s probably harder to find a laptop with an HDMI in port than you might think. And that’s where this device comes in handy.
The Genki ShadowCast is the latest device from Human Things that was successfully crowdfunded. Following the success of devices like the ConvertDock. It also just went on sale starting today.
While this allows you to use the laptop screen to play games, it also works as a capture card. Which makes this perfect for anyone that wants an affordable solution for capturing gameplay footage for video uploads. And since everything happens on a laptop you should be able to use the webcam for streaming. Or you could just connect a DSLR and use that instead.
The Genki ShadowCast works with more than just the PS5
Not everyone has a PS5 just yet. But, maybe you’ve got a PS4, an Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, or even a Nintendo Switch. The ShadowCast will work with any of those devices for the same purpose. It even works with other HDMI devices.
Much like the ConvertDock, the ShadowCast is a small device. It has an HDMI plug on one end, and a USB-C port on the other. So all you have to do is plug the HDMI into your console or device, then plug a USB-C to USB-C cable into the other end, and connect it to your laptop’s USB-C port.
You don’t need external power for this to work, but there are some things to make note of. The ShadowCast does support 4k video source input from consoles, but the output is only up to 1080p. 1080p resolution should be just fine for most people, but if you’re expecting to get 4K from your PS5 while using this, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
You can pick up the ShadowCast in two different variations. One with a USB-C to USB-A adaptor, which costs $49.99. Or one without that adaptor which drops the price to $44.99. If your laptop doesn’t have any USB-A ports, then you can go for the less expensive option.
Genki ShadowCast
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MediaTek Dimensity 900 SoC Based On A 6nm Architecture Announced

MediaTek released its latest 5G mobile SoC, dubbed the MediaTek Dimensity 900 on May 13. Just like the Dimensity 1000 and Dimensity 1200, the new 5G SoC adopts the 6nm e TSMC’s 6nm process technology.
The quad-core chip comes with a third-generation MediaTek APU AI. Aside from that. it packs a highly competent Arm Mali-G68 MC4 graphics processing unit for handling graphically intensive tasks.
The long-awaited MediaTek Dimensity 820 SoC successor, the MediaTek Dimensity 900 is based on 7nm architecture. The newfangled chip brings an impressive array of improvements over its predecessors.
The MediaTek Dimensity 900 SoC is designed for mid-range phones. However, it is unclear which phone will the first to be powered by the new SoC.
MediaTek Dimensity 900 adopts cutting-edge technologies
The Dimensity 900 is based on a 6nm process, making it 8 percent more efficient than the 7nm SoCs, according to the Taiwanese chipmaker. It has a quad-core setup with a couple of ARM Cortex-A78 cores clocked at up to 2.5GHz.
Aside from that, it has six ARM Cortex-A55 cores that are clocked at up to 2GHz. As far as display support is concerned, the MediaTek Dimensity 900 supports 120Hz with a Full-HD+ display.
The display adopts the MediaTek MiraVision HDR video technology. This technology automatically adjusts contrast, sharpness, brightness, colors, dynamic range in a video.
It supports enhanced HDR10+ video playback with per-frame local tone mapping. Aside from that, it comes with real-time SDR to HDR conversion support, Gadgets360 reported.
MediaTek Dimensity 900 powers the cameras
As far as photography is concerned, MediaTek Dimensity 900 is capable of handling up to a single 108MP sensor. Alternatively, it can handle two 20MP sensors at 30fps.
In addition to that, it supports hardware 4K HDR video capture. It can decode 4K 30fps HEVC/H.264/VP9 video, and encode 4K at 30fps HEVC/H.264. Smartphones using Dimensity 900 can capture every detail, according to FoneArena.
The chip combines an AI processing unit with ultra-efficient INT8, INT16, and well-defined FP16 capabilities for super-accurate AI-camera results. Moreover, it can convert SDR to HDR in real-time.
The new 5G SoC supports LPDDR5, as well as LPDDR4X RAM along with UFS 3.1 storage. In terms of connectivity, it comes with Multi-GNSS L1+L5, Wi-Fi 6 (2×2 MIMO), and supports Bluetooth v5.2.
According to the company, the 5G SoC delivers faster Wi-Fi 6, coupled with enhanced signal quality from a 2×2 antenna. It supports the latest VoNR services as well.
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Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B Review – Less Mighty, More Mediocre

Panasonic is a household name in consumer electronics, but you might not know it makes wireless headphones like the Mighty Bass RB-M500B. And that would be understandable. As these aren’t exactly getting all the attention when it comes to wireless headphones.
But while these might not be the center of attention like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II or the Sony XM4, there’s something to be said for what Panasonic has created with the Mighty Bass RB-M500B.
The headphones are affordable and as Panasonic claims, they are indeed featherlight on your head. To my surprise, these were quite comfortable to wear. Which is especially important if you plan to wear them for extended periods of time. But how do these stack up in the grand scheme of things?
Sure they’re affordable, but do they deserve your hard earned money? Even if you do have to spend less of it to snag a pair of these compared to the competition? Well, they are worthy of someone’s hard earned money. Whether or not that’s you will depend on what you’re looking for in a pair of wireless headphones.
The Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B really bring the bass

When Panasonic settled on the name mighty bass, it did so with good reason. These headphones thump. And I mean really thump thanks to the ultra low bass response. Perhaps more so than you might expect for a pair of wireless headphones. And especially so for a pair of wireless headphones at this price range.
Normally these retail for $149.99, but they’re on sale for under $100 now. And that’s a fairly good price for what you get with these. Just as long as you know what to expect and what not to expect.
What you should expect is a featherlight, really comfortable pair of wireless headphones that will add lots of boom to your tunes. What you shouldn’t expect is the utmost in audio excellence. These sound fine. And there’s nothing to really be ashamed of about that.
Because if you’re buying these headphones, what you’re really after is the bass. Which these more than deliver on. What’s even better is that the bass doesn’t really distort the rest of the audio. So you get booming bass while retaining most of the audio clarity these offer when the bass level is at its lowest. Bass-ically, they kick pretty hard.
You want battery life? You get battery life

One of the biggest enemies of wireless headphones is poor battery life. Which is something you won’t find here. These deliver a rather great battery life so you can listen to your music for hours on end without needing a charge.
How many hours on end? A lot of hours on end. Up to 30 hours in total. Even if you listen to music with these wirelessly for 8 hours a day, you’ll still get nearly 4 days out of them before needing to plug them in. And even then if you want to continue listening beyond the dead batteries, you can simply plug them into a 3.5mm audio port. Provided the device you’re using these with offers one.
Panasonic also designed these with a 15-minute quick charge that gives you a 2-hour boost of listening time. Which might just be the boost you need until you can plug these in for a proper charge to get a full battery. Speaking of which, that takes about 4 hours.
Overall the battery life is pretty dang good. So you can use these without fear of them dying on you before the day is done.
 Not the best headphones for travel

While you may be looking for a pair of wireless headphones you can simply wear around the house, these aren’t the best option if you want something that works great for travel.
There’s more than one reason for this too. For starters, they don’t store well. While they do offer swivel earcups, the don’t fold up so they take up more space in whatever bag you put them in. Your only other option is to keep them on your head or around your neck the whole time.
Secondly they don’t offer noise cancellation. So if you do actually use them for travel, expect to hear some of the sounds around you bleeding in. That is unless you turn the volume up so much it can drown out ambient noises. Which would be fine if you either aren’t worried about damaging your hearing or don’t mind the tinny sound you get when the volume is at too high of a level.
That being said, Panasonic does offer a model of these that come with ANC. We didn’t get to test these, so we don’t know how well it works. But it would at least offer you a way to block out noise while keeping the huge levels of bass these pump out.
If you like bass but also want to block out sound, the RB-M700B may be the model you want to shoot for. You do however give up some battery life on those ones as they only go up to 20 hours.
The built-in mic works good for voice calls and Google Assistant

Just about every pair of wireless headphones comes with a built-in mic these days. So you can use these for calls if the opportunity arises. The mic sounds ok, so people will be able to hear you on the other end.
However after testing these with voice calls I was told that I didn’t sound as clear as I usually do. For comparison, I’ve been using the MW08 true wireless earbuds from Master & Dynamic for most of my hands-free voice calls. I come in extremely clear with these. With the RB-M500B less so, but they still work.
Perhaps more useful is the virtual assistant support. Need to ask Google a quick question? Go ahead. These will pick up the command and relay it to your phone. This also means you should be able to hear things like Google Maps navigation directions and other voice-guided features that tap into Google Assistant.
Which  makes these kind of nice for walking around town while using any hands-free features that your phone offers. The mic isn’t going to win any awards but it’s not bad either.
The audio controls could use some work

If there’s anything on this pair of headphones I would change it’s the audio controls. This is not Panasonic’s best work.
The buttons are rather flat with very little to distinguish one from another. So sometimes I would end up pressing the mic button instead of the volume up or down. The bigger annoyance though is the placement of the bass buttons.
They’re on the same ear as the volume and power/mic buttons. This may not seem like much of a problem but the buttons are all the way towards the front of the ear. This made them feel much less natural to interact with. Whereas the volume buttons are towards the back so you can more easily press them with them with your thumb.
To hit the bass buttons on these, you either extend your thumb much further towards the front or make the attempt to use your pinky. Which might not be an issue for you if your pinky is exceptionally long.
The point is using these controls just doesn’t feel satisfying at all. Or as easy as it could be. Even going so far as to move the bass buttons to the left ear in the same position as the volume buttons on the right ear would have made a monumental difference.
Alas, that isn’t the route Panasonic chose. To be clear, all the buttons are completely usable. But there could have been a better implementation. So hopefully this gets changed on a future model.
A simple aesthetic that is focused more on comfort than design

Sometimes simple is best, and I think that proves true here. The Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B are not trying to win you over with looks. They’re not ugly, they’re just not flashy or giving off a premium vibe.
And that honestly works for them. As noted a couple of times already, these are pretty comfortable to wear and that makes more of a difference than how they look. Because you won’t be the one staring at them. You’ll be wearing them.
They also offer replaceable ear pads. So if the ones that came with the headset get too worn out or damaged, you can simply swap them out. The only issue you might run into with that is actually finding the ear pads. Panasonic’s online shop has a pair listed, but they don’t mention which headphones they’re compatible with. They just say “select Panasonic headphones.”
If they are compatible they’ll run you $16. Aside from the overall design the matte black or beige colors also seem to be pretty resistant to fingerprints and smudges. Which is always a good thing.
Should you buy the Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B wireless headphones?

These aren’t a bad pair of headphones. They do what they set out to do and give you some great bass while they’re at it. But, It’s difficult to recommend these even to anyone looking to pick up a pair of wireless headphones that aren’t pricey.
There’s lots of other options around the $100 mark. The Sennheiser HD 350BT for example, which retail for $119, are also wireless, come with up to 30 hours of battery life, have a much better design for travel and storage, and a companion app that provides an equalizer for better audio tuning.
Where the Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B really excel is with the bass. So if what you want more than anything else is bass, these are likely a great buy for you. But there are some other good options around the same price range.
Panasonic Mighty Bass RB-M500B Wireless Headphones
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How To Create A Family Note On Google Nest Hub

In late 2020, Google debuted a new feature for the Nest Hub, which is effectively digital sticky notes. It’s called Family Notes. Allowing you to leave a note on the Nest Hub for others to see when they come home, or come into the room that the Nest Hub is located.
Family Notes will appear on the Ambient display of every Nest Hub in the house. So this can be very useful if you have multiple Nest Hubs or Nest Hub Max’s in your home. And it also shows who left the note on the Display, this is really only important if you have multiple people registered on your Google account within the household.
Here’s how you can use this nifty new feature on your Google Nest Hub.
How To Create A Family Note On Google Nest Hub
To get started, give one of the following commands to your Nest Hub (or Nest Hub Max):
Hey Google, create a Family Note
Hey Google, leave a Family Note

After that, Google Assistant will ask you what the note should say. Now, you can also decide to do this with one command instead of two. Especially useful if you’re in a hurry. Just add the context of the note to the end of the command. For example, something like this:
Hey Google, leave a Family Note that we need toothpaste
Making it an easy way to pick stuff up when you head outside next time.
How to Find Family Notes on Google Nest Hub
When you leave a Family Note on the Google Nest Hub, it’ll be displayed on the home screen. So as soon as you walk in the house you’ll see the note.

If there is more than one Family Note, you can also say “Hey Google, show all Family Notes”.
It’ll also be shown in the “Your morning”, “Your Afternoon” or “Your evening” pages within the Nest Hub. It’ll show who left the note and how long ago that was.
How to Delete Family Notes on Google Nest Hub
To delete a Family Note on your Nest Hub is pretty simple.
Tap on the Note. This will make it full screen. Then you can tap on the trash can in the lower left-hand corner.
And that’s it, that’s how easy it it so delete a Family Note on the Nest Hub.

Unfortunately, these notes really only work well on smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, because they have displays. The speakers like the Nest Mini will read them to you, but it’s not as cool as an actual sticky note. But that’s about it for Family Notes. This is how you can create, find and delete these notes.
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You're Going To Want One Or Both Of These New PS5 DualSense Colors

Every PS5 owner who has been hoping for a black DualSense controller is going to get their wish soon. Because Sony just announced that it’s officially launching two new colors of the DualSense controller.
One of those new colors is called Midnight Black, and PS5 owners can pick up the new DualSense controller option pretty soon. Sony is also introducing a new color called Cosmic Red. Both of these new colors are inspired by the wonders of space. Though not entirely in the same way.
Sony says the Midnight Black color is inspired by how people “view space through the night sky.” Meanwhile the Cosmic Red color is inspired by “the unique vivid shades of red found in the cosmos.” Each controller has its own dual-tone design. The black controller actually features two slightly different shades of black with light gray accents.
The Cosmic Red features a deep, yet brightly hued red for the top layer. And then a black for the area that houses the joysticks just below the touch pad.
You can pick up a black or red DualSense controller starting next month
Sony hasn’t officially launched these new color options for the DualSense, but it does confirm that both colors will be available next month. They will also go on sale globally. Which means they’ll be available anywhere PS5 consoles are sold.
What Sony does not mention is exact release dates, availability, or prices. The company says these will vary by location, so it’s leaving it up to the consumer to check with local retailers. Speaking of which, the new controller colors will be available through Sony’s retail partners.
So expect to see them at Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, Target, and others if you’re in the US. While Sony doesn’t mention any of the release or price information in its blog post, it is listed at PlayStation Direct where you can already pre-order both controllers.
The Midnight Black will be available for $69.99 just like the white DualSense controllers. The Cosmic Red will be $74.99. Both will also ship on June 11 if you buy from Sony. Prices and ship dates could change depending on where you buy. And if you wait too long, you may end up seeing these pop up on Amazon and other retailers from third-party sellers with higher prices.
At the moment, PlayStation Direct and Amazon seem to be the only retailers carrying these. There’s also no telling when the new colors might go out of stock. Also worth noting is that PS Direct is releasing the controllers on June 11 while Amazon isn’t releasing them until one week later.
DualSense Wireless Controller – Midnight Black
DualSense Wireless Controller – Cosmic Red

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Google Messages Split-Screen View For Tablets Is Coming Soon

Google Messages split-screen view for tablets has been a much-awaited feature. The app has been receiving a myriad of new features over the last several months.
The feature-laden SMS and instant messaging app from Google are slowly garnering popularity among users. This year, the app received several features such as auto-OTP deletion, scheduled messages, calendar event suggestions, and an overhauled UI on Samsung phones.
XDA Developers originally spotted some of these impending features in its analysis of the latest Google Messages update. The publication also gave us a glimpse of what they look like.
Google Messages split-screen view for tablets
Google Messages 8.0.054 is currently available on Google Play. The website bumped into new strings that hint at a new split-screen UI designed for tablets.
According to the strings, Google Messages will soon receive a new setting dubbed “List detail view.” Once a user enables the settings, they will be able to see their conversation list next to the conversation.
After enabling it, XDA Developers shared screenshots of how the feature will look upon release. The List detail view will split the screen in half.
You can see the list of your previous conversations on the left. The current conversation will appear on the right side.
The new UI is developed for devices with larger displays. The enables the app to take advantage of the extra screen real estate.
Using a paired phone to send texts
The recently rolled out Google Messages update has new strings that point towards a new feature. This impending feature will allow users to send messages using a paired phone.
This feature probably corresponds to the upcoming tablet-centric layout. Users might be able to choose between sending a text using a tablet, or from a paired phone.
It is worth noting that Google Messages already offers a similar feature on Samsung-branded phones and tablets. The feature is called Call and Message Continuity.
It enables Galaxy device owners to send and receive texts on their tablets and phones at the same time using the same phone number. Google seems to be working to extend this feature to support devices from more manufacturers.
Categorizing conversations
In October 2020, Google Messages added a new feature that automatically categorized conversations depending on their content. It adopted similar working processes like Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app.
The new feature divided texts into several categories such as Offers, OTP, Transactions, Person, and All. Regrettably, it did not allow users to pick a default category as SMS Organizer did.
The upcoming setting will let users change the primary category. Users will be able to pick a default category from the above-mentioned options.
These features aren’t currently available in the latest version of Google Messages. Details about when Google will be rolling out these features are still scarce.
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Roku Just Added 25 Live TV Channels For Free!

Roku has just added 25 live TV channels to The Roku Channel, in what seems like perfect timing. Considering its recent battle with Google over YouTube TV.
Now these channels won’t replace YouTube TV, but they are free, live-streaming TV channels that every Roku user will get to watch. Here are the channels that are launching today:
“Adventure TV, America’s Test Kitchen, beIN Sports Xtra Español, CINEVAULT 70s, CINEVAULT 80s, Degrassi, Divorce Court, Don’t Tell the Bride, Dr. G Medical Examiner, Fuse Backstage, Fuse Beat, Frontdoor, Heartland, Impact Wrestling, Jack Hanna Channel, Johnny Carson TV, Kids Pang, Law & Crime, Rakuten Viki, Real Crime, Rotten Tomatoes, Super Simple Songs, Slugterra, VICE, and Xumo Crime TV.”
Roku now has over 190 free linear TV channels available for free
Since launching The Roku Channel a couple of years ago, Roku has really been pushing to add more and more content to it. Giving its users a way to watch a load of free content, while it makes money from the ads. For Roku, this is a way to keep bringing in money, after the user buys its hardware. As typically, Roku users don’t upgrade their hardware every year or even every two years.
With the addition of these 25 channels, there are now 190 channels available on The Roku Channel. But you’ll notice that there aren’t any cable channels like ESPN, BET, or ComedyCentral available. And that’s where a service like YouTube TV would fit in. So while this is good timing for Roku, since YouTube TV was taken off of its platform, it doesn’t really replace YouTube TV, yet.
Google and Roku are supposedly still in talks to bring the service back to Roku, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be brought back. As Roku is sticking to its guns and not letting Google do whatever they want, on its platform.
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German Regulator Issues A Ban On New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Troubles are mounting for Facebook over the revised WhatsApp privacy policy which allows it to collect user data from the messaging app. A widespread backlash has already forced the company to delay the rollout of the new policy by several months. Now, a German regulator has issued an emergency ban on the move saying Facebook’s attempts are illegal.
Johannes Caspar, Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, had last month opened proceedings against Facebook seeking an administrative order to stop the company from moving forward with the updated WhatsApp privacy policy. Now, he has issued a three-month emergency ban prohibiting the social media giant from enforcing the new policy on the previously announced May 15 deadline, at least in Germany.
“The order aims to secure the rights and freedoms of millions of users which are agreeing to the terms Germany-wide. We need to prevent damage and disadvantages linked to such a black-box procedure,” Caspar said in a statement. The new terms are “intransparent, inconsistent, and overly broad,” he added. He has also asked European Union regulators to issue a similar order that covers users across the continent.
Caspar is also taking into account the possibility of Facebook misusing the information it collects from WhatsApp users to influence the German federal elections in September. Germany has nearly 60 million WhatsApp users.
Facebook has denied any wrongdoing, of course. The company labeled Caspar’s claims “wrong” and said the order would not stop it from rolling out the new policy. These actions are “based on a fundamental misunderstanding” of the new policy’s purpose and effect, Facebook’s WhatsApp unit told Bloomberg in an emailed statement.
Facebook could have more troubles coming its way over the new WhatsApp privacy policy
Despite previously stating that the updated WhatsApp privacy policy will come into effect on May 15, Facebook recently confirmed that users will still get time to accept the new terms. They will not have their accounts deleted or lose functionality if they fail to accept it before the upcoming deadline. Instead, the company will continue to show a notification reminding users to accept the new terms for “several weeks.”
If users don’t accept the new policy even after the notification becomes persistent, they will then start losing functionality. Quite clearly, Facebook is concerned that it may lose users to rival services if it enforces the updated WhatsApp privacy policy straightaway. The company now wants to give users additional time to accept it. In the meantime, it is trying to grow confidence inside them that the new policy would not affect their privacy.
However, now that Germany has issued an emergency ban on it, Facebook may have more troubles coming its way. It could pave way for regulators in other territories to also consider similar moves and thoroughly look into the matter.
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has already announced a similar examination. The Indian regulatory body is looking into the competition aspect of the matter. The Supreme Court of India is also separately investigating the privacy angle of the new policy. It now remains to be seen how Facebook deals with these mounting troubles over the revised WhatsApp privacy policy.
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Google Begins Rolling Out The Dark Theme To Search On The Web

The dark theme is beginning to roll out to Google Search on the web. Which means that soon, you’ll be able to use Google Search on the web at night without blinding yourself.
Google Search has had access to the dark theme for quite some time now, but only on mobile devices. Search on desktop however has been bringing up the rear for a while. Google has slowly but surely been rolling out the dark theme across all of its products. With search being one of the last major products it offers on multiple platforms that didn’t have the option.
Google has been testing the Search for Web dark theme for a while
While the dark theme option for Google Search on the web is just now starting to roll out widely, it’s been in testing since 2020. Around late late May Google started rolling it out widely to users on Android. Though only for the app or the search bar, and not for the mobile web version.
In late December, Google began testing the desktop web version of the dark theme for Windows 10 and macOS users. That means testing has lasted for the better part of six months before Google finally felt that things were ready. And it’s probably not a moment too soon for some users.
Dark themes have been an increasingly popular customization option for at least a couple years now. From Google to Microsoft, companies have been implementing dark themes that are better suited for low light situations across all of their products. Even sites like Crunchyroll started offering a dark theme for its site and video player. Which is perfect if you find yourself watching content more at night when the bright backdrop of the page sort of ruins the viewing experience.
Dark theme isn’t limited to Chrome
Since this isn’t a “flip the switch” type of feature and not everyone will get it at the same time, you might be wondering how you can tell if it’s active for you or not.
It’s actually rather easy. Whenever you open the browser and go to the Search website, you should see an alert if it’s available. It won’t be on by default, but the alert will signify that you can turn it on if you want.
It’s also not limited to just Chrome and can work in any browser. So if you’re using Edge, Opera, Firefox, or anything else, it’ll be there if it’s active for you. Even better is that you don’t have to dig in the settings to find the dark theme. Google has implemented a tiny little toggle button in the top right corner of the page that lets you turn it on and off. Nice and easy.

Google ‘dark theme’ on desktop is rolling out
— 🟣 Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) May 12, 2021

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ASUS Zenfone 8 Review: The Best Compact Android Smartphone Yet!

ASUS has been making its Zenfone line for many years now, but it’s not the most popular line of smartphones out there. In fact, in North America, most people likely wouldn’t even know they existed. They haven’t sold well in North America, and haven’t always been available here. Nevermind, available on carriers. But the Zenfone 8 is one people need to pay attention too.
With the Zenfone 8, ASUS is really stressing its compact size, without lacking power, battery capacity or other features. And it appears to have done a great job. And with a starting price of $599, ASUS should have a real winner on their hands here. But let’s find out in our review of the ASUS Zenfone 8.
Compact size, no compromises
Phones just keep getting bigger and bigger. And most people like that. But there are some, like myself, that do like smaller smartphones. Making it a bit easier to handle, especially with one hand. However, often times when companies produce “compact” smartphones, there are some compromises.
ASUS Zenfone 8
For example, the Pixel 5. It has a lower-end chipset. But that’s not the case with the ASUS Zenfone 8. ASUS really wanted to keep high-end silicon inside the Zenfone 8 and also put in a decently sized battery here. In our briefing ahead of the announcement for the Zenfone 8, ASUS really stressed that it shrunk the size of the PCB. Making it substantially smaller. So it could fit in this much smaller form factor. While still keeping the Snapdragon 888 inside, along with a 4000mAh capacity battery.
The small size is definitely a breathe of fresh air here, especially since it isn’t compromising in any areas really.
ASUS has outfitted the Zenfone 8 with a 2.5D curved backside made of aluminum, to help make the smaller form factor fit even better in your hand. It gives the Zenfone 8 a rather minimalistic look and feel. And it’s also something that we have not seen a whole lot of lately. Instead of glass, it’s using aluminum.
The blue power button is a nice touch. And does follow in recent trends of using a different color power button. Like the orange power button on the Pixel 4 in 2019, and the mint green on the Pixel 4a in 2020. It really stands out on this black colored Zenfone 8.

Impressive looking display
On paper, the display of the Zenfone 8 isn’t the highest-end display out there. But in real life, it is really good. This is a Samsung AMOLED panel, measuring 5.9-inches diagonally at a 20:9 aspect ratio. With a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate. Which makes it look really snappy, especially when you are playing games on your smartphone.
ASUS Zenfone 8: Display
Since this is an AMOLED panel from Samsung, the colors on this display are really impressive. With some deep blacks and some really crisp colors. Additionally, the brightness is really impressive, as it can hit 800nits of peak brightness. So you can use it in direct sunlight without any real issues.
Top-notch performance
For this review of the Zenfone 8, ASUS sent over the highest-end model. That includes 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, along with the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset. So the performance here is top-notch as you might expect.
When playing games like League of Legends: Wild Rift, the Zenfone 8 performs really well. We didn’t notice any real issues with it lagging or even getting hot. Now, it does get somewhat warm, especially if you’re playing for a few hours. But for the most part, it’s just a little bit warm. And not uncomfortably warm.
ASUS Zenfone 8: Gaming
In day-to-day usage, the performance of the Zenfone 8 is about what you’d expect. Nice and snappy, without any real slowdowns. ASUS also isn’t aggressive in killing background apps, which is great to see. Especially with 16GB of RAM, and the fact that this is basically stock Android on the Zenfone 8.
Good battery life, but not great
With this smaller display, and a somewhat small 4000mAh battery life, you might expect some decent battery life. And well, you’d be right. With the Zenfone 8, during our review process, we found that the battery life was decent. But not great or even the best that we’ve seen. We could easily get to six hours of screen on time every day, and if we really pushed it, to seven hours.
To give you an idea of how I used the Zenfone 8, I used it for TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and played some Board Kings. As well as playing some League of Legends: Wild Rift. And watched plenty of YouTube. Among other apps, but these were the ones I used the most. These are obviously not the most optimized apps and do use up quite a bit of juice, so if you used more optimized apps, you could likely get 8 to 9 hours of screen on time.
ASUS Zenfone 8: Battery Life
Of course, a couple of years ago, that would seem impressive for a smartphone. But now that most smartphones are using much larger batteries and more efficient chipsets, six hours isn’t as impressive. However, it should still get you through the full day.
ASUS does offer fast charging out of the box with the Zenfone 8. As it does include the fast charger in the box, which can do up to 30W. That is also somewhat slow compared to the competition. Where you probably only need to charge overnight, the charging speed isn’t that big of a deal.
Unfortunately, the Zenfone 8 does not have wireless charging.

Secure the Zenfone 8 with Face Unlock and Fingerprints
Instead of offering one or the other, like the iPhone and Pixel, ASUS decided to offer both on the Zenfone 8. And honestly, the Face Unlock is not good. About half of the time I try to unlock the Zenfone 8 during this review period, with my face, it could not do it. Not just on the first try, but at all. Hopefully a software update will fix this, but that is pretty bad.
The fingerprint sensor on the other hand, is pretty decent. I do still wish that smartphone makers would make the sensor larger. Like using the bottom third of the display as the sensor, like Vivo did on a couple smartphones. Making it easier to unlock the phone, and not needing to have your finger in a specific spot.
The speakers are surprisingly good
While reviewing the Zenfone 8, I kept trying to make it a mid-range phone, due to its size, and that lowered my expectations of the speakers. Which were impressive to say the least. Even at one of the lowest levels, the speakers are still very loud, and sound really good. At max volume, the speaker does not sound muffled or distorted at all.
We are talking about stereo speakers here. With the bottom firing speaker – which is very easy to cover, unfortunately – and then the earpiece doubling as a speaker. The only real complaint that I have about the speakers and audio in general, is that it does not have Dolby Atmos support. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but would be a nice addition to the Zenfone 8.
And we can’t forget about the headphone jack. Yes, ASUS has not gotten rid of the headphone jack. And if you still fancy one of those, then this is likely the only smartphone with high-end specs that has a headphone jack. The Pixel 4a still has it, but that’s definitely a mid-ranger.
ASUS takes the “Keep it simple stupid” approach to software
In the early days of ASUS’ Zenfone lineup, it really tried to make its own skin for Android, and most users just hated it. Thankfully, ASUS scaled it back and is now basically going with stock Android on the Zenfone 8. And keeping it nice and simple, which is good to see. If you’re a fan of the Pixel, then you’ll like the software here.
ASUS Zenfone 8: Software
ASUS has added in some nifty features though. Like a quick way to bring the screen down to reach the top of the display. It’s similar to the iPhone, where you can just swipe down from the bottom half of the display and it’ll bring down the screen about halfway.
It also brought in new sound control, which allows you to have a quick shortcut to new volume adjustments. And AudioWizard Scenario effects are included here too.
With ZenUI8, ASUS has also improved the battery UI. Making it easier to change the battery indicator in the status bar. As well as optimize the battery usage on a per-app basis and more.
ASUS has also included some new UI customizations. Like the ability to tailor the UI to your liking. That includes the font, accent colors and icon shapes. Pretty similar to Oxygen OS. Other customizations include the animation speed and the system color scheme.
Taking some features from the ROG Phone 5, ASUS has also brought Game Genie to the Zenfone 8, which has been great for playing games during this review. This allows you to block all notifications, blocking all calls, prevent brightness changes and so much more. So you can play games without any interruptions.
Overall, the software experience on the Zenfone 8 is actually really impressive. It’s fast and fluid, without getting in the way. Which is exactly what you want from software. The only question mark is the software updates. ASUS doesn’t have the best track record with software updates, so we don’t know when or if, it’ll get Android 12. But during this review, the Zenfone 8 has been running on Android 11.

Big camera improvement
Typically, the one place where an ASUS smartphone falls short is in the camera department. But this time around, on the Zenfone 8, it’s pretty decent. It’s not the best camera on a smartphone, but it is worth using actually.
ASUS outfitted the Zenfone 8 with just two rear cameras. There’s a 64-megapixel main sensor, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor (also capable of shooting macro photos).
ASUS Zenfone 8: Camera
The main sensor takes some really crisp shots, as long as the light is appropriate. When it comes to low light shots, they are a bit tougher to get a good shot. ASUS doesn’t have a night mode that rivals the Pixel or Galaxy S21 unfortunately. The ultra-wide sensor does a really good job as well, and especially when it comes to macro shots.
The Pro modes for both photo and video are great additions here. If you’re a photographer, you can really get some great shots from the Zenfone 8, if you have the time to adjust the shutter, iso and such.
The camera on the Zenfone 8 is good, but not the best (or even in the top 5). It’ll get the job done though, in most situations.
Zenfone 8 Camera Samples
Should I buy the Zenfone 8?
While working on this review of the Zenfone 8, I have really enjoyed my time with this phone. As someone who really likes smaller smartphones, this was a breathe of fresh air. Since you’re not compromising on performance or even battery life here. The only downside to the Zenfone 8, is US availability really. It’s very unlikely to be available on any carriers, and we aren’t sure when it will be available in the US.
ASUS Zenfone 8: Should you buy?
ASUS basically picked up where Sony left off with its Compact series. Sony used to release a “Compact” flagship that was the same specs as its larger flagship (minus a few things like a 1080p display instead of QHD, or a smaller battery, etc). Though Sony stopped doing that recently, and many enthusiasts are wanting Sony to bring that back. And it looks like ASUS is going to take that spot.
However, at this price, the Zenfone 8 is really impressive, and you should definitely buy it if you’re looking for a smaller device. It checks all of the boxes, except a big display.
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ASUS Has Dethroned Sony With The Compact Zenfone 8

ASUS has taken the wraps off of the Zenfone 8, and has decided to go in a slightly different direction, compared to the two previous generation Zenfone smartphones.
There are two Zenfone 8 models being announced today, but only one is coming to the US – the Zenfone 8. So we will be focusing on that one. There is also the Zenfone 8 Flip which has the flipping rear camera, and a full-screen display. It has similar specs, but with a much larger display.
ASUS is really stressing the size of the Zenfone 8. The company spent a ton of time researching smartphone sizes and found that this was the sweet spot, at around 5.9-inches. ASUS had to work some magic to get the Zenfone 8 down to this size, largely shrinking the PVC so that everything could still fit in this phone, along with a rather large 4000mAh capacity battery.
The Zenfone 8 is outfitted with an aluminum unibody and 3D curved back cover. Which makes the Zenfone 8 feel really nice in the hand.
The most durable Zenfone ever
ASUS also made the Zenfone 8 more durable than previous models. This is the first time that it is certified IP68 for water and dust resistance.
In addition to that, there is also Gorilla Glass Victus on the front. Which has drop performance up to 2 meters. It’s supposedly twice as scratch-resistant compared to Gorilla Glass 6. The back of the phone is protected with Gorilla Glass 3, which is one of the most scratch-resistant glasses on the market right now.
So you can rock the Zenfone 8 without a case if you wish. But, ASUS did still include a nice case in the box with the Zenfone 8.

Zenfone 8
Zenfone 8 Flip
20:9, 120Hz refresh
20:9, 90Hz Refresh
Snapdragon 888 5G
Snapdragon 888 5G
8/128, 8/256
64MP main sensor
12MP ultrawide
64MP main sensor
12MP ultrawide
12MP telephoto

148 x 68.5 x 8.9mm

*This is not official pricing for the US, but what it is expected to be when it launches stateside. 
Small display, high refresh rate
For some, this 5.9-inch display is going to seem rather small. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Quite the contrary here. The ASUS Zenfone 8 has a 5.9-inch FHD+ Samsung AMOLED panel, which has a 120Hz refresh rate. As well as a 240Hz touch sampling rate. It is also HDR10+ certified. And covers 112% of the DCI-P3 Color Gamut. Finally, it has around 800 nits of peak brightness.
This is stretched across a 20:9 aspect ratio, which brings pretty small bezels on the Zenfone 8. And the bezels are also uniform all around the phone too. So it looks super clean. There is still a camera hole in the left-hand corner though.
ASUS is using the E4 panel from Samsung, which is a new generation display that offers up to 15% lower power consumption. That improves battery life, even when using the phone outdoors in direct sunlight.
Impressive cameras, on paper
The cameras on the Zenfone 8 are pretty impressive, on paper. We’ll have to wait for the full review to decide if that is the case in real life.
But ASUS has outfitted the Zenfone 8 with two rear cameras. There’s a 64-megapixel main sensor, that has an f/1.8 aperture, as well as PDAF and OIS. This is the Sony IMX686 sensor, which we’ve seen on a lot of smartphones this year.
The second sensor is a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor (the Sony IMX363) and it supports dual PDAF and macro photography. That’s also a trend we’ve seen with a lot of smartphones this year.
Finally, on the front, there is also a 12-megapixel camera, with dual PDAF. And this is the Sony IMX663.
On paper, these cameras look really impressive, but only time will tell whether that is the case.
Pricing and Availability
ASUS has not announced when the Zenfone 8 will be available to buy. But we do know that it will start at €599 in Europe. The Zenfone 8 Flip will start at €799 in Europe.
Keep in mind that the Zenfone 8 will come in four RAM/Storage sizes. There will be 6/128GB, 8/128GB, 8/256GB and 12/256GB sizes available for everyone to pick up.
For the US, we know that the Zenfone 8 will be available, but pricing has not been 100% confirmed yet. Though it is expected to start at $599, for the 8/128GB model. As is usually the case, not all of the storage sizes will be coming to the US.
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New KB articles published for the week ending 9th May, 2021

Tweet Products Title Published Date VMware Cloud on AWS VMC UI should prevent User created Rules to be moved above or below System created Rules (83643) 05-07-2021 VMware NSX-T Data Center NSX-T VMs connectivity issues and Transport nodes controller connectivity status is UNKOWN(83646) 05-06-2021 VMware NSX-T Data Center Low throughput when flow-cache enabled with NAT … Continued

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Source: vmware

Here's A First Look At Potential Sony Xperia 1 III Camera Samples

Thanks to recent leaks, this may be the first set of camera samples from the upcoming Sony Xperia 1 III. Sony announced the Xperia 1 III alongside its younger sibling, the Xperia 5 III, in April of this year.
Apart from the additional ToF 3D camera on the Xperia 1 III, both these devices share the same rear camera setup. While the 2021 Sony flagship is yet to go on sale, the real-world camera samples are now posted online.
The company doubles down on the camera department with its new variable telephoto setup offered with the new Xperia smartphones. Interestingly, all of the camera samples shared online were captured at night. Looking at the samples, the device seems to perform well under low light conditions.
Leaked Xperia 1 III camera samples reveal its low-light photography prowess
More importantly, the 1/1.7-inch primary sensor does a pretty good job at capturing more light and pulling out details. Since the EXIF data has been removed from the photos, this has to be taken with a pinch of salt. As these samples have been shot on a pre-production unit, there is still scope for improvement on the final version.
Speaking of the camera hardware on the Xperia 1 III, it features a 12-megapixel primary Exmor RS sensor with an f/1.7 aperture, OIS, and 82-degree field of view. The 12-megapixel periscope-style telephoto sensor comes with f/2.3 and f/2.8 variable aperture and OIS. There is also a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor with f/2.2 aperture and a ToF 3D sensor.
For selfies, there is a single 8-megapixel camera on the front with f/2.0 aperture. Just like its predecessor, the Xperia 1 III also supports real-time eye auto-focus for humans and animals. Under the hood, it comes powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform featuring the Hexagon 780 DSP.
It is yet to go on sale anywhere in the world
There is no mention of whether the samples were captured using the primary camera app or the advanced Photography Pro app. Speaking of the other aspects of the device, it looks almost identical to last year’s Xperia 1 II. However, the company has offered improvements in terms of camera performance, display, and, more importantly, battery life.
Sony also mentioned offering up to 12.5x hybrid zoom based on the primary camera of the Xperia 1 III. As per the recent leaks, the base model will retail for CNY 8,499 (approx USD 1,325) in China. Though there is no word on the exact date of availability, it should be hitting select markets beginning next month.

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PS5 Stock Issues Will Unfortunately Continue For Quite Some Time

Since the beginning of its time on the market, the PS5 has had issues with stock. Specifically the capability of retailers to keep it in stock. Initially, Sony expected PS5 stock issues to continue for just a few months.
After the first of the year though, Sony confirmed that it expected the supply to be low until sometime after April or May of this year. Now, Sony is confirming that it expects the supply to remain low for a lot longer than people were expecting.
If you’ve been having trouble finding a console, you may find that challenge sticks around for a while. To your dismay. Right from the jump, PS5 pre-orders, and orders after its launch have been accompanied by low supply. So a lot of consumers were vying for the same low number of units.
This problem was further compounded by scalpers using bot programs to snake as many as they could and resell the units at hundreds and even thousands above the regular retail price of $499. This issue should have been over with by now. But it appears that isn’t going to be the case.
Sony says PS5 stock issues will continue into 2022
It’s only just now getting to the point that PS5 units were supposed to start leveling out. Making them much easier to get for a lot of people trying to buy one.
But a new report from Bloomberg, speaking to Sony, states that demand for the PS5 console is still very high. And Sony doesn’t expect that demand to wane anytime soon. While no exact dates were given, Sony believes that supply will remain low well into 2022.
Which means consumers still on the hunt for the elusive console will want to be as diligent as ever in trying to secure a purchase.
Sony doesn’t think it can meet demand in the short term
The expectation, or perhaps the hope, was that Sony would eventually be able to catch up to the demand from users. Sony has already sold almost 8 million of the PS5 since it launched in November of 2020. But Sony says that even if it were able to get its hands on more supplies and produce more units, it doesn’t think it could meet demand righty away.
What matters, for the consumer, is that supply problems aren’t going anywhere. For the first full year of the PS5’s life cycle, it will be hard to get one. And it will continue to be hard to get going into its second year after launch.
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Samsung's Exynos 2200 SoC could Power Laptops And Phones

Samsung is a company that is notorious for wanting to manufacture everything under the sun. That statement remains true as we get news that the Korean OEM is looking to enter the laptop chip market. According to Korean Economic Daily, Samsung is in the works of making an SoC that can be put into laptops.
The processor might be called the Exynos 2200 SoC, and it could power laptops and phones
The CPU business is in a weird place- companies like Intel are facing the onset of ARM-based chips being put into laptops/desktops. Apple’s M1 chip is powering its Macbooks and iPads. Now, with Samsung jumping on that bandwagon, another major player is looking to step on Intel’s toes.
According to SamMobile, this new SoC is probably going to be called the Exynos 2200. We don’t know an exact date this chip will launch, but Samsung stated that it will launch the chip in the second half of 2021. We also don’t know what this chip will be packing, but we know that it will be based on a 5nm process.
Since the Exynos 2200 will be launched during the second half of the year, we can probably expect (and hope) that this chip will be powering the Galaxy Z Flip 3 when it launches. However, before that, we can expect Samsung to launch a laptop to showcase this chip’s capabilities.
As for the graphics, Samsung stated that it will be partnering with AMD for the GPU. AMD hasn’t said exactly what they plan on doing to push the envelope with the graphics.
There are pros and cons to powering a laptop with an SoC
There are pros to powering a computer with an SoC. Firstly, SoCs are smaller and more efficient. This means that they won’t produce as much heat, eliminating the need to put fans in the machines. The smaller chip could also increase battery life, drawing less energy.
There’s also the chance that we could see a reduction in prices. Since the chips are smaller and require less material to manufacture, the device could cost just a bit less.
The main con to powering a laptop with an SoC is the lack of power. Mobile chips are much closer to powering computers than they were years ago- imagine trying to power a computer with a mobile chip from ten years ago! Regardless, mobile chips are still short of offering the kind of power that users really need.
Samsung laptops, like their Galaxy Books, are meant to be for the power-hungry businessman. Hopefully, the company can produce a chip that will bring more power to the table.
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Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong Could Get A Presidential Pardon

Imprisoned Samsung Vice Chairman and de facto leader Lee Jae-yong could walk out free soon. According to the Korean media, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is open to the idea of granting a presidential pardon to Lee amid the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.
This comes after five major South Korean business lobby groups officially submitted a petition for Lee’s pardon to Cheong Wa Dae, aka the Blue House – the official residence of the South Korean President – last month. They argued that his absence is hurting Samsung’s investment plans.
At a time when the tech industry is facing an unprecedented chip shortage globally, Samsung needs to lead a cumulative effort to tackle this problem. After all, it is the world’s largest memory chip producer and the second-biggest player in the foundry sector, behind Taiwan’s TSMC. Naturally, it is also South Korea’s leading semiconductor company and a driving force in the nation’s economy.
However, a leadership vacuum means Samsung is finding it hard to come to a decision about its investment plans. The company is looking to invest $17 billion to build a new chip manufacturing plant in the US. It is seeing sites in Texas, Arizona, and New York but is still pending a decision on that.
This delay ultimately affects the chip industry as a whole. On top of that, it also allows Samsung’s rivals to edge ahead. As such, South Korean businesses fear that the country may lose its status in the semiconductor industry. They want the President to step in and pardon Lee so he could facilitate Samsung’s investment plans. And it appears President Moon isn’t opposed to the idea.
Lee Jae-yong could get a presidential pardon
According to reports coming from Korea, Cheong Wa Dae has received several petitions asking for Lee’s release from jail. Apart from the aforementioned five business lobby groups, officials from other sectors including religious groups and civic activists have also reportedly filed such petitions. President Moon is now reviewing the matter.
“The global competition for semiconductors is intensifying and it is true that we need to enhance competitiveness in the chip industry,” Moon said. However, a pardon “is not something a president can decide easily to suit oneself”. As such, he will take into account people’s opinions before making a decision. “Fairness, precedents, and public sentiment must be considered at the same time,” he added.
For the uninitiated, Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong has been in jail since January this year. He is serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence in a 2017 bribery case involving then South Korea president Park Geun-hye who is also serving a jail term.
A presidential pardon for Lee could see citizens demand a similar pardon for Park as well. Moreover, Park’s predecessor Lee Myung-bak is also behind bars on a separate corruption charge. So this is a complicated matter. “We need to make a decision based on justice, fairness, and public consensus,” Moon said.
Meanwhile, Moon also knows that semiconductor chips are “core national strategic industry” for South Korea. He had called a meeting with some of the nation’s biggest firms including Samsung, SK Hynix, and Hyundai Motor last month to discuss the ongoing chip shortage. It now remains to be seen whether he grants Lee a presidential pardon amid this challenge that Samsung and the likes are facing.
Moon is reportedly scheduled to join a virtual meeting with US President Joe Mideo on May 21st. We might see him come to a decision before that.
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How To Connect The Roborock S7 With Amazon Alexa

As you might already know, all of Roborock’s robot vacuums are compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Allowing you to use your voice to control your robot vacuum. Instead of needing to open the Roborock app every time. And today, we’re going to show you how you can connect the Roborock S7 with Amazon Alexa. Now while this is going to be specific to the S7, this will work on any of the Roborock S series robot vacuums. Basically, the S4 and newer.
You can choose to use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or the Roborock app to control your robot vacuum. This is just another way to use it.
How To Connect The Roborock S7 With Amazon Alexa
Connecting your Roborock S7 to Amazon Alexa is quite simple.
First of all, make sure you download the Amazon Alexa app from the Play Store and login, if you haven’t already.

Now tap on the “More” tab on the right side of the bottom of the screen.

Then tap on “Skills & Games”.

Next, tap on the search icon at the top of the screen, and type in “Roborock”.

Now here, you’ll find two skills for Roborock. There’s Roborock Plus and Roborock Home, you will want Roborock Plus. Roborock Home is used for the older Roborock robot vacuums that work with the Mi Home app. If you have the Roborock S4 or newer, then the Roborock Plus skill is what you want.
Then tap on “Enable to use”.

This will then take you to a new screen where you will need to login to your Roborock account. If you login with your email, make sure to tap the “Login with email” option at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll then see a confirmation page stating that your Roborock account and Alexa account were successfully linked.

On the next screen, tap on “Discover Devices”. This will search for any devices on your WiFi network and automatically add them to your Alexa account. So make sure that your Roborock S7 is on and connected to the internet.

After this, you’ll see all robot vacuums on your network listed under the “Vacuum Cleaners” portion of “Devices”.
And you’re all set. Now you can tell Alexa to have Roborock start cleaning your home at any time.
What commands can I use with Alexa?
There are only a few commands that are available for the Roborock S7 with Amazon Alexa, unfortunately. But this is very similar to the case with Google Assistant. So it’s not a huge surprise.
Here are the commands you can use:
Alexa, ask Roborock to start cleaning
Alexa, ask Roborock to stop cleaning
Alexa, ask Roborock to recharge
Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell it to clean a specific room, or area of your home. You’ll still need to use the Roborock app to do that, at this time. That might change in the future though.
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Google Continues Photos Alterations With New Mobile Interface

Google Photos is getting yet another interface lift, this time for smartphones. Specifically, altering the placement of a few key elements such as the Sharing segment and the print ordering UI, reports indicate.
What’s new in Google Photos?
The big changes, as noted above, are to the Sharing and Printing interface. And that means that users will need to look elsewhere for those, rather than where they have been. First up, Sharing has been moved back to the bottom-bar UI. So it’s no longer to the left of the search bar at the top of the screen. The icon for Sharing takes up a position that’s second-from-the-right on that section of the screen.
Conversely, the store for ordering prints and printed products from Google now exists in place of the old Sharing UI. So it can be found, with a shopping bag-shaped icon, at the top left-hand side of the UI in the app.
Google says the changes are based on user feedback. They’re intended to make finding the print store easier and making it easier to find and share memories. Prior to this update, Sharing had taken its place in the top-left with a chat bubble icon. Now, it’s moving back to exactly where was prior to that change.
Google is still searching for the perfect UI
Now, this latest change to the Google Photos interface, designed explicitly for mobile, follows several others over the last few months. Most recently, the company made changes to the interface for tablets. But it’s also been making changes to the functionality, with storage that’s no longer unlimited and a few other alterations.
None of this should come as any surprise though, as Google is almost constantly in search of the perfect interface for each of its services. And for each service on each platform.
To check out the new interface for smartphones, however, users simply need to head over to the Google Play Store and update their app. The changes are rolling out now on Android and will ship “soon” on iOS as well.

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Samsung's Quick Share Windows App Goes Live In Windows store

Samsung’s Quick Share app is an app that lets you seamlessly share files between Samsung devices. Now, the app is now on the Windows store, letting you share files from your mobile Samsung device to your Samsung computer. Sources indicating this includes a tweet from Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter.
The Quick Share Windows app is a pretty nifty piece of software
One of the paramount issues of doing business on multiple devices is transferring files between those devices. It only gets harder when those devices are running different operating systems. Samsung aims to alleviate this with their Quick Share app.
It’s an app that lets you quickly and easily transfer files between your Samsung devices. This eliminates the need to dig into the Bluetooth settings or use external services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
Having this app on the Windows platform breaks down the barrier between Windows and Android. While there are about a thousand different ways that files can be transferred between computers and phones, Quick Share provides an easy and unified method of transferring files.
A screenshot from Aggiornamenti Lumia shows that you can share files between multiple devices and contacts that you have saved. There’s also the option to simply drag and drop files to the device that you want to receive it.
The app will work on a select (and limited) group of Galaxy devices
While Quick Share sounds like a versatile tool, there’s a drawback. According to XDA Developers, there is a pretty limited selection of devices that can use it. Firstly, this can only work with Samsung devices. This isn’t a huge problem for people who are into Samsung’s ecosystem, but other folks will be really disappointed.
Secondly, the pool of Samsung devices that can use Quick Share is also pretty small. The Galaxy device can’t be on any version of Android older than Android 10. They also must be running OneUI version 2.1 or higher.
Android 10 users must have the MDE Service Framework 1.1.37 or higher installed. As for Android 11 users, they need to have the MDE Service Framework 1.2.11 or higher installed. For both versions of Android, the device must have Quick Share version 12.1.0 or higher installed.
Galaxy Books released MAy 2021 on will be compatible with the app. This goes for the Galaxy Book Go, Galaxy Book Pro, and the Galaxy Book Pro 360.
This limits the number of users who will be able to capitalize on such an enticing tool. However, if you are into the Samsung ecosystem and you have compatible devices, then the Quick Share Windows app should be a great asset to your business pursuits.

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New Music Controls For YouTube Will Make Listening To Music Easier

New music controls for YouTube could be on the way for Premium subscribers according to Android Central (original source 9to5Google. The new music controls will make it easier for users to play music without having to switch over to the YouTube music app. Users could already play both on the regular YouTube app, but they would be prompted to switch over to the YouTube Music app.
The new implementation would make things much easier for users. The new implementation will show YouTube viewers a different interface. The interface will closely resemble the controls that you would see in the YouTube Music app. That should make it easier and more familiar for users who are used to only using the standard YouTube app.
Now, this new interface will be for the Premium users out there. They will see a play, pause, and skip button. In addition to this, users will be able to save a song to a playlist as well. The overall new controls seem like they are aiming to make the experience seamless for users.
The new controls will allow users who are just browsing YouTube to get the best of both worlds. They may be watching the newest video from one of their favorite creators one minute. Then the next minute they may come across a song that they like. With the new listening controls, users will be able to stay on YouTube without having to switch to YouTube Music to listen to the song.
New music controls for YouTube makes playing music easier
At the moment, it isn’t known when the new controls will roll out. However, it could definitely make the overall experience better for a lot of Premium users. Premium users get a few nice features that free users do not get.
One of the biggest ones is not having to watch commercials. There are times when you’re watching a video and a commercial comes on at the worst time. To keep YouTube free there have to be commercials, but they have the worst timing sometimes.
YouTube has a lot of Premium users with 30 million subscribers. While that is a large number, they could definitely benefit from having more. When compared to other subscription services Google doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
These new listening controls could be a good incentive for some users to go Premium. If they already are locked into the YouTube experience this could make things more enjoyable for them.
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Everything You Need To Know About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the smash hit open-world RPG from miHoYo that everyone needs to play, even if only once. And as a free-to-play game, Genshin Impact is super easy to get into. It’s one of a very small number of free-to-play mobile games that is not only very good, but it won’t nickel and dime you with micro transactions.
Though Genshin Impact is definitely a game that everyone should play, there’s a lot to it that can maybe feel overwhelming for some. So we’ve decided to put together this post. It breaks down all the important stuff about the game so you can become more acquainted with it.
From characters to available platforms, and nearly everything else in between. If you want to play Genshin Impact, it’s definitely useful to read up on the game a little bit. Though it is by no means required or necessary. It’s a game that’s a lot of fun and you can spend hours upon hours playing it. Even if you’re going into it blindly knowing absolutely nothing about it.
Should you want to learn more about the game though, you’ll find a lot of details here.
What exactly is Genshin Impact and why should I play it?
Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG with anime-style graphics and a heavy emphasis on party combat. There’s multiple playable characters, and each one provides something a little unique to your party.
The game is filled to the brim with all kinds of things to explore. Including major cities that are teeming with life as you walk through the streets. You’ll complete side quests, advance the story through main quests, level up your characters and acquire better gear, and search for hidden treasure chests throughout the world of Teyvat.
As for why you should play Genshin Impact, there’s really only one main reason. Because it’s extremely fun. Then of course there’s the fact that it remains fun even after many hours of game time, it’s free, and continues to add new content for players to keep things fresh.
What platforms can I play Genshin Impact on?

Genshin Impact is available for Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, and PC. Right now there are no plans to bring the game to Xbox or Nintendo consoles. And it isn’t available via cloud platforms.
Is there cross-play?
There is cross-play available for the game but there are a few caveats to this. First, for cross-play to work you need to first unlock the multiplayer capabilities. Which you can’t do until you reach Adventure rank 16. The person you want to play with also has to be at Adventure rank 16.
If you meet those requirements, then you can play with any friend no matter what platform they’re on. The only other requirement is that you and the friend you want to play with are in the same region. As each region has its own servers.
So if you’re playing in the US, then you aren’t going to be able to play with someone in Japan for example.
What about cross-progression/cross-save?
Genshin Impact does support cross-progression so you can play it on multiple platforms. But only if you play on Android, iOS, and PC. If you use any of those platforms you can move your character and all of your progress to either of the other two. Then back again.
If you play on PS4 or PS5, then progress is not transferrable to the other three platforms unfortunately. This is because PS4 and PS5 use your PSN account to sign into the game. Whereas Android, iOS, and PC use your email account tied to your miHoYo account.
So in short, yes. Cross-progression is available. So long as you aren’t playing on PlayStation.
It’s free-to-play, so does that mean there’s micro transactions?

Yes. Micro transactions is how miHoYo monetizes this game’s development. The good news is that they’re not too heavy-handed. If there is one drawback to them, it’s that you may find it a challenge to acquire new characters without spending money if you don’t play very often.
Most of the game’s different currencies can be acquired simply by playing. So if you play pretty frequently it’s easy to stack up and come by the currencies needed to do Wish pulls, which is the game’s gacha mechanic that gives you a chance at new characters, weapons and items.
You can also buy a $5 pass that lasts a month, which gives you a certain amount of one of the currencies (Primogems) each day you log in. If you log in every day of the pass, it more than makes up for the $5 you spent. And it’s a great way to stack them up if you play less often. Then all you have to do is log in for a few minutes on the days you can’t really play.
How many different currencies does Genshin Impact have?
Enough to be confused by things. So we’re breaking things down. The main currency you’ll probably use most often is called Primogems. These can easily be acquired through gameplay and they pop up often. You can also get the $5 pass that gives you 90 Primogems every day just for logging in.
Then there’s Masterless Stardust and Masterless Starglitter. Which are both used for purchasing rare resources from the shop. You can acquire these from simply playing too. However, you’re rewarded with this much more rarely. So spend it wisely, or save it up for something really good.
You then have Intertwined Fate and Aquaint Fate. Both of which are the main currency used for Wish pulls. You can buy these with Primogems. Wish pulls again, are how you will most acquire new characters. Then there’s Genesis Crystals, which are used to buy gifts from the Gift Shop. Lastly there’s Mora, which is used for upgrading things for your characters as well as buying items from in-game vendor NPCs.
How many playable characters are there?

In short? A lot. But specifically, there are now 31 playable characters in the game. And there will be a ton more added over the course of the game’s life cycle.
These characters are all divided up into different elemental attunements to things like fire, ice, water, geo, lightning and more. So they have different attacks, powers, and special abilities. Some characters are also more about healing and supporting your party than dealing out raw damage.
Whereas other characters are perfect for doing dps. These characters are your heavy hitters as they can really rip through enemies with little effort. Some playable characters are also ranged where others are melee. It’s a good idea to have a mix of both ranged and melee classes, while also trying to spread out your elements.
You can however change characters on the fly so long as you’re not already in battle or in a dungeon. So if you come across a particular puzzle that needs a specific element, you can always switch characters if needed. Then switch back if you want to move back to your main party setup.
How big is the world of Genshin Impact?

It’s huge. Really, frickin’ huge. The world of Teyvat has 7 major cities. But right now there are only two major cities available in the game. These include Mondstadt, and Liyue Harbor, and more will be added in future major content updates. These are also just the major cities. You’ll find loads of small settlements here and there throughout the landscapes surrounding them.
The next major city that is suspected to be introduced is called Inazuma City, and is inspired by the architecture and design of Japan. At the moment though there’s no telling when it will show up in the game.
Are there events to participate in?

The game does usually have a few ongoing events for players to take part in. At current there are a few going. And there’s usually a big event that comes along with every major content patch. These also usually include new characters being introduced to the game.
So it’s worth keeping an eye out for them as it could afford you new opportunities to get powerful characters. Like Zhongli, the game’s most recent 5-Star character.
You can find events in the main menu by hitting or clicking on the Paimon icon in the top left corner of the screen.
What’s the level cap for characters?
The current level cap in Genshin Impact for each character is 90. At this stage, your characters will be at their absolute most powerful, and you’ll finally be able to max out your characters weapons and abilities.
You can then further empower your character through Ascension, though this requires the use of a lot of hard to get materials. So you will have to play a lot to gather them all up.
How do I level my characters up?

You can level your characters up by simply playing the game, but this only rewards a small amount of experience. The more efficient way to level them is to use tomes (an in-game resource acquired through gameplay) on their own personal character screen in the menu.
Once you go to the character screen, you can highlight each character and there will be a Level Up button you press to complete this action.
You can acquire three different types of tomes in the game, with each one giving you different amounts of experience. The green tomes, called Wanderer’s Advice, give the least. The blue tomes are called Adventurer’s Experience and give a medium amount. Then there’s the Hero’s Wit, which gives the most but is also the hardest to come by.
How do I level up my Adventure Rank?
When you get to Mondstadt, the first main city, you’ll eventually meet an NPC that describes the Adventure Rank system to you by way of explaining the Adventurer’s Guild. After which you can then take on quests for the Adventurer’s Guild.
Completing these quests is one way you can level up your Adventure rank. You can also complete specific tasks from the Adventurer’s Handbook, complete main story quests, open treasure chests (there are hundreds of them to find), complete dungeons, worship at Statues of The Seven, and complete Shrine Of The Depths.
How do I level up weapons?
Much like leveling up the characters, you can level up weapons to make them even stronger. You can then even level them up through Ascension once the level cap on weapons is achieved.
To level up your weapons, you need to basically break down other weapons in your inventory and infuse them into your currently equipped weapon. Weapons of higher grade will afford you more experience. But these, like the high end tomes, will be harder to come by.
You can also level up weapons by using enhancement ore, which also comes in varying degrees of quality. Higher quality enhancement ore will give you more experience per ore. The game also has a feature that lets you auto select upgrade materials. Or you can add materials one by one.
Does Genshin Impact support gamepads on mobile and PC?

It sure does. The game has supported controllers on PC and console since the initial launch. And with version 1.3, miHoYo added controller support to mobile devices as well. Which means you can use excellent controllers like the Razer Kishi or Gamesur X2.
Of course you can also use the DualShock 4 or DualSense controllers if you use an Android phone. So your possibilities are endless here.
Are there adjustable graphics settings?

There are more than a few graphics settings available to tweak. Even on mobile devices. Though you may want to consider leaving them where they are based on which type of device you play on. If you’re playing on mobile, you can play on a wide array of different Android phones. But not all Android phones are created equal. Just like with PCs, some devices will have more powerful hardware and support the higher graphics settings.
Tuning these up on a less powerful phone can result in the device getting warmer, as well as the game running with low frame rates. So keep that in mind when considering adjustments. If you think your device is powerful enough to turn things up, give things a try and see how the game plays. And if you don’t feel there’s much of a decrease, then you’re good to go.
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SmartThings For Windows 10 Is Now Available But Lacks Some Features

According to 9to5Google Samsung, SmartThings for Windows 10 is finally here. Samsung’s SmartThings lets you control your smart connected devices. Since it is now available for Windows 10 a lot of users will be able to control their smart home from their PC while they work.
The app is available now on the Microsoft Store. So for any Samsung fans out there, you can swing by the store to install it. Any Samsung SmartThings devices you have are natively supported, so that is a good thing.
Natively supported devices include Samsung’s sensors, Philips Hue light bulbs, etc. However, if you are a fan of Google’s Nest line of devices here is some bad news. For some reason, SmartThings for Windows 10 does not support Google Nest devices. The app for smartphones has this support but not the Windows version.
Another pretty big feature missing is the ability to add new devices. It is nice that you can control your existing devices, but this seems like a pretty big omission. Also, it is cumbersome. You would still need the smartphone app in order to add devices just so you control them from your PC.
SmartThings for Windows 10 will let you control your devices but not add new ones yet
The Windows app seems to be more like a remote for controlling things. But it does lack the ability to add devices. This could be a big issue for some users. Google’s Nest devices are pretty popular. ADT and Google even recently teamed up to offer customers a next-generation smart home experience.
Now there are going to be some users who will have Nest devices but cannot control them with this version of SmartThings. Of course, there is still the Android version of SmartThings which allows you to do everything the PC version can’t. This includes adding devices too.
However, this is still welcome news for anybody who is tied into Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem. You still get some useful features. These include support for a favorites section, scenes, and a full list of devices broken down by room.
So, if you have been waiting for this version of SmartThings go ahead and swing by the Microsoft Store to install it now. This should make it easier to stay in work mode, but also control things that you may need. For example, maybe you are one of the people who like to have the perfect lighting while you are working.
Now you can create the perfect work environment to keep you from being stressed out by all of those meetings.
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Google Reveals To Make 2FA Mandatory On World Password Day

Google always ensures maximum security of users’ account. Many security experts admitted that it is important to make 2FA mandatory.
However, the two-factor authentication (2FA) is currently optional for users to choose but soon Google will make it compulsory. According to PCWorld, Google will take a step further to verify users and automatically make Google account users register for two-factor authentication.
It seems Google is planning to replace the password input with its automatic two-factor authentication. Mark Risher, who serves as Google’s director of security and identity platform noted that passwords are the biggest threat to users’ security on the internet.
He explained that passwords are easier to steal and difficult to remember because of which many users keep the same passwords. Risher explained further how such stolen passwords might unlock multiple accounts.
This will eventually increase the risk factor of the account. Although Google disclosed that even after they make the verification mandatory,  users will be able to opt-out.
Google initially integrated two-factor authentication only for the business accounts in 2011. However, Google made the feature available for all accounts after a couple of years.
Besides Google, other big companies such as Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Microsoft have also started to offer the two-factor authentication feature.
Importance of making 2FA mandatory
One of the biggest reasons for making 2FA Mandatory is that the verification process. It allows users to validate their username and password’s combination with another device.
For instance, most users tend to opt for email or text messages to validate their accounts. After adding a username and password, the user receives a code via email or SMS, which must be entered into the verification field.
After adding the code, Google allows the user to access their account. While the 2FA service is not mandatory yet, Google encourages users to opt-in for sake of their account’s security. Interestingly, Google announced this news on World Password Day, which is celebrated on May 6.
When does Google plan to make it mandatory?
Without much delay, Google is well-known for teasing the new features and implementing them as soon as possible. The company didn’t reveal the date when will it make 2FA mandatory. However, if Google announced it on the World Password Day, then users can expect to enroll later this year.
Google has been suggesting to remove passwords completely for over the past couple of years now. The two-factor authentication might be the future of most Google account holders in a year or two.
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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases – Updated May 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is not as fragile as its predecessor, but you will still want to put a case on it. We have found the best cases for the Galaxy S21 to protect it in style. From brands like Spigen to Samsung, and everyone in between.
Even though the Galaxy S21 is made from a polycarbonate shell, and now has a flat display, it’s still worth the money to get a case and protect your investment. Even though the Galaxy S21 is only $800. You still don’t want to end up with a shattered screen.
Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases
Here you will find all sorts of great cases to protect your Galaxy S21 smartphone. From first-party cases from Samsung, to third-party cases from Spigen, FSR and more. There’s also something available in all price points. Since there are some cases as low as $10, and some that are up over $70.
If you’re looking for Galaxy S21 Ultra cases, you can check out that list here.
Product name
Where to buy
Samsung LED Wallet Cover
Samsung Rugged Protective Case
Spigen Tough Armor
ESR Clear Case
Totallee Clear Case
Samsung Cover
Samsung Silicone Cover
Spigen Ultra Hybrid S
Ringke Onyx
Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Price: $59.99
This is a popular case for the Galaxy S21, one that Samsung has been making for several years. It’s the LED Wallet Cover. The basic premise here is the fact that it can hold your cards – perhaps those that Samsung Pay doesn’t work with. And it has LED lights on the screen to show you the time. So you don’t need to open the cover to see what time it is.
Samsung offers the LED Wallet Cover in every color that the Galaxy S21 is available in. That includes violet, pink, black and gray. So you can match it to your phone.
Samsung LED Wallet Cover –
Samsung Rugged Protective Case

Price: $39.99
The Samsung Rugged Protective Case is exactly what it sounds like, a protective case from Samsung. It’s thicker, because of that, and has some nice grip on the sides, so you are less likely to drop your phone, which is always important.
Additionally, the Samsung Rugged Protective Case has a built-in kickstand on the back. So you can prop your phone up to watch content on the go. It comes in gray and black colors.
This is a case for those that are prone to dropping their smartphones a lot. As this will provide some incredible protection.
Samsung Rugged Protective Case –
Spigen Tough Armor

Price: $14.99
Buy: Amazon
The Spigen Tough Armor is another one of those cases that is pretty popular and a good option for the Galaxy S21.
This is a somewhat rugged case for the Galaxy S21, which will provide plenty of protection for your new smartphone. It is a dual-layer case which has a soft inner layer and a hard shell that will absorb impact. It also happens to be one of the cheapest cases on this list.
Spigen Tough Armor  – Amazon
ESR Clear Case

Price: $9.99
Buy: Amazon
Those that are fans of clear cases are going to love this case from ESR. This is a clear TPU case. So it’s not super thick either, making for a really great option for the Galaxy S21, since it is already a fairly large smartphone.
But on the flip side, don’t expect the ESR Clear Case to offer a whole lot of protection for your smartphone. Since it is pretty thin, with a fairly small lip over the display.
ESR Clear Case – Amazon
Totallee Clear Case

Price: $39.99
Buy: Amazon
The Totallee Clear Case is one of my favorite cases on any smartphone. Not so much because it’s clear, but because of how thin it is. This is the thinnest case you can get for the Galaxy S21. That means protection is at a minimum, but it does make it easier to hold onto, and it doesn’t make the phone bulky.
That’s important since the Galaxy S21 is already a fairly large smartphone.
Totallee Clear Case – Amazon
Samsung Leather Cover

Price: $49
Protect your smartphone in style with Samsung’s Leather Case option for the Galaxy S21.
The Leather Cover is available in two colors: black and brown. These cases look really good, and do add some bulk to your Galaxy S21, so think about that before you purchase. But after months of use, the leather is going to look incredible, once it has weathered.
It’s a great looking case that will look ever better over time.
Samsung Leather Cover –
Samsung Silicone Cover

Price: $29.99
This Silicone Cover is one of my favorite first-party cases from Samsung. It looks amazing and feels really good in the hand. It also adds some grip which is important.
However, the Silicone Cover does attract dust and dirt like a magnet. So it’s probably smart to get a lighter color, that won’t be as noticeable.
This one comes in more colors though. Including Violet, Pink, Gray and Black. The colors that the Galaxy S21 series is available in. So it can really match up with your smartphone. Which is pretty neat.
Samsung Silicon Cover –
Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Price: $13.99
Buy: Amazon
This is another crowd-favorite case for the Galaxy S21. It’s a clear case from Spigen, which is really great looking. But it also has a kickstand included. Which is really great for the Galaxy S21, since it does have that 6.8-inch Quad HD+ AMOLED display, which looks absolutely stunning.
This clear case does have a bit more protection than the others on this list. Since the edges and sides are reinforced.
Spigen Ultra Hybrid S – Amazon
Ringke Onyx

Price: $10.99
Buy: Amazon
The Ringke Onyx is a really great looking case from Ringke, that does a really great job of protecting your smartphone, as well as keeping it looking stylish.
It has reinforced corners and sides, which is typically where the phone hits when it is dropped. So it’ll provide more protection for your new Galaxy S21.
It even has a similar finish to the “naked” Galaxy S21, which is really cool.
Ringke Onyx – Amazon
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New Twitter Tipping Feature Lets You Send Money To Accounts

Twitter is working on a new feature that will make popular account owners really happy. The company is in the process of launching a new feature that lets you tip users. According to The Verge, this new Twitter tipping feature is only available for the mobile app so far.
The feature lets you send money through different platforms
When content creators want to ask for support from their followers, they would add links to their respective monetization platforms in their tweets. Either that or they would put the links on their profiles. Twitter is looking to cut out the middle-man and let people contribute directly to the users’ Twitter. It’s even available for Twitter Spaces.
The feature is called Tip Jar. When on either the iOS or Android app, the users’ profile will have a new button up top. With this new button, you will be prompted to select the method you would like to use to send the money. The options are Patreon, Paypal, Cash App, Bandcamp, and Venmo. From there, you just enter in the amount of money that you want to send.
If you’re worried about Twitter skimming a little bit off the top, don’t fret. Twitter does not take a cut of the money. The payment platform that you use to send the money will take its innate fee, but not Twitter.
Who can use the feature
Since this is a brand new feature that’s being tested, it won’t be available to everyone just yet- rather, the ability to accept money won’t be.  The ability to send money is available to everyone at the moment. The ability to accept payments is exclusive to journalists, non-profits, creators, and professionals.
Even if an account falls under one of those categories, it will probably need to have a certain amount of followers and a certain number of engagements per day to qualify. So, if you’re a creator who has 100 followers, then you’ll have to wait for the full rollout.
While this feature seems really enticing, there’s a bit of a snag that Twitter will need to iron out. A user reported that the feature reveals the users’ actual mailing address. So far, it looks like it was on the Paypal platform. Twitter stated that it will be resolving the issue and updating what information will be available.
This could be great for creators
This new Tip Jar feature will be a boon for independent creators. Having a quick and easy way of sending a bit of money to the creator within a few swipes is better than having to navigate to an external site or create another account. It’s actually surprising how much people hate being taken out of the app just to do a simple task. When this feature rolls out to the public, creators just might be getting a bit more money in their digital wallets.
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Petty Google Adds YouTube TV Shortcut To YouTube App On Roku

YouTube has announced that a new version of the app is coming to Roku users over the next week. It will look mostly the same but, you will now see a shortcut in the menu to go to the YouTube TV app.
Basically, it’s a workaround for YouTube TV users to still watch YouTube TV on Roku, after Roku pulled the app earlier this week.
This is a pretty petty move on Google’s part. After all, it is Google’s fault that the YouTube TV app was removed from the platform this week. As Google demanded Roku do a few things that it didn’t see replicated on other platforms. Like adding a dedicated search results row for YouTube within Roku’s own smart TV interface. As well as Roku having to prefer YouTube Music results from voice commands made with the Roku Remote, while the YouTube app is open. Which would override the user’s choice of having a different default music service on their Roku device. Among other things.
Basically, Google wanted Roku to make Google and YouTube products more prevalent on its platform. And Roku wasn’t having any of it. As this is not the case on other platforms. Even on Google’s own platform, of Android TV.
Google is still, supposedly working with Roku on an agreement
According to the email sent out to YouTube TV and Roku customers today, Google says that they are still working with Roku on an agreement to bring YouTube TV back to the platform.
Remember that those that downloaded the app before the agreement expired earlier this week, still have access to YouTube TV on their Roku. So if you have already been watching YouTube TV on your Roku device, then you’re all set. At least for now. Things could change in the coming weeks though. You also have the ability to Cast still, and you can find more info on that here.
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Chromebook Dominates The PC, Tablet & Netbook Market On Growth

Chromebook use is on the rise and the gadgets are beating out the traditional PC market spectacularly in the process. That’s based on a recent report from Canalys showcasing first-quarter 2021 figures and market trends from 2019.
Overall, the PC market shrank by no less than 4-percent year-over-year compared to the Chromebook market, in terms of device shipments. That latter segment grew, contrarily, by around 275-percent. The figures are in stark contrast to the rest of the computer category as well. Netbook shipments were up by 62-percent year-over-year. That’s compared to tablets, up by 52-percent for the same period.
The results show a steady curve over a two-year period, for the most part, too. But the pandemic, which got its start in late 2019 and went official in early 2020 seems to have had a massive impact on sales. Particularly for Chromebooks. Those gadgets began rising in Q4 2019 and that rise continued sharply into Q4 2020.
Who benefited from the rise of the Chromebook market the most?
Setting Aside the PC, netbook, and tablet categories, in terms of vendors in the Chromebook market, the split wasn’t exactly even either. As other analysis reports have indicated, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, and Dell led the way on growth. Those other reports, in fact, put HP out in front for the quarter too. That’s with more than 4.4-million shipments and a 33.5-percent of the market — a 633.9-percent growth.
Samsung grew, those earlier reports indicated, by 496-percent year-over-year.
From Canalys, the growth was similar. HP took the top spot with 633.7-percent growth and Lenovo — another top-five company in the other reports — took second place. It shipped 3.1-million units, according to Canalys. Canalys also places top Chromebook makers Samsung, Acer, and Dell in the top five for its market analysis. Each of which shipped more than 1-million units.
What’s the overall trend here?
Regardless of which report is considered here, PCs are clearly on the decline year-over-year. Netbooks and tablets continue to grow as well, but Chromebooks appear to be emerging as a dominant force. At least in terms of growth, and at the very least during the pandemic, Chrome OS is leading the pack.

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Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers – Updated May 2021

Wireless charging has become pretty popular in the past few years. Largely thanks to companies like Apple, Samsung and Google adopting it with their high-end smartphones. OnePlus also jumped on board last year with the OnePlus 8 Pro.
However, there are many wireless chargers out there, how do we know which ones are the best. And which ones are the ones to definitely buy? Well, we have rounded up a list of those that are the very best. And this list ranges from chargers that are pretty inexpensive, to some pretty pricey ones. So there’s something for everyone.
Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers
Not all wireless chargers are the same. That is mostly due to the fact that OEMs are using different speeds for their wireless charging capability. Like OnePlus is doing 30W, but only with its own wireless charger. So you’re really going to want to read up on each of these wireless chargers before buying the one that you think is best for you.

Where to buy
Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charger
Anker PowerWave Pad 10W
Nulaxy Adjustable Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand
OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger
AUKEY Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD
Samsung Wireless Charger Trio
Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker
Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand
Google Pixel Stand
Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charger
Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charger
Price: $35
Buy: Amazon
If you are looking for a slightly cheaper wireless charging stand, then the Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charger is a really good choice. Though it can also be converted into a charging pad, which is really nice too. So you can use it as a stand or a pad. Which explains why it is still $35. But that is half the price of the OnePlus charger.
This wireless charger is able to charge at up to 15W. But you will likely only be able to max out at 10W on most smartphones. That’s still faster than the usual 5W that most chargers do.
Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Convertible Fast Wireless Charger – Amazon
Anker PowerWave Pad 10W
Anker PowerWave Pad 10W
Price: $11.99
Buy: Amazon
The Anker PowerWave Pad 10W is a pretty simple wireless charger. Which is why it makes the list for the best wireless chargers. It’s not a flashy charger, and it is priced pretty efficiently at just $12. Now it’s important to note that at this price, it does not come with a wall charger. So you’ll want to make sure that you have a wall charger that is USB-A and is at least at Quick Charge 3.0 speeds, to get the full 10W here. 
As mentioned in the name, the Anker PowerWave Pad 10W is capable of up to 10W. And you should be able to get 10W speed most newer smartphones. Just put your phone down and you’ll be good to go. That’s what makes this a really great charger to put on a bedside table. 
Anker PowerWave Pad 10W – Amazon
Nulaxy Adjustable Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand
Nulaxy Adjustable Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand
Price: $21.99
Buy: Amazon
Now this wireless charging stand from Nulaxy is actually a really cool looking one. You can adjust the angle of this one too. It’s going to look really good on a desk, as you can still see your notifications. Even if your phone is still charging.
Unfortunately, the Nulaxy Adjustable Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand only does up to 7.5W (the fastest speed that iPhones can handle). Which means most Android phones will be stuck at 5W, though most Samsung smartphones can do 7.5W too. That is really slow, and may not be worth it to some people. But if you are just charging your phone at night, then it’s going to be slow enough that it doesn’t overcharge and keeps your battery from aging too quickly. And also make sure it is fully charged when you wake up.
Nulaxy Adjustable Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand – Amazon
OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger

Price: $69.95
Buy: OnePlus
This is by far the best of the wireless chargers available for the OnePlus 8 Pro. For one, it is developed by OnePlus, so it is made specifically for the OnePlus 8 Pro. But it is also one of only two chargers that support 30W fast wireless charging on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Which is very important.
The OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger is a charging stand, that actually has a fan built-in, which will get rid of the heat that the charger is going to generate. At 30W, it is able to wirelessly charge your OnePlus 8 Pro completely in just over an hour – we’re talking about 62 minutes from our usage. That is pretty insane, for a 4510mAh capacity battery.
It doesn’t come cheap, but if you want fast wireless charging, this is the one to get.
OnePlus Warp Charge 30W Wireless Charger – OnePlus
AUKEY Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD
AUKEY Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD
Price: $33
Buy: Amazon
You might be wondering why there is a battery pack on this list. Well, that’s because this battery pack has wireless charging. Meaning that you can place your OnePlus 8 Pro onto this battery pack and it’ll start charging. However, one of the downsides to battery pack wireless charging is the fact that it is going to be slow, and use up a lot of juice from the battery pack.
So the second reason why this is on the list, is because it does USB-C PD. This is the safest version of fast charging, which makes it a really great purchase. As you can opt to do a bit slower wireless charging that is more convenient. Or plug your phone in and get some fast charging going at up to 18W. All newer smartphones do support 18W charging too.
AUKEY Wireless Power Bank with 18W PD – Amazon
Samsung Wireless Charger Trio
Samsung Wireless Charger Trio
Price: $89
Buy: Amazon
The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio is a really unique wireless charger, as you are able to charge three devices simultaneously. That also explains why it is much more expensive than almost every other charger on this list.
Allowing you to charge two phones and a smartwatch. Or maybe a phone, earbuds and a smartwatch. Or really any combination of that. Since most truly wireless earbuds do also support wireless charging these days. Making things really convenient for everyone.
Samsung Wireless Charger Trio – Amazon
Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker
Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker
Price: $49
Buy: Amazon
Now this wireless charger is a really unique one. The Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker is exactly what the name entails. It’s a wireless charger, that also has a Bluetooth speaker built-in. This makes for a really great charger to put next to your bed, and play some music to go to sleep each night. It also looks really clean.
This is a 10W wireless charger, so it’s not the fastest out there, but it’s good for charging overnight.
Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker – Amazon
Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand
Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand
Price: $65.90
Buy: Amazon
If you’d prefer a faster wireless charger over one that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Then this is the one to get.
The Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand is a great looking stand too. It can charge most smartphones at up to 15W. There are only a couple that do not support 15W, like the OnePlus 8 Pro – which is 10W, if you don’t use the Warp Charge 30 Wireless stand. Which again, it’s not the fastest, at 15W. But still plenty fast enough for most people.
Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand – Amazon
Google Pixel Stand
Google Pixel Stand
Price: $36
Buy: Amazon
Due to the price on the Google Pixel Stand, we really only recommend this or those that have a Pixel smartphone. It does fast charging at up to 12W, which is the fastest that any Pixel smartphone can handle. And while it does work with other smartphones, the magic comes from using it with a Pixel.
The Google Pixel Stand can do some really cool tricks. Like show your favorite pictures on your phone while it’s charging. Show you notifications and such too. And there’s much more.
Google Pixel Stand – Amazon
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This Is How Far Epic Was Willing To Go To Avoid Play Store Fees

Epic wanted to avoid paying the Play Store fees that Google charges so bad, that it reached out to NVIDIA to collaborate on a workaround. Details about Epic’s plans are coming to light as part of its ongoing trial with Apple.
Earlier this week, it was revealed that Epic even proposed a compromise to Google. Requesting for Google to allow Fortnite on the Play Store without paying the fees. In return, it would bring Fortnite to Stadia. Google obviously declined, and down the road Tim Sweeney said Stadia wasn’t worth the effort when asked why Fortnite wasn’t available on the platform. Noting that it didn’t have mass market appeal.
This was likely one of many attempts Epic has made to skirt around Google’s 30% licensing cut that it issues to all app developers for in-app purchases. While Epic never actually ended up working with NVIDIA to get around these Play Store fees, its methods are interesting nonetheless. As it displays just how far Epic was willing to go.
Epic tried to use NVIDIA GeForce NOW to emulate Fortnite and avoid Play Store fees
Based on email documents shared by IGN’s Julia Alexander, (via Android Central), Epic reached out to NVIDIA about emulating Fortnite. The process would involve NVIDIA using GeForce NOW to emulate the mobile version of Fortnite using an Android emulator.
Players could then access the emulated version of the game on Android devices via the GeForce NOW app. NVIDIA says this would have allowed the game to be played with touch controls. While also avoiding having to use a gamepad.
This was a slightly different approach from the solution NVIDIA came up with for Apple’s App Store. Which involved running the PC version through GeForce NOW servers using a WebRTC protocol to Safari. Not only would this avoid the App Store, but it would allow for Bluetooth gamepad use.
None of the dates are listed with these emails. But since Epic eventually caved and agreed to Apple and Google’s terms for a time, the correspondence was obviously before that point. How long before is unclear.
Either way it doesn’t really matter. Because Epic and NVIDIA never brought these plans to fruition. Still, it’s a light shed on Epic’s mentality over this whole ordeal. Ultimately, Epic really wants to get its way. So much so that it came up with some creative ways to get around Apple and Google’s licensing fees.
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Top 15 Best Father's Day Gifts – 2021

It’s hard to believe, but Father’s Day is right around the corner. Even though it feels like 2021 just started. Father’s Day lands on June 20 this year, and we’re here to help you find the best gifts.
It might seem a bit early to start talking about gifts for Father’s Day, but with the many shortages in tech going on this year, it’s never to early to start planning. In this gift guide, we’re going to have the best Father’s Day gifts, from soundbars, to TVs to everything in between.
Top 15 Best Father’s Day Gifts
Below, you’ll find all of the gifts in this list, and if you scroll further down you can learn more about each product. These range from just $35 all the way up to around $700. So there’s something here for everyone’s budget.

Where to Buy
Chromecast with Google TV
Best Buy
Jabra Elite 85t
Oculus Quest 2
Nest Cam Indoor
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
Eero Pro 6
Sonos One
TCL 6-Series Roku TV
Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Garmin Forerunner 35
Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL
DJI Air 2S
Sonos Arc
Google Nest Hub
Chromecast with Google TV

Price: $49
Where to buy: Best Buy
The Chromecast with Google TV is a really good option for those Dad’s that love to watch TV. Google released this in late 2020, and it’s a great way to cut the cord and watch plenty of great content.
One of the best features of Google TV, is being able to get recommendations on the home screen, from different genres, across all of the apps installed on your Chromecast. It also has live TV listings for YouTube TV, if you use that.
Of course, it runs on Android TV, so all of your favorite apps are available here. That includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, STARZ, Showtime and much more. And it’s just $50.
Chromecast with Google TV – Best Buy
Jabra Elite 85t

Price: $229
Where to buy: Amazon
The Jabra Elite 85t are the latest version of one of the best pairs of truly wireless earbuds on the market. The Elite 85t offer up really incredible battery life. Coming in at about five and a half hours of continuous playback and around 25 hours with the included carrying case.
Jabra allows you to customize the sound of the Elite 85t with the MyControls app. So you can add some bass, or up the treble if you like. But by default, the sound on the Elite 85t is already really impressive. And Jabra also has six mics included on these earbuds, so you can get some crystal clear calls, without worrying about getting a lot of background noise.
Jabra Elite 85t – Amazon

Price: $145
Where to buy: Amazon
The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is very similar to the Chromecast with Google TV, but a bit more powerful. It doesn’t yet have the Google TV interface, but it is coming.
The SHIELD TV does run on Android TV, giving you access to a slew of great apps including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+ and more. It also has the ability to Cast, as well as Google Assistant included.
What makes the SHIELD TV different though, is that it can also be used as a gaming console. You can game through NVIDIA GeForce Now, and play all sorts of games on your TV. Which is great news since, buying a PS5 is still almost impossible.
Oculus Quest 2

Price: $299
Where to buy: Amazon
Who wouldn’t love to get an Oculus Quest 2? It’s the latest virtual reality headset from Oculus (owned by Facebook). And it comes in either 64GB or 256GB models. The 256GB model is $399. We’d recommend getting the 256GB model, particularly if you’re going to play a lot of games.
It’s a standalone VR headset, so you don’t need to have it hooked up to a computer to play games and such. Which is definitely a good thing here. And makes it a lot more convenient.
Oculus Quest 2 – Amazon
Google Nest Cam Indoor

Price: $128
Where to buy: Amazon
If your Pops is into smart home products, then the Nest Cam Indoor is a great option. This will allow him to keep tabs on the house when he is not at home. It offers 1080p video feed, at a 130-degree field-of-view. Making it easy to see an entire room.
The Nest Cam Indoor does also work with Google Assistant. And you can even see your feed of your home on your smartphone or the Nest Hub (and Google TV/Android TV). Making it even easier to keep an eye on what’s going on.
Nest Cam Indoor – Amazon
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Price: $161
Where to buy: Amazon
The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is a rather unique gift to get this year. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a smart sprinkler, so you can control when your lawn is watered, and in which areas, from your smartphone.
It works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Homekit as well as Google Assistant and Nest. So you can also control it from your voice.
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller – Amazon
eero Pro 6

Price: $599
Where to buy: Amazon
The eero Pro 6 is a great option, if your Dad is complaining about the internet being slow. Or if he has a lot of smart home products in his home. As the eero Pro 6 will help with both. We chose the Pro version over the regular eero 6, because it is more future-proof, supporting up to 1Gbps speeds.
This is the three-pack eero Pro 6, which is why it is $599. But that will cover up to 6,000 square-feet. Meaning that you can easily blanket your home in internet coverage.
eero Pro 6 – Amazon
Sonos One (Gen 2)

Price: $199
Where to buy: Amazon
The Sonos One (Gen 2) is another great option for Dad this Father’s Day, as far as gifts are concerned. This new second-generation model of the Sonos One has better microphones and also works with AirPlay 2 a bit better. The cool thing with Sonos, is that you can use either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Instead of it being one or the other.
The audio quality on the Sonos One is also really good. For a pretty small speaker, it definitely packs a punch. And works really well with other Sonos speakers for a multi-room setup in your home.
Sonos One (Gen 2) – Amazon
TCL 65-inch 6-Series 4K QLED Roku TV

Price: $1099
Where to buy: Amazon
This is perhaps the best Roku TV that you can buy right now. This is the 6-series from TCL, which is a QLED TV that runs on Roku.
With QLED, you’re going to get a really impressive looking picture here. The some deep blacks and really crisp colors. It also has support for HDR, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. Finally, the TCL 6-Series also has THX Certified Gaming Mode, making it great for pairing with a PS5 or Xbox Series X.
TCL 65-inch 6-Series 4K QLED Roku TV – Amazon
Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Price: $198
Where to buy: Amazon
A secret in professional kitchens for decades, sous vide works by circulating heated water in a pot at a very precise temperature according to the desired doneness of your food, holding it there for the duration of your cook for exceptional results. With just 3º making the difference between a rare and medium-rare steak, precision is key in the kitchen.
This simple and approachable technique eliminates overcooked, dried out food and ensures edge-to-edge perfection every time you cook!
Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker – Amazon
Garmin Forerunner 35

Price: $95
Where to buy: Amazon
This is a great gift for Dad’s that are also runners.
Forerunner 35 is slim and lightweight — perfect for daily runs, training and racing. It features built-in wrist-based heart rate as well as GPS that tracks your distance, pace, intervals and more. And since all these stats are captured by the watch, your watch is all you need — no phone, no chest strap. Just put on Forerunner 35 and go.
Garmin Forerunner 35 – Amazon
Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL

Price: $249
Where to buy: Amazon
The Ninja Foodi Smart XL is a great gift, no matter the occasion. I own one of these myself, and absolutely love it.
The Ninja Foodi Smart XL is able to grill, air fry, roast, bake and much more, all in one appliance. It also has a thermometer that is included, so you can see when your food is ready.
It’s fairly large at about four quarts, and big enough for four to six steaks, depending on the size of the steak.
Ninja Foodi Smart XL – Amazon
DJI Air 2S

Price: $999
Where to buy: Amazon
The DJI Air 2s features a 1-inch CMOS sensor, powerful autonomous functions, and a compact body weighing less than 21 oz., DJI Air 2S is the ultimate drone for creators on the move. Take this all-in-one aerial powerhouse along anywhere to experience and record your world in stunning detail.
This is a really great drone to pick up for done some content, especially if you’re looking to get started with YouTube and do some sweet shots.
DJI Air 2S – Amazon
Sonos Arc

Price: $799
Where to buy: Sonos
The Sonos Arc has been pretty tough to find since it was released last year. So if you do plan to get this for Father’s Day as a gift, you’d better plan early. As shipments are about 2-3 weeks out right now.
Sonos Arc is one of the best soundbars on the planet right now. Of course, it works really well with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem, but it also has Dolby Atmos included, which can really make your home shake.
Sonos Arc –
Google Nest Hub

Price: $99
Where to buy: Walmart
This is the second-generation Nest Hub from Google, and it works really well with a number of smart home products. It also works well on a desk playing music, showing YouTube and even asking Google Assistant all kinds of questions.
This would also work well in a bedroom, since there is no camera. Instead it uses other sensors to see what’s going on in the room. Including the ability to track your sleeping. Which is rather neat.
Google Nest Hub – Walmart
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Boost Mobile Bundles Free Health Care Services With Its Unlimited Plus Plan

Boost Mobile has announced that it will offer free health care services to the subscribers of its Unlimited Plus plan. Subscribers of the $60 per month plan, as well as their immediate families, will receive free 24/7 access to remote health services via the K Health app.
New York-based K Health is a text-based telehealth and virtual primary care startup. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify symptoms and potential ailments based on users’ health concerns. The service usually costs $9 per month and also offers video calls with live doctors who can view the information already submitted by the patient and take up the matter from there.
If necessary, they will prescribe medications, order lab tests, or provide referrals to specialists. A monthly K Health subscription also includes a drug discount card and unlimited virtual doctor visits.
Boost Mobile will now offer all these services to its Unlimited Plus subscribers and their families at no additional cost. This $60 per month plan comes with 35GB of 4G LTE data, 30GB of mobile hotspot data, and unlimited talk and text.
K Health’s telemedicine services will also be available to other Boost Mobile subscribers at a discounted price of $7.99 per month. This add-on will go live early this summer. You can sign up get access to the service first on the company’s website.
Boost Mobile is the first wireless provider to offer free health care services
Health care services in the US are quite expensive and many people can’t afford them. According to a recent survey, nearly three out of 10 Americans lost their health insurance in 2020. Half of those people haven’t renewed their health insurance this year. Moreover, two-thirds of Americans are concerned about their ability to pay medical expenses in 2021, following the COVID-19 pandemic-induced economic uncertainty.
The use of telehealth services has significantly increased during the ongoing pandemic. However, many low-income people can’t afford those services. Boost Mobile has a large percentage of low-income customers as well. The ongoing global health crisis may have affected many of them. The company is now trying to bring them discounted telehealth services in partnership with K Health. Apparently, it’s the first US wireless provider to offer free health care services bundled with its mobile plans.
“Boost Mobile customers are disproportionately affected by rising health care costs,” said Stephen Stokols, CEO, Boost Mobile. “Boost Mobile is bridging the gap by providing affordable wireless access, and now we want to expand those efforts to address the health care divide.”
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The Full Rocket League Game Experience Could Hit Mobile This Year

Earlier this year, Epic Games and Psyonix announced Rocket League Side Swipe, a mobile version of the popular game set in a 2D design, and now it looks like the full game experience may be coming to mobile too, with a beta in tow.
According to documents uncovered by The Verge (via Android Police), Epic has a second Rocket League Project in the works that includes mobile. The first is obviously Rocket League Side Swipe as it was officially announced earlier this year. But the second is currently being referred to as a game called Rocket League “Next.”
Epic’s court documents from its battle against Apple describe the game as a next-generation client that delivers the full game experience. It also states this will be available on multiple platforms. Including PC, mobile, and consoles.
Rocket League “Next” has a beta planned for Q2 2021
On top of the full version of Rocket League being available on mobile, Epic seems to have a beta lined up soon. Q2 2021 seems to be the intended target. Though this is just Epic’s estimation and it could happen later.
Epic also appears to have an alpha planned. Neither Epic nor Psyonix have announced an alpha or a beta for this game. But if Epic wants a beta for Rocket League “Next” to happen in Q2, it’ll have to get the alpha out soon or forgo it altogether.
There isn’t a lot of detail on game specifics. Like how it will differ from the already available version on PC and consoles. But Epic does list some important features that will be a huge boon for players.
The game will support cross-progression and cross-play
This is the biggest part of the game that players should be excited about. Not any of the other features that have yet to be discovered. But the cross-progression and cross-play features.
Much like Fortnite, Epic is developing Rocket League “Next” so that it supports both of these features across all platforms. So that means you could play on mobile and still play with your friends that play on PC or console. Epic has been a pretty big proponent for cross-play in general. So it isn’t surprising to learn that it wants the same sort of ubiquity for Rocket League.
Before you get too excited though, it may not be arriving for consoles or PC anytime soon. The documents list that the alpha/beta is planned to arrive for mobile long before it releases on other platforms. So it’s very likely that a launch is a long way off.
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Viber Messenger Ups The Ante, Adds More Video Call Participants

Viber Messenger is now allowing even more participants in its group video call feature. That’s based on recent reports detailing an update to the app. But the change isn’t just hitting mobile either. Now, regardless of which platform Viber is used on, as many as 30 users can all be in on a single video call.
How does this help Viber Messenger and what else is there for this video call app?
Of course, Viber also added some other features on top of increasing the participant limit for the video call feature by 10. Community admins now have a bit more control too. They’ll now be able to set a different alias They can now set an alias when they post something to their community. That includes not only a different name but also a different profile image.
Overall, these changes likely seem on the minor side of things. But this also puts the number of participants that can be in a Viber video call more in line with other top video calling apps. That, in turn, helps the company hold its position in the market and could potentially help spur growth. With the continuing Covid-19 pandemic keeping people home, users will now have one more option to turn to.
The sole caveat to that is, of course, that the overall interface hasn’t changed. Rather than seeing everybody all at once, users will only see six participants. Accessing others requires a swipe-left gesture on the call screen. Some other apps do support more on-screen users all at once.
Viber is still free, too, of course
Viber Messenger is also still free for anybody who wants to check it out on the Google Play Store. That’s with the exception of some sticker packs used in the more standard chat feature. So it does stand apart from at least some competitors in terms of offering features without a paid subscription.
Viber Messenger – Google Play Store
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Google Set To Give Android Tablets A New Entertainment Space

Google is apparently pulling inspiration from its newest Chromecast interface for a new app, dubbed Entertainment Space, meant just for tablets. The company announced the recently reported app in response to growth in the market for Android tablets. That market, the search giant says, grew over the last year by 30-percent compared to the previous year. Presumably, the goal is to make tablets more user-friendly overall.
But Google also built the app because of the demographic split of tablet users and the use cases surrounding the gadgets. Namely, because families often share tablets. And that, in turn, results in a need for one central space or hub for all the apps and media on the devices. Of course, that’s where Entertainment Space enters the equation.
So what’s this Entertainment space and how does it benefit tablet users?
On the surface, Entertainment Space is just another Google app that may be taking up valuable device resources and storage. But this app is actually much more than that. It acts as a central location for discovering all of the entertainment on a given device. To that end, Google made sure to include games, movies, TV shows, videos, and readable material.
The interface in the app itself is designed to cater to those needs too. As already noted above, it bears a striking resemblance to Google TV.
Along the top row of the app UI, there’s a search icon, three tabs, and a user profile image. The latter of which is likely the clickable element holding settings and account details. Just as with any other Google app. The first of those features is self-explanatory. Effectively allowing users to search for media across the board.
The first tab between those UI elements is “Watch” and that houses video-based content. So users can find all of their associated apps, recommended media from within those, and more. Of course, YouTube, YouTube TV, and other heavy-hitters are supported and present in recommendations. And there’s a “Continue watching” segment too, showcasing shows users have already started watching.
The next tab, “Games,” serves a similar function but with a focus on mobile-ready gaming. And, as with the Google Play Games app, Google Play Instant is supported. So there are some titles available alongside the heavy-hitters, which can be played instantly without download.
Last, Google also includes a “Read” tab that does exactly the same thing as the others, but for books.
When is this coming, or has it arrived?
In terms of arrival, however, Entertainment Space won’t be widely available to start. And it isn’t available as of this writing for anybody.
Entertainment Space will be available on Walmart-sold “onn.”-branded tablets starting this month. But it won’t be rolling out globally to new or existing tablets from Lenovo, Sharp, and others until “later this year.”

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Stadia Loses More Top Talent Following The Exit Of John Justice

Things appear to be a bit shaky over at the Stadia camp, as it loses more top employees according to a recent report from Gameinformer (via Cyberia on gaming forum Resetera). The loss of talent follows shortly after Stadia’s Head Of Product, John Justice, was reported to have left the company recently as well.
As Stadia loses six of its top employees, it’s also been revealed that those same six employees have now joined Haven Studios under Jade Raymond. This includes Stadia’s former GM Sebastian Puel, former Head of Creative Services and Publishing Corey May, former Staff/UX Researcher Jonathan Dankoff, former Graphics Programmer Pierre-Marc Bérubé, former Game Designer Erwann Le Rouzic, and former Senior Concept Artist Francis Denoncourt.
Raymond was the former Head of Stadia Games And Entertainment. Which was Stadia’s internal game development studio intended for first-party exclusives. That is, before it was shut down at the same time Raymond left to create her own venture. Raymond’s Haven Studios is currently working on a new IP for PlayStation.
In regards to Stadia, what many view as a fresh, beautiful corsage with its best times ahead of it, is surely starting to look a little like an aging, dried out flower to some. That might be a bit of a harsh assessment. But happy employees don’t usually leave jobs they love. Then again perhaps Raymond made an offer that was too good to pass up.
As Stadia loses top employees, it’s continuing to beef up offerings
Stadia losing some of its best talent isn’t exactly a good thing. No matter how you look at it. But that doesn’t mean things are so bad there’s no coming back from the brink. Stadia had an almost laughably bad product launch. But since its initial arrival, Google added more games to the library and continued to add features.
Some of those features probably should have been there from the start. Like the search bar. Google was built on the search bar, after all. But the key thing, for subscribers enjoying the service, is that they’re there now. And even with the struggles Stadia has been facing, it still has a solid technical foundation.
There’s nothing cooler than booting up a game on your PC or TV, then seamlessly switching over to playing on your Android smartphone. Something Stadia delivers with an almost effortless energy.
It’s also now possible to play games through Stadia on more devices than ever before. Including iOS and a much larger crop of Android devices than at launch. Still, Google has its work cut out for it. Hemorrhaging some of your best employees isn’t exactly a recipe for success.
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VMware Skyline Office Space Campaign Ends This Week.

Tweet For everyone here on the VMware Skyline Team, we want to thank you for your support our of #TechforGood campaigns. These campaigns are our way to connect with you, our valued customers in the form of a “treasure hunt” where you’re asked to perform various tasks within the VMware Skyline service and compete for … Continued

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Source: vmware

New KB articles published for the week ending 2nd May, 2021

Tweet Products Title Published Date Skyline Collector Appliance In pure IPv6 environments, Skyline Collector UI returns 502 Gateway error when logging in / using the interface(83564) 4/28/2021 VMware vRealize Automation Unable to delete a content source in VMware Service Broker(83553) 4/28/2021 VMware Cloud on AWS Rotating Users Password of Local NSX Manager(83551) 4/27/2021 VMware vCloud … Continued

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Source: vmware

New AT&T 5G Prepaid Data Plans For Tablets Helps You Work Anywhere

According to Droid-Life, it is now simpler to get an AT&T 5G prepaid data plan for tablets. Well really, the plan will work for all connected devices. That includes laptops, tablets, and other devices that have the ability to connect to a mobile network. In this day and age where working on the go is so prevalent, this could help a lot of people.
It can get pretty boring working from home all of the time. To break up the monotony of working from home you could try doing some work at the park. Or at a Starbucks. Or anywhere else that you can safely work.
There are a couple of ways you can get the internet you need in order to connect your devices. One way is to use public Wi-fi. This is free, but public Wi-fi can be a little bit of a two-way street. It is free, but at the same time, it is insecure.
On the other hand, you can get a device that connects to mobile networks themselves. This is where AT&T is looking to make things easier for those looking for a 5G data plan for tablets and other connected devices.
New AT&T 5G prepaid data plan for tablets and other connected devices keep you working on the go
5G is the new hottest network feature that mobile networks are providing for customers. But sometimes customers may not need to talk and text. AT&T today updated their DataConnect plans to allow customers to get 5G data for a good price.
With the updated DataConnect plans AT&T has increased the limits for their options. At first, the company offered 15GB and 35GB options. Now the company has upped those limits to 25GB and 40GB. Now users can get their work done on the go no matter where they are. In addition, this is more secure than using a public Wi-fi network at Starbucks.
The prices for the new updated options are not too bad. You will pay $50/month for the 25GB option. The 40GB option will run you $75/month. In order to get these prices, you do have to enroll in auto pay and paperless billing.
So now you can get your new Galaxy Book Pro or your favorite tablet easily connected with 5G data. Now you can get your work done anywhere you want to. You have the chance to get out and work from anywhere while getting some sunlight and a change of scenery.
You can go to AT&T’s website to pick which plan you want beginning this week.
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PlayStastion App Update Adds Game File Management For PS5

The PlayStation app on Android now allows you to delete games from your PS5 console. Brining some much needed game file management to your system setup while you’re not actually in front of your system.
The feature is part of an app update that was pushed out this week. And while game file management is the big new feature addition, it’s not the only new change. Users will see a handful of other tweaks that Sony has implemented. Including the ability to compare your trophies with friends.
Curious to see if one of your friends has more trophies than you in a specific game? Well, even if you’re not at home you can still check out that information now.
Use the PlayStation app to delete games from your PS5
Yes, you can finally delete games off your PS5 console using the PlayStation app. This is only supported on the PS5 and not something you can access for your PS4.
To use this feature your PS5 will either have to be turned on or set in rest mode. As the app will need to be able to link to your console. Without being able to link to your console it can’t relay the commands to delete those game files.
If you like the sound of being able to delete games on the go, just be aware of the rest mode issue that the PS5 may still be having. In which case if you want access to the app’s file management feature, you might want to leave your PS5 powered on. Obviously you don’t want to just leave it on all day.
So it might also be a good idea to abstain from using this new feature unless you either won’t be gone long, or until Sony confirms the fix for rest mode.
Join multiplayer sessions from the app
Another cool new feature is the ability to join multiplayer gaming sessions directly from the app. You’ve been able to do this on the PS5 since the console launched back in November of 2020.
But with the addition of this feature in the app, you can join a session even if you happen to step away from your console for a few minutes. You can also now set filters in the PS Store for games, share media and links with friends in messages, and disable party notifications. It also comes with the general fixes and improvements.
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Amazon Prime: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Prime launched in 2005 as a way for customers to get their products quicker, without paying for incredibly over-priced overnight or two-day shipping. Of course, now, that has become the norm and a lot of places offer it for free (some if you spend a certain amount). But in the nearly 16 years since Prime launched, a lot has changed. It now offers more than just unlimited next-day and two-day shipping.
We’re going to go over everything you need to know about Amazon Prime in 2021. And help you decide if you should spend your money on Amazon Prime or not.
What is Amazon Prime?
As mentioned before, Amazon launched Prime in the US in February of 2005. It was originally meant as a way for customers to get unlimited two-day shipping on a ton of items that Amazon sold. It was $79 when it debuted in 2005, which seemed pretty pricey since the majority of us did not rely on Amazon to buy basically everything, like we do in 2021.
Since 2015, we’ve seen a few price increases, though it hasn’t increased all that much. It’s now $119, with the first increase coming in 2014 to $99 and the second in 2018 to $119. Despite shipping costs having skyrocketed for Amazon in the 16 years since Prime first debuted.
Amazon has also expanded Prime to offer much more than just unlimited next-day and two-day shipping. It comes with a number of other perks now. Like Prime Video, Twitch Prime, Same Day shipping, Whole Foods discounts and more. But we’ll talk more about Amazon Prime perks a bit later.
As of 2021, Amazon has said that there are over 200 million Prime subscribers worldwide. The pandemic in 2020 helped really boost that number too. As people everywhere relied on Amazon to deliver their most needed products.
Sign Up For Amazon Prime

How much is it?
As mentioned, Amazon Prime is $119 per year. That comes out to about $10 per month, the same as most streaming services. Amazon does offer a monthly plan for Prime, though it is a bit more expensive and we’d recommend going with the yearly option.
If you opt to pay monthly, it’ll be $12.99 per month. That comes out to $155.88 per year, versus the $119 price if you were to pay yearly.
Is there a student discount?
Amazon does offer Prime Student. Which will cost students $59.99 per year. Or they can opt to go monthly at $6.49 per month. Like with the regular Amazon Prime price, it is also much cheaper to just pay it yearly than per month.
There are also some added benefits for Amazon Prime Student. Including a longer free trial. Prime Student is six months long, versus a Prime free trial being only 30 days. Amazon also allows students to rent textbooks much cheaper than other places like Chegg. Amazon touts up to 90% off, but that will depend on what textbooks are needed.
Any student is eligible for Amazon Prime Student, as long as they have a school email address – that is what is used to confirm you are a student. That also means it is only for college students and not high school students unfortunately. But whether you’re working on your Associate’s, Bachelor’s Master’s or Doctorate, you can still get Prime Student.
Sign Up For Amazon Prime Student
What benefits come with Prime?
For most, the biggest reason to sign up for Prime is going to be the free shipping. And seeing as Amazon sells just about everything you could want or need, that is a big reason to sign up. But Amazon has added a ton of perks in recent years, making Prime a lot more attractive. Here are some of the perks available for Prime members.
Free same-day, overnight & two-day shipping

As mentioned, you can get free delivery as soon as the same day. This will depend on where you live, and what product(s) you are trying to purchase. But if you order by noon, it can arrive the same day, which is incredible. And much more convenient than running to your local Walmart.
Almost every thing on Amazon can be delivered within two days. There are some exceptions, particularly things that are not shipped and sold by, but rather shipped by third parties that sell on Amazon’s website.
Prime Now
A really popular service that Amazon has launched in a few cities, is Prime Now. Essentially, you can get stuff delivered to your door within two hours of ordering it. Amazon also offers this service for groceries in certain cities. Surprisingly, this is not available everywhere that has Whole Foods.
The cities that Prime Now is available in, is still pretty small. So you’ll want to check and see if you live in a city that has it or not.
Amazon Prime Video

One of the bigger perks of Prime, is probably Prime Video. Which is Amazon’s own streaming service, and has thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. That are available on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, gaming consoles and other devices. There are also a ton of exclusive TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime Video. And it’s available for free with Amazon Prime.
Now if you want just Prime Video, you can get it separately and not get Prime as a whole. It’ll cost you $8.99 per month. And at that price, you might as well just get Prime. As it’s only $12 more for the entire year.
Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon also has a streaming music service, which you can sign up for, or get it free with Prime. You can stream Prime Music free, which has a smaller catalog of music available for Prime members, about two million songs. It is also ad-free.
There is also Amazon Music Unlimited, which has 50 million songs, but Prime members do still get a discount on Music Unlimited – even though it’s not free. You can sign up for Music Unlimited here. It’ll cost Prime members $7.99 per month versus $9.99 per month for non-Prime members.
Sign Up For Amazon Music Unlimited
Finally, there’s Amazon Music HD. This is like Music Unlimited, but higher quality. It’s going to give you CD-quality music, but streaming. And it costs $14.99 per month. There’s no discount for Prime members though. You can sign up for Amazon Music HD here.
Sign Up For Amazon Music HD
Twitch Prime

Amazon bought Twitch in 2014, to compete with Google and its YouTube Gaming platform, though only one still exists in 2021. Anyways, Amazon decided to bring twitch into its Prime perks. So with Twitch Prime, gamers are able to get free games and in-game items each month. With Twitch Prime, you can also sign up for one free Twitch premium streamer a month. This allows users to support their favorite Twitch streamers and get access to exclusive features.
Free Kindle & Audible Content

With Prime, members are able to borrow a selection of free Kindle ebooks, magazines and much more with their subscription. You will also get a free Kindle book every month from a pre-selected list. Now you may not be getting the New York Times Bestsellers every month, but they are still free books. Prime members can also access a number of podcasts and audiobooks from Audible for free.
Amazon Photos
With Google Photos ditching its unlimited storage option, this is going to become a big deal for Prime members. As Amazon offers unlimited storage for Amazon Photos, and you can also get 5GB of storage for videos with Prime. So you can back up all of your photos to Amazon Photos for no extra charge.
Whole Foods

Amazon bought whole Foods in 2017, and essentially turned it into a place where you can pick up your Amazon packages, instead of them piling up in front of your home. Prime members can get special discounts at Whole Foods, which regular shoppers won’t get. You can also order groceries from Whole Foods and pick it up within an hour, but you will need to buy at least $35 worth of groceries.
Some locations will do grocery delivery as well.
Amazon Rewards Visa Card Cash Back
Perhaps not for everyone, but Amazon does also have a credit card for Prime members. The Amazon Rewards Visa Card will give Prime members up to 5% cash back on purchases from Amazon or at Whole Foods. And you’ll get 2% cash back at drug stores, gas stations and restaurants. And finally up to 1% cash back everywhere else.
Of course, not every Prime member is able to get this credit card. As it will depend on your credit score. But this is one of the better cash back cards out there. Particularly if you shop on Amazon quite often.
Alexa & Early Deals

Prime members can also get exclusive deals from Alexa. Just ask Alexa “What are your deals” and she’ll list them off. You can then purchase them with your voice, making it super easy to take advantage of these sales.
Amazon also offers early deals for Prime members. Particularly around Prime Day and Black Friday. Amazon is able to make these shopping holidays last closer to a month rather than a day or two. Because of these early deals. And you get early access to Lightning deals. Those deals typically last around six hours (or until stock is out), but Prime members can get access to them 30 minutes early.
Can I share Prime with others?
Yes. You can share your Prime benefits with up to one other person.
However, if you are using a Prime Student account, you cannot share this with anyone.
This means that you could share your Prime benefits with another person and split the cost, making it just $60 per year per person, instead of $120.

What is Prime Day?
This is another perk of Amazon Prime actually, and that’s Prime Day.
Amazon launched Prime Day in 2015. It started out as a one-day event in July to rival Black Friday, and for the most part, only Prime members could participate. Since then, it has grown to be almost a week long event. Some might even say a month-long event, with the many “Early Prime Day” deals that Amazon does leading up to the big day.
In 2021, the event is supposed to be moving to June, as Amazon wants those numbers to appear on its Q2 earnings report.
Prime Day did start out as a bit of a joke. The first two years, stock was so limited on the good products, that they sold out quickly. And a lot of people were left with buying things like toilet paper. Though after 2020, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These days, you can get a lot more things on sale on Prime Day, including some great discounts on smart TVs, smartphones, and much more.
Other retailers also do their own Prime Day events around Amazon’s big day. To help cash in on all of that spending. Walmart and Best Buy in particular do Prime Day events.
Now, you can actually take part in Prime Day without being a Prime member. But not everything will be available to you. Many deals are for “Prime Members only”.
Sign Up For Amazon Prime
Is Amazon Prime worth the price?
With the many benefits that Amazon has with Prime now, it is definitely worth it.
At $119 per year, that’s a little less than $10 per month, it’s almost the same price as Netflix Basic (and cheaper than Netflix Standard). It’s also about the same price as a number of other streaming services. And cheaper than HBO MAX. And you’re going to get a whole lot more out of it. Including Amazon Prime Video too.
These days, we buy just about everything from Amazon, which makes Prime something that is a must-have. With that free next-day and two-day shipping available. Not to mention the fact that Amazon will sometimes deliver earlier than stated. It’s a really good subscription service to take advantage of.
Even if you only use a few of the perks included in Amazon Prime, it makes the service worth it for $119 per year. And that’s exactly what Amazon is banking on here. Giving you loads of perks, knowing that you will only use a couple (at most). Because Amazon would actually be losing money if every member used every perk available with Prime.
You can sign up for Amazon Prime by clicking here.
Sign Up For Amazon Prime
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Google Stadia Loses Its Head Of Product

Google Stadia has reportedly lost its Head Of Product John Justice. While that doesn’t exactly spell doom and gloom for the platform, much like other high-profile changes it’s sure to get the rumor mills churning and start discussions.
Earlier this year it was announced that Google would be shutting down Stadia Games & Entertainment. The company’s own in-house studio that was dedicated to pumping out first-party exclusive game titles. Around the same time it also lost Jade Raymond, the President of that studio.
Both of those changes sparked many questions for Stadia fans and users. So it seems the same is likely to happen here.
Google confirms Stadia Head of Product John Justice departure
Initially it wasn’t clear if the report about John Justice leaving Google was accurate. But according to 9To5Google a spokesperson has confirmed that Justice is no longer with the company.
Alongside the title of Head Of Product, Justice was also the VP of Stadia. Which means in just a few short months, Stadia has lost both its VP, as well as the President of its now shuttered internal studio. Primarily John Justice was responsible for leading the consumer experience side of the service.
This included discussions about upcoming new features. Which would end up in Google’s ‘Stadia Connect’ videos. Although Google hasn’t actually discussed upcoming features since last year. A big reason being that it was promising features for Stadia wouldn’t show up until much later.
Stadia had a fairly rocky start when it launched back in November of 2019. Due in large part to the amount of features and games that released well after their promised launch dates.
Stadia continues to forge ahead
Despite losing some key members of the team, Stadia is continuing to improve in numerous ways. Roughly every week or every other week, Stadia announces a new crop of games that are either being released or will be released.
In 2021 alone, Stadia is expected to get a total of 100 new game titles. Some of which have already made their way into player libraries.
It’s also continuing to build out more features to add quality of life to the overall platform. Like the search bar which it just introduced to the web. As well as better management of Stadia capture content. It still lacks at least one feature that subscribers have been waiting on though. Party chat on Android. Something which could  prove useful to those who prefer Android as their device of choice for accessing Stadia content.
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Grab The Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum For Just $309

The Roborock S4 Max is currently on sale for $309, that’s $120 off of its regular price.
It is currently listed on Amazon for $429, and you can clip the $120 off coupon on the page to get it for $309. That brings the Roborock S4 Max down to its all-time lowest price, beating the previous all-time low by $20.
This robot vacuum is really impressive, we actually reviewed it not too long ago. There’s not a lot that’s special about this robot vacuum, as we called it the “no-frills” robot vacuum in our review. That is because it doesn’t add in a bunch of gimmicks and even leaves out the mopping functionality. So that Roborock could provide you with an excellent robot vacuum at a low price. And that was when it was normally priced at $499.
The Roborock S4 Max  sports the same LiDAR setup as some of its other robot vacuums. So it can easily navigate your home, and do a good job of spot cleaning. It also uses some pretty powerful suction, we’re looking at 2000Pa. Which is going to be strong enough to get up all of the dirt, dust, debris and even pet hair off of your floors.
It also supports multiple floor maps. So if you are one that has a multi-floor home, you can still use this one on each floor, and it’ll easily know where it is.
Like the other robot vacuums in its portfolio, the Roborock S4 Max  also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Allowing you to use your voice to tell the robot to start vacuuming. With the Roborock app, you can also see the floor plan, and see where it has cleaned, as well as adjust the suction strength and much more.
You can pick up the Roborock S4 Max from Amazon today by clicking here. This price is only good through this Sunday, February 14. So you’d better grab it before it is gone.
Roborock S4 Max – Amazon
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Facebook Will Not Encrypt Messenger Messages By Default Until 2022

Here is some unfortunate news for those of you who love Facebook Messenger.  Facebook will not encrypt Facebook Messenger messages by default until at least 2022. This also affects Instagram chats as well. Neither will have encryption by default anytime soon.
However, it is possible to enable end-to-end encryption for Facebook Messenger. The ability to do so has been around since 2016. But, in order to do so, users have to switch over to a “Secret Conversation” mode. Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer any type of end-to-end encryption for its chats.
Now for some people, this may not matter to them. But, for users who have become more and more conscious about what social media companies can see this can be a letdown. Facebook Messenger has a massive reach which means a lot of people use it to communicate with their family, friends, and maybe even co-workers.
Today May 3, 2021, Facebook updated its safety and security plans and announced these updates in a blog. There was some other information in the blog, but the main part about end-to-end encryption mentions the 2022 timeline.
While we expect to make more progress on default end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram Direct this year, it’s a long-term project and we won’t be fully end-to-end encrypted until sometime in 2022 at the earliest. Moreover, the safety features we’ve already introduced are designed to work with end-to-end encryption, and we plan to continue building strong safety features into our services.
Facebook will not encrypt Facebook Messenger messages or Instagram chats until at least 2022
Facebook began the plan to implement end-to-end encryption across all of its messaging platforms back in 2019. To be clear, there are a lot of other platforms out there that offer end-to-end encryption.
Of course, there is Apple’s iMessage that has end-to-end encryption. But that is only for Apple users. But, there is Signal, Telegram, Wickr Me, and more.
So to see the company kind of dragging their feet through the mud is interesting. The company could find itself in a position where users begin to migrate away from their messaging platforms in favor of more secure ones.
Now 2022 is not that far away, so users may be okay with just waiting. But, this is one thing that a company like Facebook could implement easily. Making messages encrypted by default could be one of the easiest ways for the company to show its commitment to privacy.
Doing so would also offer a feature that competitors offer. In doing so Facebook’s, current userbase wouldn’t be tempted to switch. Hopefully, the company decides to speed up its end-to-end encryption plans, but only time will tell.
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Communication On PlayStation Levels Up With Discord Partnership

Sony has just announced a new partnership with Discord for its PlayStation platform. Today, an official post from PlayStation President Jim Ryan lays out details of the partnership.
For PlayStation users, this is a pretty big development. Over the last few years, Discord has dominated the game communication market on PC and mobile. Providing users with an efficient and feature-rich way to chat and voice chat with friends, clan mates, and other community members on any number of topics.
And now Discord is coming to PlayStation consoles. Which is sure to give Sony an edge over Microsoft when it comes to the communication platform offered to players. This also comes after months of speculation that Microsoft was potentially interested in acquiring Discord.
While this is a huge deal for all involved, this doesn’t mean you’ll see Discord on your PS4 or PS5 soon. In fact any sort of integration is by no means around the corner.
Discord comes to PlayStation in 2022
If you were hoping to boot up your PlayStation and enjoy the benefits of Discord right from the console, you’ll have to wait a while. Now that the partnership has been announced, good things are certainly coming.
But players shouldn’t expect to see an arrival of Discord until sometime in 2022. In the announcement Ryan states that the plan is to have things ready by early next year. Of course, things can always change. Sony could end up ahead of schedule and push things out earlier than planned. But it’s also possible things could be pushed back.
So for now an early 2022 release of the Discord integration is the best players can hope for.
Sony and Discord are already “hard at work” connecting social
Right about now, if you’re a PS4 and or PS5 user and you adore Discord, you’re probably day dreaming about all the possible features you could use on the console.
While that information is going to become available in time, no firm details on features or usability have been made public. Ryan says that the teams at both companies are already hard at work connecting the social and gaming experiences on PlayStation. But he does not highlight any features or discuss how long work has been underway.
The goal is to bring the experiences of Discord and PlayStation closer together on consoles and mobile. So people can hang out and chat while enjoying games. At the very least the integration will allow users to connect Discord accounts to their consoles so they can interact with both text and voice chat channels across all of their servers.
But it’s unclear if PlayStation integration will include some of the more recent features the PC and mobile apps have. Either way, PlayStation users are getting a big communication upgrade.
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Google Is Adding Meet & Chat To The Chromebook Pre-Install Line-Up

New Chromebook buyers will have a few new pre-install apps at their disposal in the near future, reports indicate, with the addition of Google Meet and Google Chat.
That’s based on recent reports highlighting work that Google is undertaking to add both Meet and Chat to Chromebook devices. More specifically, adding those out-of-the-box so that users can jump right in and use them from the first startup.
How do we know Google Meet and Chat will be a pre-install?
Now, the two apps in question, at this point, need very little introduction. Summarily, these are Google’s web-based chat and video call platforms. But these apps are also not the most widely-used, as of this writing.
With Google Meet and Chat available as a pre-install on the Chromebook platform, the apps will be getting a lot of free publicity. At least for those who buy a new Chromebook after this launches. Although they’ll presumably land on older devices too via an update.
Additionally, those that use the apps won’t need to search them up and install them anymore. And, since PWAs take up less storage, that’ll be without sacrificing the often low storage allotment of those Chromebooks.
In the interim, the addition of the two apps as PWAs was initially spotted in a commit merged in the Chromium Code. Tucked behind feature flags, the code comes complete with an intended release date too. So, barring any unforeseen problems, the company already knows when it wants to add these two apps.
So when are these coming?
As noted by the source, once the new apps are added as a pre-install, the easiest way to get them on an older Chromebook will be to perform a powerwash. That’s after the update arrives and if Google doesn’t add the features to older Chromebooks automatically as part of the update. But they should be coming to brand new Chromebooks out-of-the-box. Specifically, that’s once Chrome OS 92 launches. Chrome 92 is slated for arrival on July 27.
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Galaxy S21 FE Name Gets Referenced By Samsung On Its Website

According to 9to5Google Samsung has made a reference to the Galaxy S21 FE by name. This is pretty cool since a lot of the time a device is referenced by leakers.
The original spotting of this was by the GalaxyClub. The Galaxy S21 FE name was actually a part of a dropdown banner. Now, there is not an actual page for it listing the specs or anything. Instead, the name appears under photos of the base Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra.
This seems like it was accidental. However, on the internet when you have hawkeyed people, accidents like this can get noticed quickly. Leaks are nothing new. But, you know things are really heating up when the company itself mentions an upcoming device.
Now, this mention of the device isn’t a sign that the phone is about to launch or anything like that. It just means that the device’s name is real. The original Galaxy S20 FE came out in late summer last year. Going by patterns it is safe to assume that the follow-up will come out around the same time.
Samsung’s website references Galaxy S21 FE
The big leaks for a device are the ones that bring news on specs, release dates, etc. This just lets us know that Samsung is in fact working on a device with this name. However, that is still good to know. At least for now, we know the name is correct. Sometimes the name of a device can change at the last second. It is rare, but it can happen.
The Galaxy S20 FE pleased a lot of people who wanted the Galaxy S20 but did not want to spend $1000. It had a similar design, the same Snapdragon 865 processor, and the same amount of storage. Ironically, it has a bigger screen, more colors to choose from, and a bigger battery.
The best part is the price which started at $699 vs the Galaxy S20 which started at $999. If the Galaxy S21 keeps up with that same trend of offering similar specs for a cheaper price it will be a hit. The Galaxy S21 is an amazing device and is at the top of the Android phone world.
But, it is expensive. There is no way of getting around that. With an FE version of the Galaxy S21 Samsung will be able to attract more buyers which is good. Let us just hope that the upcoming device can avoid the problems that its predecessor is currently facing.

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A White Pixel 4a Prototype Appears On Google’s Instagram Story

Google’s official Instagram page has recently shared a story that shows a white Pixel 4a in the background.
In a short video that Google shared to celebrate International Dance Day, the company announces its Nest Audio smart speakers. But for tech savvies, this is not what it is all about. Some sharp-eyed viewers have noticed a white Pixel 4a prototype that lays down on the table.
The Pixel 4a launched on August 20, 2020, and it came in Just Black and a limited Barely Blue color. It also has a Clearly White edition, but this is different from the one that is shown in the recent video. The newly-shown white Pixel 4a has an orange power button that distinguishes it from the Clearly White 4a.
Of course, having an orange power button is not a new invention, and Google previously used it in its Pixel 3 lineup. Anyway, Google may introduce this color in the future, or maybe this is just a prototype that never reached the production line.
Moreover, the Pixel 4a was able to meet Google’s expectations to some extent. Adding a new color to the lineup will help the company stoke more interest in its mid-range smartphone.
Also, Google may decide to accompany its white Pixel 4a with some software or hardware upgrades. Because it is currently selling a white 4a and adding a new white color to the shelves with just an orange power button is nonsense.
Maybe Google will release this white Pixel 4a next to the Pixel 5a
We still don’t have much information about Google’s plans to add a new color to the Pixel 4a lineup, but this may happen in the Pixel 5a event. Some sources have recently speculated that Google may announce Pixel 5a in its I/O event on May 18.
Since the next I/O event is less than one month away and rumors about Pixel 5a are vastly spreading, seeing a white Pixel 4a in the event may not be unexpected, and Google is just laying the groundwork with its new dance video. Next to the Pixel 5a, a Pixel Watch is another device we expect to see in the 2021 Google  I/O event.

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AT&T Has A Way For Low-Income Families To Save On Broadband Bills

AT&T is announcing a way for low-income families to save money on monthly broadband and wireless bills through something called its EBB (emergency broadband benefit) program.
These savings will apply to both AT&T and Cricket wireline and wireless offerings. Though there are some terms that will set which customers qualify and which plans are compatible. As not all customers will be able to receive the benefit. Additionally, not all plans will be compatible with the discount.
If customers qualify, they can get a discount of up to $50 a month on select broadband internet plans from AT&T. The same thing goes for select wireless plans from Cricket Wireless. Also worth noting is that select Cricket Wireless prepaid and AT&T prepaid are compatible.
AT&T does plan to announce a set of discounts for postpaid offerings soon too.
AT&T EBB offers include free wireless internet
The past year has been a tough time for everyone. And staying connected has never been more important. To help, AT&T is beginning enrollment for its EBB wireless offerings on May 12.
Those interested in saving money or getting these discounts will need to apply through either AT&T or Cricket. And AT&T says the discounts can be for both new and existing customers. To start, qualified subscribers can get the Cricket Core plan for free after the autopay discount. Which comes with unlimited calls and data.
There’s also the Cricket More plan which is the same as the former, but it adds on 15GB of mobile hotspot use. This ends up being $5 after the autopay discount. For those that just need data, there’s the Cricket Simply Data plan which comes with 100GB of high-speed data. It comes at a cost of $5 as part of the EBB offerings and requires no autopay discount to be applied like the other two.
For the AT&T side of things, there’s the AT&T Prepaid 15G plan which is 15GB of high-speed data for free, and an unlimited version of this plan which is unlimited high-speed data. This is also free, though it will require the autopay discount to be applied.
AT&T also has a data-only plan which is 100GB of high-speed data and 5G access, costing only $5. Lastly there’s Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan. This plan offers unlimited high-speed data, 10GB of mobile hotspot, 100GB of cloud storage, and 5G access for $10 if the autopay discount is applied.
As noted these plans will be become available on or after May 12.
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Google Is Tackling Play Store Inaccurate Listings With Upcoming Guidelines

The Verge is reporting that Google has announced upcoming Google Play Store rules to stop inaccurate app listings. The upcoming Play Store rules ban inaccurate information such as lengthy and inaccurate titles. Google is aiming to stop developers from tricking users into downloading their apps.
The new guidelines will aim to change how the app’s previews look on the Play Store. By doing this Google is looking to stop scam apps from tricking users into downloading the app. The new rules will go into effect in the second half of 2021. Even though the effective date is known, more specific details on the enforcement of these rules will come “later this year.”
Google’s original announcement says that for developers “Google Play is increasingly showing more of your assets front and center.” As a result, this is why Google is making the upcoming changes. These changes will hopefully give a more accurate expectation of what the app’s experience will be like.
The app metadata that will be affected by these upcoming changes are the title length, keywords, and graphical elements. To clarify, the title length will be limited to only 30 characters. This should help to end the really spammy title names like “Battle Royale Army Shooter Game” or something of that nature.
Play Store inaccurate listings will be tackled by Google’s upcoming rules
In regards to keywords, the new rules will now prohibit keywords that imply store performance, promotion in the icon, title, and developer name. Lastly, the rules will eliminate graphic elements that may mislead users in the app icon.
The original announcement made on the Android Developers blog even goes as far as giving some to developers. That way when the new rules take effect they will be able to adhere to the rules.
The one thing the company suggests is to use a clear and precise app title and brand name. That makes sense and should separate legit apps from the scam ones. The list of things developers should not do is longer.
Developers should not use graphic elements indicating rank nor should they use text to indicate ranking. In addition, they should not use text or graphic elements to promote deals, do not use graphic elements to indicate the Play program or that mislead users, and more.
The upcoming rules should go a long way to keep the installs of scam apps to a minimum. It is good to see Google making moves to attack the tactics used to mislead users. A lot of people assume that because an app is on the Play Store that it is completely legit and not scam.
The thing is that apps can get approved to be on the Play Store, but still provide a terrible experience.

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Keep An Eye Out For This Awesome-Looking Cyberpunk Action RPG

Before miHoYo’s mega hit Genshin Impact, there was its cyberpunk action RPG called Honkai Impact 3rd. If you played this game and enjoyed it, then you need to be on the lookout for a game called Punishing: Gray Raven.
It’s an action RPG much like Honkai Impact 3rd with a cyberpunk theme to it. Though it definitely has a lot of its own unique features and elements to enjoy too. Right now, the game is available in China and Japan, where it’s already become extremely popular. And it’s now been confirmed as coming to the West (this includes the US). Plus, it should be available for pre-registration soon. Which means you can sign up to be alerted the moment it becomes available to install.
Punishing: Gray Raven is the cyberpunk-themed action RPG you need in your life
Looking at some of the screenshots and watching a video or two, it’s clear that Punishing: Gray Raven is meant to deliver an action-packed experience with very pretty combat.
The game is going global this Summer so a release isn’t too far off. At the moment there’s no set date for the release. So it could show up anytime between June and September. In Punishing: Gray Raven, players will take on the role of a powerful hero trying to help humanity reclaim a ruined earth.
The world has been taken over by a biomechanical virus, and you as the player have decided to fight back. The game features multiple class types, as well as parry and dodge mechanics. Those willing to get right up in the face of danger will be rewarded with big damage numbers and a gorgeous display of combat. Provided they can dodge incoming attacks or parry them to deflect incoming damage.
Players can also swap out with other characters if any of the ones they have are better suited to a particular encounter.
The game will have a limited closed beta soon

If you can’t wait till this Summer, you might just get a chance to play the game before then. As the developers will be opening up a limited closed beta soon for global players.
When and where the closed beta will be held is still uncertain. You also can’t sign up for the closed beta just yet, but signups will be announced and available in the very near future. Punishing: Gray Raven will be a free-to-play title when it releases.
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How To Use YouTube TV On Roku Devices

The YouTube TV app is now gone from the Roku platform. Thanks to a disagreement between Roku and Google, the carriage agreement between the two companies has expired. This means that new customers won’t be able to install the app on their Roku device, but for now, current customers can still use the app. Though it’s unclear how much longer that will last.
However, Google notes that you will still be able to Cast YouTube TV onto your Roku device, even if the app is removed from the Roku Store. For those of you that may not have known, Roku does support Google Cast (as well as Google Assistant). So it’s not quite as easy as opening the app on your TV and finding something to watch, but you can still use YouTube TV, which is nice.
How To Use YouTube TV On Roku Devices
It’s very simple to Cast YouTube TV to your Roku device. Firstly, make sure that your smartphone and your TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
Now, open the YouTube TV app on your smartphone.
Then tap the Cast or AirPlay button in the upper-right hand corner of the app.
Select the device you want to Cast to. Which in this case, is going to be your Roku TV or set-top box.
YouTube TV will then open on your TV, and you can then choose what you want to play. Or if you already started a video, the video will just continue on the TV.
Now, you are able to use your phone to control what’s playing on the TV, at least within the YouTube TV app.
Again, it’s not quite as elegant or simple as opening the YouTube TV app on your TV and navigating to a channel or on-demand title that you want to watch. But it is at least available.

Why did Roku remove YouTube TV
The big question is why, exactly, is the YouTube TV app no longer available on Roku? Well, there’s a carriage dispute between the two companies – Roku and Google. Roku believes that Google is throwing its weight around with its demands, while Google believes that the terms of the deal are “reasonable”.
Roku did publish some of the terms that Google wants in its contract with Roku, which it believes is unreasonable. Google, of course denied that those terms were in the contract. And unless one side publishes the contract, we’ll never really know who is correct. But in this case, we’ll say that they are both at fault here.
According to Roku, Google is asking it to do things that it does not see replicated on other (competing) streaming platforms. Roku claims that Google wants it to create a dedicated search results row for YouTube within the Roku Smart TV interface. Roku also claims that Google is requiring it to block search results from other streaming content providers, while the user is in the YouTube app.
Additionally, Google wants Roku to favor the YouTube Music results from voice commands made with the Roku Voice Remote, when the YouTube app is open. Even while the user has a different app set as their default music app.
Finally, Roku says that Google is threatening to require Roku to use certain chipsets and/or memory cards, to make it compatible with its apps. Which would force Roku to increase prices on its hardware, and also force most of its customers to buy new hardware.
Roku believes that this is all unfair, and that Google isn’t forcing its competitors to do this too. Of course, we don’t know for sure if Google is doing this. Considering Google hasn’t outlined their terms, just saying that this is false.
Will Roku and Google come to a new agreement?
Google has said that it is still open to allowing Roku to agree to its “reasonable” terms and bring the YouTube TV app back to its platform. Roku has said that it will continue to negotiate with YouTube TV to get the app back on its platform. And given the slightly different wording changes between the two responses, it seems like Google isn’t looking to budge.
So while it’s possible that the two could come to an agreement, it likely won’t be anytime soon.
It would benefit Google greatly to get YouTube TV back onto the Roku platform though. Considering Roku is the most popular platform on the market right now. Ahead of Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV. And without Roku, Google is going to have a ton of angry customers, and might even lose some to a competing service like Hulu + Live TV – which added ViacomCBS channels today!
What is a carriage agreement?
You’ve likely seen disputes with cable companies and networks, where say DirecTV is dropping CBS and they want you to call DirecTV to get it back. Well, this is quite similar. It’s not as simple as making your app available for a platform anymore. As platforms want a cut of the revenue. And in Roku’s case, they also want to place some ads in the app. Considering Roku makes money on hardware, and very little on software, that is needed for them to stay afloat.
This is why HBO MAX and Peacock were not available on Roku (and Fire TV) at launch. But they did eventually come to the platforms.
Basically, Google gives Roku the right to carry YouTube TV. And now with streaming services, it’s getting a lot more complicated. You may remember that Sinclair could not come to a carriage agreement with YouTube TV (and most other services) for carrying its regional sports networks. Well now, the same can be done with platforms. So not only do you have to worry about a service losing channels, but it could also lose app availability.
And we thought that streaming Live TV was going to be way more convenient than traditional cable TV.
Hopefully, Google and Roku do work something out rather soon, so that users don’t have to Cast YouTube TV to their Roku devices for long.
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How To Connect An Additional DualSense Controller To Your PS5

So you finally picked up a PS5 and now you want to connect your DualSense controllers. Connecting the first one is relatively simple as Sony walks you through it the first time you power on the PS5.
But what about the second DualSense controller and is connecting it to the PS5 just as easy? In short, yes. It is pretty easy to do and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time either. But since you don’t get a walkthrough from the console with additional DualSense controllers, we’ve set up this handy guide to walk you through it ourselves.
And once you know how to connect your additional DualSense controllers to the PS5, you can connect a couple others quickly if you end up with more than one or two. But why would you want to connect more than one DualSense controller you ask? The way we see it, there’s more than one reason.
Why you might want to connect additional DualSense controllers to your PS5
One reason is completely obvious. You anticipate playing with friends or family. Perhaps you’ve got an older or younger sibling that you’ll end up playing with quite a bit. You’ll need a second controller.
This was a common Saturday morning for me and my older brother with the original PlayStation back when we were kids. And again when we got the PS2. But in more recent years, my reasons for wanting to connect more than one controller to my console have changed.
Even though I don’t play local co-op games, it’s still nice to have additional DualSense controllers connected to my PS5. And the reason is because of battery life. Some days I often play for long sessions. Taking breaks in between my gameplay. Like me, you might decide to get up early on a Saturday morning and dive deep into one of your favorite games. For me that’s Final Fantasy XIV.
Then before you know it you’ve been playing for 4 or 5 hours and your controller’s battery is almost dead because you forgot to charge it the last time you used it. This is where the second or even third controller comes in handy. If it’s already charged and paired, you can simply power off the controller you were using and switch. That is, if you want to keep playing.
How to connect additional DualSense controllers to your PS5
First, you need to make sure you have additional controllers. Or at least one additional controller. If you’re already beyond that step, go ahead and move on. Obvious, we know, but we’re saying it anyway.
Make sure your new controller is turned off
You’ll need to make sure that your new DualSense controller is in the powered off state to pair it to your PS5. If it’s powered on, simply hold down the PlayStation button until the light bars along the sides of the touch pad turn off.
This isn’t too unlike when you need to pair a new set of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to your phone. As those generally need to be in a powered off state before they can enter pairing mode. It’s the same idea here.
Go to the console settings menu

To connect a new device, in this case a new DualSense controller, head to the settings menu on your PS5. Once there, you will need to scroll all the way to the “Accessories” menu. As this is where you can find options for connecting new devices including more controllers.
Open up general settings, then go to Bluetooth accessories

Once you open this menu, the PS5 will show you already connected devices, as well as accessories that it has found which you may want to pair. Now it’s time to put your DualSense controller into pairing mode so the console can find it.
Hold down the Create and PlayStation buttons simultaneously

For a brand-new controller that has never been paired to the console before, or one that’s been deleted from the console, hold down the create button and the PlayStation button at the same time. Continue holding down these buttons for a couple of seconds and the lights should then begin pulsing.
If the lights are pulsing on the controller, then it’s ready to be discovered by the console. If the console doesn’t discover the DualSense controller, back out of the menu and try again. You may need to power the controller back off, then put it into pairing mode before re-entering the Bluetooth accessories menu again.
Use the already paired DualSense controller to select the new one
To finalize pairing the new controller, you’ll need to use the already paired controller to select the new one and connect it. This will disconnect the other controller. And after that you’re just about done. But there is one more step.
Update your newly connected DualSense controller

As soon as you connect your new DualSense controller you’ll be prompted to update it. As there will be at least one software update that Sony has pushed out for the DualSense. And since this is a new controller it probably doesn’t have it.
To update the controller, connect it to the PS5 using the USB cable that came with your console. Once the controller is wired, you’ll be able to click the “update” button on-screen to start the software update. This should only take a minute or two to complete as the update file isn’t very big.
Now, the new DualSense controller is paired and connected to the PS5 and it’s ready to use.
Swap between DualSense controllers
Now that you have a new controller paired to the PS5, you may find yourself needing to swap between them. Doing this is rather simple as well. All you have to do is pick up the controller and press and hold the PlayStation button like you were powering on the console.
This will automatically connect the second controller and disconnect the first one. If you’re wanting to connect it for local co-op play, then make sure to select a different user profile. This will allow both controllers to stay connected to the PS5 at the same time for co-op gameplay.
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YouTube TV: Price, Supported Devices, Channels, Cloud DVR & More – Updated April 2021

YouTube TV is Google’s own streaming live TV service. And it offers over 85 channels, live.
This product was designed for those that are looking to cut the cord from cable and be able to still watch cable channels. Without being tethered to their cable box, and be able to watch it anywhere.
YouTube TV is heralded as one of the best streaming live TV services on the market right now, despite the pretty regular price increases it has seen. It now costs $64.99 per month, after costing just $35 a few years ago. It’s the only streaming service that has PBS, and it is also the only one with an unlimited cloud DVR service. Making this a really incredible service for those that are looking to cut the cord from Comcast, Cox, AT&T, Verizon and other cable operators.
What is YouTube TV? And should you ditch cable for Google’s TV service? We’ll attempt to answer that, as well as other questions, like the cost, cloud DVR limitations, multiple screen limitations and more. Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube TV.
Table of contents
What is YouTube TV
Supported devices
What is YouTube TV?
YouTube TV is Google’s attempt at capturing the cord-cutting audience. It’s a streaming Live TV service that offers 85+ channels, and continues to add more every few months. It also has YouTube Originals available.
YouTube TV initially launched in 2017, and it was restricted to a handful of markets in the US. The reason for the slow rollout, was gathering all local channels. Google did not want to launch in a market that did not have all of the locals. That includes ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Initially, Google was offering around 60 channels for $35 per month. In 2018, ahead of its nationwide launch, it increased prices from $35 to $40, but those that got in on the $35 price were grandfathered in.
In 2019, Google made YouTube TV available in all 210 markets in the US. It also added nine networks from Discovery, and raised the price from $40 to $50 per month. This also ended the grandfathered-in pricing for those that were paying $35. Google forced everyone to start paying $50.
In 2020, YouTube TV was able to strike a deal with ViacomCBS to bring over their channels to the service. Bringing over all of their channels meant another price increase. Going from $50 to $65 per month, and bringing the total number of channels to 85+. On March 17, 2021, YouTube TV added the rest of the ViacomCBS Channels to the service. These include BETher, Dabl, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, teenNick, MTV2, and MTV Classic.
YouTube TV is pretty unique for a couple of features that it offers and most of its competitors do not. The biggest one being an unlimited Cloud DVR. Allowing you to record just about everything. The other big feature is it’s availability. It’s available on almost any platform.
Sign Up For YouTube TV
How much does it cost?
YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month for the base package. That includes 85+ channels, and all of its features.
There are some premium networks you can add-on, as well as the Sports Plus package. Sports Plus is priced at $10.99 per month and gives you an additional eight networks. The premium networks that are available include HBO and HBO MAX for $14.99. Showtime for $11/month, STARZ for $7/month, Cinemax for $10, Epix for $6/month, Curiosity Stream for $3, AMC Premiere for $5, Shudder for $6, Sundance Now for $7, Urban Movie Channel for $5 and AcornTV for $6. These all come with a free trial, anywhere from five days to 14 days. So it’s pretty easy to check out these premium channels before paying for them.
Sports Plus Package
Google added the Sports Plus package in September 2019. This is a new add-on for YouTube TV that will allow you to add even more sports networks. Included in this package is NFL RedZone, FOX College Sports, GOLTV, Fox Soccer Plus, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG and Stadium. It’s available for $10.99 per month.
Entertainment Plus Package
YouTube TV announced the Entertainment Plus package in February 2021. This package bundles HBO MAX, SHOWTIME and STARZ for $30 per month. Individually, these would cost you $35 per month, so you’re saving $5 here. Not a big savings, but a great way to bundle them with YouTube TV.
Supported Devices
What devices are supported?
YouTube TV is available on a large variety of devices right now, and it is still adding more to its list.
As of today, YouTube TV is available on Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku OS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As far as smart TVs go, it is available on many smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Hisense, Sharp, TCL and VIZIO that are 2016 and newer. Not to mention the fact that any TV that has Android TV, Roku or Fire TV built-in will also work – which includes almost every Hisense and TCL Smart TV from recent years.
On September 30, Google announced that the new Chromecast with Google TV will have a pretty tight integration with YouTube TV. With a new “Live” tab on the home screen that shows the current TV listings for what is live. At launch, only YouTube TV works with this tab, but Google plans to add more to that tab in the future. Like Sling TV, FuboTV and others.
Update: As of April 30, 2021, Roku no longer carries YouTube TV. Existing users can still use YouTube TV, for now. However, you do still have the option to Cast to your Roku device. This is in result of the carriage dispute between Google and Roku. This should only be a temporary thing, hopefully. 
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What channels are offered?
YouTube TV has steadily been adding new channels to its service since its inception in 2017. Currently it has over 85 channels, and covers the majority of the top 100 most popular cable channels.
Recent YouTube TV changes
YouTube TV added ViacomCBS channels: BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, TV Land, and VH1. Five of the 14 ViacomCBS channels have not yet arrived on YouTube TV, but will be very soon. Those include BET Her, MTV2, Nick Jr, Nicktoons, TeenNick and MTV Classic.
YouTube TV lost all Fox regional sports networks on October 1: After trying to renegotiate with Sinclair following its extension, YouTube TV lost access to all Fox regional sports networks. These include: Fox Sports Arizona, Fox Sports Carolinas, Fox Sports Detroit, Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports Indiana, Fox Sports Kansas City, Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports New Orleans, Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports Oklahoma, Fox Sports Prime Ticket, Fox Sports San Diego, Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Southeast, Fox Sports Southwest, Fox Sports Sun, Fox Sports Tennessee, Fox Sports West, Fox Sports Wisconsin, SportsTime Ohio, and the YES Network. It’s worth noting that Fox, FS1 and FS2 will remain on YouTube TV though.
NFL Network came to YouTube TV in September 2020: Without any sort of price increase.
YouTube TV debuted new Sports Plus package in September 2020: YouTube TV debuted its first add-on package in September with Sports Plus. For $10.99 per month you can add NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, GolTV, TVG, MAV, Stadium and Fox Soccer Plus.
MLB.TV comes to YouTube TV: In February 2021, YouTube TV announced that it was bringing MLB.TV to its service (as an added cost). It is available as of March 2021. With subscribers getting a free preview throughout March. MLB.TV costs $24.99 per month or $129.99 for the season.

YouTube TV Channels



ABC News


Adult Swim


Animal Planet

BBC America

BBC World News



Big Ten Network


Cartoon Network


CBS News

CBS Sports Network




CNBC World


Comedy Central


Court TV




Disney Channel

Disney Junior

Disney XD






Food Network


Fox Business

Fox News







Golf Channel

The Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Drama

 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries





Investigation Discovery



Lifetime Movies

Local Now


MLB Network

MLB Game of the Week




MyNetwork TV

National Geographic

Nat Geo Wild



NBC Sports Network

NBC Universo





Nick Jr.

NFL Network

Olympic Channel

Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)


PAC12 Networks

Paramount Network


PBS Kids



Smithsonian Channel


Sundance TV







Tennis Channel



Travel Channel

Tru TV


TUDN Extra 1-11


TV Land




Universal Kids





The Weather Channel

WE tv

YouTube Originals

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What features does YouTube TV have?
YouTube TV has a number of great features, some of which none of its competitors even have. As a result, it really helps make it stand out among the competition. Here are some of the bigger features for YouTube TV.
Unlimited Cloud DVR
Cloud DVR
By far the most popular feature for YouTube TV is its unlimited Cloud DVR. Which is included in the $64.99 price.
Because it is unlimited, you can record virtually anything and everything on YouTube TV, and watch it later. You can also record as many shows at the same time as you want. Something that is not possible with traditional TV.
Finally, with YouTube TV, you can also opt to start from the beginning or join live, if it is a show that you are recording. So if you come home late to watch The Masked Singer that starts at 8PM, you can start from the beginning and fast-forward through commercials until you catch up to the live recording. It is a really useful feature to have.
Multiple Users
Another feature that sets YouTube TV apart is multiple users. Most streaming services do have multiple users support, but not quite in the same way.
With YouTube TV, you can invite up to five people to your subscription. So instead of sharing your password with other people, they can sign in with their own Google account. That is much smarter than sharing passwords, especially for something like your Google account, which is used for almost everything on the web.
While you can have up to five accounts on your YouTube TV account, you are still limited to only three simultaneous streams on YouTube TV. So not everyone can watch at the same time. But three screens is also more than its competitors offer, without paying for an upgraded plan.
Voice Control via Google Assistant
As expected, YouTube TV is integrated with Google Assistant. So if you have a Google Assistant device like a Nest Mini or Nest Audio, you can use it to start YouTube TV on your TV. If you have a Chromecast or Nest Home Hub, you can tell the Assistant to start playing YouTube TV on that screen.
You also have the ability to control other functions, like selecting a TV channel to watch live, starting a show, recording a show and even using playback functions like pause, resume and rewind.
YouTube TV does have an on-demand section of different movies and TV shows. If something you recorded is available as on-demand, you can choose between those two options. For example, if election coverage interrupted your recording of Ellen’s Game of Games, you can opt to watch the on-demand version instead.
The main difference between on-demand and DVR though, is that you cannot fast-forward through commercials on on-demand content. Though some won’t have commercials – like FOX shows for some reason. On DVR content, you can fast-forward or rewind to your heart’s content.
Picture-in-Picture on Mobile
Surprisingly, most other streaming live TV services do not offer this feature, but YouTube TV allows you to do picture-in-picture on mobile. So you can continue watching your show while you are on Twitter or Facebook, or replying to your friend’s text message.
This works on Android smartphones and tablets. However, it doesn’t yet work on iOS. It’ll work on iPads and iPhones starting with iOS 14.
Dark Mode
As with everything these days, there is a dark mode for YouTube TV on both desktop and mobile. This can be very useful for when you are watching TV or scrolling through the app at night or in a dark room.
Mark shows as viewed
Since you can’t “delete” shows from your DVR – they will auto-delete after nine months, and be replaced with a newer recording if that show played on TV again – mark as viewed is really useful.
You can “Mark as Watched” on any movie or TV show on YouTube TV, from the desktop or mobile versions of the service. This means that it won’t show up as “new” in your library any longer. As a result, it makes it easier to view your new shows in your library, to catch up on what’s new.
No offline viewing
This is likely no real surprise, but YouTube TV does not allow for offline viewing. Most streaming Live TV services do not allow for this, since it is live. But it would be nice to be able to download your DVR’d content to watch offline, if you are going to be flying somewhere with no internet, or taking the subway to work. Hulu with Live TV does it, but there are some serious caveats to it.
Sign Up For YouTube TV
Is YouTube TV worth it?
When you look at the channels and the pricing of YouTube TV, it is a pretty good deal. The only downside here is that there’s no telling when the price may go up again. But if the recent Sports Plus package addition is anything to go by, it looks like Google is planning to add some more premium packages. Instead of giving everyone, every single channel and just raising the price.
I am a subscriber of YouTube TV and have been since almost the beginning, so my opinion here is a little bit biased, but I feel that this is the best value. There’s over 85 channels here, including the majority of the top 100 cable channels available. As well as cloud DVR, where you can save literally everything (and I do) to watch later. Not to mention the fact that it is available on almost every platform you can think of.
If you’re looking to check out YouTube TV, use this free trial to check it out before paying for it. Google gives everyone a free seven-day trial. But right now, if you sign up before October 15, 2020, you can get that doubled to 14 days.
Sign Up For YouTube TV
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Samsung, HP Lead Chromebook Growth, Eating Into Tablet Share

HP and Samsung are the big winners in terms of growth in the Chromebook market leading into 2021. And the market, as a whole, is slowly eating into the tablet market. That’s based on recent reports citing International Data Corporation (IDC) data for Q1 2021.
On the growth front, HP was out in front for the quarter. With 4.4-million shipments for the quarter and 33.5-percent of the market, the long-time PC-maker grew by no less than 633.9-percent. That’s compared to Samsung’s growth over the same period — that’s year-over-year — of 496-percent.
The trend appears to follow the ongoing global pandemic and widespread work-from-home policies. For the final three quarters of 2020, both tablets and Chromebooks saw steady growth as those policies continued to hold. With the former category peaking in Q4 before dropping again in Q1 2021. Conversely, while tablet growth has stopped and declined Chromebook sales appear to be stable.
Samsung was still not the top Chromebook segment maker, despite rampant growth
Now, that’s not to say that Samsung led in overall sales year-over-year for Q1 2021. In fact, its growth spurt only placed it with an 8-percent market share. That’s up from 6.1-percent and compared to the number two placement holder, Lenovo, at 25.6-percent. Acer came in at number three with 14.5-percent, while Dell was in the fourth slot with 11.3-percent.
That puts Samsung — at the end of the first quarter, despite its growth and relative to HP in the Chrome OS device market — way down in the fifth position. With “Others” accounting for the final 7.2-percent.
Tablets still aren’t going anywhere
Regardless of Samsung’s position, the company’s feat is still impressive. After all, its current lineup of Chromebooks is relatively small, only including the Galaxy Chromebook 2 and Chromebook 4 series. It shouldn’t be altogether surprising then that the tablet market, despite the ingress from Chromebooks, is still dominant.
In fact, it’s still approximately three times as large as the Chromebook market. And Samsung ultimately saw 60-percent year-over-year growth in that market too.

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Google Assistant Gets Better At Context, Pronunciations With Your Help

Google is now updating its AI Assistant to make it better at understanding the context of queries and the pronunciations of names. That’s based on recent reports following the update, shared alongside some useful videos highlighting the changes.
Beyond context changes, the biggest change — at least for those users who use Google Assistant to make calls — is the ability to teach the AI pronunciations. Specifically, that’s pronunciations for contacts stored in association with a Google account. So the setting can be found by navigating to the Google app — or another Google app that has account settings in the settings menu — and then to the “More” option.
From there, Users need to navigate to “Settings,” then “Google Assistant,” and then “Your People.”
Now, Google features options to select the “Default” pronunciation or to dictate and record one. And then the system will remember that pronunciation across Google Assistant iterations such as Nest smart speakers going forward.
Beyond pronunciations, what’s new with Google Assistant?
The other changes included with this update are likely to be less obvious to users. But they will nonetheless improve the overall experience.
To begin with, Google Assistant is getting “better” at differentiating what users are talking about when they make requests. Summarily, Google says that it can now “respond nearly 100 percent accurately” to some requests. For instance, those associated with timers and alarms.
That’s especially true with regard to situations where multiple alarms or timers are set. The system will now be able to more readily discern between those. Effectively giving more accurate responses and making changes more accurately if those are needed.
Language processing in general is improving too, with regard to contextual understanding and follow-up questions. And Google Assistant can now also take contextual cues from what’s shown on users’ displays. That’s for both smart displays and smartphone displays. All of which is geared toward making Google Assistant even more conversational than ever before.
This is rolling out now, if you’re in the right region
Of course, as with most Google Assistant features, these changes are rolling out in the US first. That’s starting with changes to improve contextual awareness. Changes allowing pronunciation dictation will be added over the next several days. But it could take some time for every user to see the alterations.
The update doesn’t appear to require any specific version, however. So the implication is that this is happening server-side and users shouldn’t need to do anything in particular to take advantage of it.

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Never Lose Track Of Your Favorite Music With Spotify's New Library

Spotify today has pushed out a library redesign that helps you keep track of your favorite music. Specifically any music or podcasts that you’ve downloaded.
The Your Library feature itself is not new, but it has been revamped as part of today’s update. And the new design is aimed at faster, more convenient searches of downloaded content. Spotify acknowledges that it has a lot of content to sift through.
And it knows that some users may have trouble finding things from time to time. With that in mind, the company set out to create a more effective way to find saved content. And it thinks the new Your Library will accomplish this goal.
The Spotify Your Library redesign allows for more streamlined exploration
The streamlining here is deceptively simple, but it works all the same. All Spotify had to do was lump music and podcasts you saved to your library into one spot. And in doing so it makes things much easier to explore since you don’t have to travel between different menus and screens.
Now when users want to browse through this content, all of it can be found in one place. Which should amount to less time browsing and more time listening. Though this probably depends on whether or not you like this new look of things.
Your Library also now includes improved organization. With three new sorting options to filter stuff out. With the new sorting options, you can split content up by recently played tracks, creator names, or in alphabetical order. Just in case you really love to search for things this way.
There’s also the new grid view. So you don’t have to worry about super tiny pictures when browsing songs. Now you get nice, big tile cover art for all your stuff.
Try out the new dynamic filters
Spotify added some new dynamic filters to the lists with this update. Which lets users browse by artist, album, playlist, or podcast.
When you tap one of these filters, any content which fits into that category will stay behind while everything else gets sifted out. Another big help for keeping things organized when you’re looking for something to listen to.
You can even download the filter so you get to keep this useful sorting for offline use. The update to the Spotify app should be live for everyone both on Android and iOS devices. if you’re not seeing it yet then give it some time to arrive throughout the day.
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Android 11 For The OnePlus 6 and 6T Will Land Later In The Year

OnePlus was one of the better companies when it came to delivering the latest Android updates in a timely manner, but things change. According to a post on the OnePlus forum, the 2018 flagship duo, the OnePlus 6 and 6T, will be getting the boost to Android 11. However, it will definitely be a wait.
An open beta will launch in a few months
If you’re waiting for Android 11 to launch on your OnePlus 6 or 6T, then you may as well hunker down. OnePlus said on their forum post that they will be launching an open beta for the software version at the end of August- that’s four months out. Not to mention that it’s only a beta.
OnePlus will have to gather user data, compile it and make changes to the software before it can even think about launching a stable version. This means that it will be a while after that before we will start seeing the official update roll out. We might see the update arriving out sometime in the late fall if not winter.
For context, OnePlus just recently released the Android 11 update to its OnePlus  7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro. By the time the OnePlus 6 phones receive their Android 11 updates, folks might be getting ready to update their phones to Android 12.
The OnePlus 6 phone is still a good offering today
2018 might seem like a lifetime ago, but we shouldn’t forget that OnePlus gave us two compelling phones that year. The OnePlus 6 launched back in May of 2018. It had a glass build, which used Gorilla Glass 5. The screen was a 6.26 inch, 1080p+ AMOLED display that still looks great today (if you don’t count the notch).
Powering it is the Snapdragon 845 SoC with the Adreno 630 GPU. It had between 64GB and 256 GB of storage and 6GB and 8GB of RAM. The OnePlus 6 had a 16 MP main camera with a 20 MP wide camera. It was good to record up to 4K at 60fps. Keeping the lights on was a 3300 mAh battery.
The OnePlus 6T was a slight improvement
As for the OnePlus 6T, there is a fair amount of similarities between it and its older sibling. For starters, they both have 1080p displays, however, the 6T shrunk its notch down to a tear-drop shape. That screen is slightly bigger at 6.41 inches, and it used Gorilla Glass 6. It retained the same processor and storage options as the OnePlus 6.
Some of the key differences lie in the software and battery. The OnePlus 6T launched with Android 9 Pie, whereas the OnePlus 6 launched with Android 8 Oreo natively. This is why it’s weird that it’s going to be getting the Android 11 update late along with the OnePlus 6. As for the battery, the OnePlus 6T saw an almost 11% boost in size with a 3700 mAh battery.
OnePlus pushing Android 11 for its 2018 flagships may entice people to look into those devices if they want to save a bit of cash. Keep a lookout for the beta and updates to drop later on in August.
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Google Extends Covid-19 Travel Information In Search, Now With Alerts

Google is extending on Covid-19 information added to its travel-related search results last year with a new alerts system. That’s based on a recent blog post from the search giant, detailing the new features. More specifically, in addition to a few other changes, the company now lets users see alerts about changing restrictions on a per-region basis. Building on last year’s tool that simply showed that information on a per-search basis.
As long as users are signed into their Google account, they will now see a toggle on those search results. That toggle reads “Receive an email if this guidance changes” and does just that. If restrictions are added, lifted, or reduced for a location searched in any of Google’s travel-related products, users will be notified. With updates provided on a country-specific basis and state-specific information available in the US.
Additionally, the company is adding more detail to the results. So, if users need to quarantine on arrival, for example, the search results will inform them of that. That will also include details regarding whether or not they need to provide proof of test results or immunization records.
Google has made more exciting travel-related search engine changes too
The search giant isn’t leaving its changes to coronavirus updates though. And, it isn’t sticking to just flights where those alerts are concerned.
Instead, the company has also redesigned the Explore tab, now located at Google’s dedicated Travel site. And that redesign allows users to search up different types of trips well beyond flying to a destination. Specifically, users can search for smaller cities, national parks, and more, with filtering for interests. So, if users want to go outside, to a beach, skiing, or any number of other activities, that can be sorted for.
To offset any confusion that might cause, Google says that selecting flights only in “Travel Mode” will reveal only cities with an airport. And of course, users will see travel advisories and restrictions alongside the other information its search engine returns. So that’ll appear alongside the other trip-planning tools.
For those who are more interested in a road trip, Google Maps is getting a similar update too. Namely, the tool can now help desktop users enter a start and endpoint, and then select different types of locations to stop along the way. So users will be able to select hotels, parks, campgrounds, and more, and those locations will be highlighted on the map for selection. Selecting them, conversely, adds them to the trip as a stop. Then, the directions can be sent to a phone via text, email, or the Maps app.
But wait, there’s more
Now, all of this is rolling out as of today. So users should already be seeing them. But Google has also updated the Google Maps app to accommodate. Namely, by including a swipe-up feature, during navigation, which will help users find new stops along the way. Or remove previously scheduled stops.
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Top 20 articles for Workspace One, March 2021

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Top 20 articles for Workspace One, February 2021

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Top 20 articles for Workspace One, January 2021

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Sony Has Sold Nearly 8 Million PS5 Consoles Since Launch

Back in March Sony confirmed how many PS5 consoles it had sold from its launch period in November of 2020 through the end of that year. The number was a staggering 4.5 million units. No small accomplishment by any means.
Especially considering how hard it was (and still is) to get one. Unless you were lucky or running some sort of bot program, you likely were met with bitter defeat and feelings of disappointment. Because despite your best efforts, you still didn’t own a PS5. Now that it’s almost five months into 2021, PS5 stock is still seemingly low. At least you would think.
Sure, it’s still hard to get one of Sony’s latest consoles. And even though restocks of the PS5 are happening more frequently now, you still can’t just walk into any of your local electronics retailers and buy one off the shelf. And yet, Sony has sold nearly 8 million PS5 consoles altogether since launch.
Sony has now sold 7.8 million PS5 consoles
Sony definitely sold more PS5s during its launch quarter than it did this most recent one. But from January to March, the company still sold millions of new units.
With the total being around 7.8 million since launch in 2020, Sony unloaded about 3.3 million PS5 units in its first quarter of 2021. Proving that while it’s still a challenge to buy one, Sony is still selling them. The PS5 is Sony’s fastest-selling console. But also the fastest selling console in US history. Outpacing every other console the company has put out.
Though it will still remain to be seen if the PS5 can surpass the undisputed king of Sony’s consoles in overall lifetime sales numbers, the PS2. At this rate, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the PS5 eventually became Sony’s best-selling console in overall units sold. There are still many years to go however since the PS5 just launched.
PS5 stock likely won’t stabilize until the second half of 2021
Earlier this year PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that the PS5 stock shortage is going to remain until later in 2021. Most likely the second half of the year.
While things could certainly change as the year continues, Sony isn’t expecting stock to level out until sometime later in 2021. Which means it will probably still be hard to buy one of the consoles for the next few months.
Sony is also still working on pushing out more features to the PS5. Like the expanded storage support, which it expects to be included with a console update that arrives this Summer.
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HBO MAX With Ads Will Launch In June For $10 Per Month

WarnerMedia is set to launch its ad-supported HBO MAX service in June, and today it has announced the price point it is eyeing. It’ll likely cost $9.99 per month when it does launch in June.
That’s not a huge discount, to have to put up with ads, considering HBO MAX is $14.99. So that’s about a third off of its ad-free price.
HBO has already amassed around 44.2 million subscribers. And with the addition of this cheaper ad-supported plan, we could see those numbers jump quite a bit this summer.
This would be the first time HBO has had ads
HBO has never had ads. Even from the time it first launched, decades ago. HBO Has always been ad-free, even when it was just another channel in your cable subscription. So seeing ads on HBO is going to be a bit interesting. However, WarnerMedia has said that the ads will be before and after each episode or movie you watch. And not in the middle of episodes and movies. Which means you are likely getting less ads than you might see on Peacock, YouTube or elsewhere.
And if WarnerMedia keeps it to just before and after episodes, the ad-supported experience may not be too difficult to deal with. Leading many to decide to save some cash and get the cheaper HBO MAX tier, over paying $15 per month. Since HBO MAX is one of the most expensive streaming services on the market right now.
Additionally, HBO MAX has said that it only plans to add ads to content that is exclusive to the service. So that’s original content only. Anything that is licensed from other studios won’t see any ads. Which also limits how many ads that a user would see. Especially while WarnerMedia is starting to build out its original content on the service.
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Instagram "Branded Content Marketplace" And Other Tools Will Help Influencers

Instagram could be your next stream of revenue according to Engadget. An Instagram “branded content marketplace”, creator shops, and affiliate commerce tools are in the works. The announcement came originally from Mark Zuckerberg during a live stream with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri.
This is all pretty exciting and a smart business move for the company. There are millions of users on the platform who make money from their content. By making it easier to do, Instagram can encourage these users to make more from its platform, and possibly attract creators from other social media platforms. Plus, it is safe to assume the company will get a piece of whatever creators make on the platform.
Instagram “branded content marketplace” and other tools can make things easier for creators
Let’s go over each one of these upcoming features. The “branded content marketplace” will match influencers with potential sponsors. This would effectively help new influencers who are up and coming to connect with businesses to monetize their content. Doing so would help these smaller influencers get off the ground easier.
Creator shops are an expansion of the current shop feature. Businesses have been able to sell their products on Instagram for some time. Creators could do this as well, but having a specific shop for creators is a better way of doing things. It is nice to see Instagram giving creators their own slice of the social media platform.
Lastly, Instagram is looking for a way to give creators the chance to make money from promoting products. According to Mark Zuckerberg creators “should be able to get a cut of the sales of things that they’re recommending and we should build up an affiliate recommendation marketplace to enable that to all happen.”
Zuckerberg is right. There are other affiliate programs out there that creators use to make money. However, it can be a hassle sometimes to get their followers to leave Instagram to go to another site. The good thing about this “affiliate recommendation marketplace” is that it should make it easier for creators to use since it will be built into Instagram.
Of course, all of this is still in the testing phase. However, once they do go live it could make things a hundred times easier for creators who want to monetize their content. Even better is that the tools can help smaller creators to gain some traction, keep them from getting discouraged. As you may know, being a creator is a hard thing to do. So any type of help that these tools can give will be much appreciated by creators.
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Here's All The Free Games Stadia Pro Members Get – Updated April 28, 2021

Stadia Pro members get free games every single month to make the subscription a little sweeter. This type of offering is not too unlike Sony’s PlayStation Plus monthly subscription.
Where players get at least one or two games every month for free. Stadia may still be continuing to grow its game library, but it’s ramped up releases quite a bit since the beginning of this year, and some of those have been games that were added to the Pro list as free games.
The list is actually quite large at the moment in what you get at no cost. The one caveat is that you need to keep your Pro subscription active if you want to play those games.
Should it ever lapse you lose access. You don’t however lose the games, as they’ll still be there if you ever decide to sign back up. Here’s every single game you can pick up at no cost right now if you’re a Pro member.
Here are all the games Stadia Pro Members get for free

With a fast-growing library of available titles, Stadia keeps getting better and better. And Pro members get the best of what’s on offer thanks to freebies.
Since there are so many free games to claim though, we’ve decided to list them all here so you don’t miss out on a chance to snag them. Why pass up free games after all? Especially if you’re going to keep the Pro membership active.
Resident Evil VII: Biohazard – Gold Edition
You know the drill when it comes to a Resident Evil game. It’s a survival horror title that will have you on edge the whole way through. Expect gruesome and gory graphics as you try to stay alive amongst the game’s many enemies and dangers.
As this is the Gold Edition, you get the full base game plus all of the seasonal DLC content. Which includes Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, as well as the End Of Zoe epilogue episode, and the Not A Hero epilogue chapter. This is one of the most recent Stadia Pro games to hit the list, and now is a good time to play it with Resident Evil Village on the way.
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Ys is a long-running JRPG series published by NIS America. In Ys VIII, you’ll get a good mix of turn-based combat, 3D graphics, anime-style visuals, and actual voice acting for many of the game’s scenes.
There’s even some anime cutscenes mixed in that should make things more enjoyable if you’re a fan of both anime and JRPG titles.
Pixeljunk Raiders
Pixeljunk Raiders is the latest game in the Pixeljunk franchise, and is a roguelike action game set on a far off world somewhere in the vast universe. Fight against all manner of crazy looking alien-like creatures with a wide array of different weapons.
And since this is a roguelike game, death is permanent. Which means you will need to be as careful as possible if you don’t want to lose everything. Should you die, you restart from the beginning and hopefully learn from your mistakes. Applying a different approach to see how far you get the next time.
AVICII Invector
Fans of Avicii’s music and fans of rhythm games will want to hop on AVICII Invector. As it mashes both of those things together into a wicked cool game that is hard to put down. There are 25 different tracks to play to and the game supports both solo play or multiplayer with up to four players.
If you like strange games and enjoy solving puzzles, don’t miss out on PIKUNIKU. As it’s both a puzzle game and extremely strange. Its strangeness though is part of its charm and there’s no doubt that you’ll probably have fun playing it. You can also play solo and with up to two players in a local co-op. And it’s a perfect game for kids and families too.
Little Nightmares II
Little Nightmares is the newest Pro title to join the list as it was just pushed out to Stadia Pro members recently. It’s an adventure title that has lots of spooky horror themes and is sure to be a lot of fun if you enjoy games that fit in that genre.
Journey To The Savage Planet
Journey To The Savage Planet feels a little bit like No Man’s Sky lite. It doesn’t have nearly the same scale of exploration since you can’t really traverse the galaxy. But you do get to explore the entirety of the single planet the game is based around.
You’ll need to collect resources, discover new lifeforms, defend against hostile lifeforms and craft and upgrade gear and the like. If you’ve ever wondered about the vastness of space, and what can be found within it, this game is for you.
Cthulu Save Christmas
This is a JRPG where  you play as an unlikely hero, Cthulu, who sets out to save Christmas, just as the title suggests. It features turn-based combat and retro-style pixel graphics you’d see on most games in the Super NES days.
There’s plenty of comedic value in the game’s dialogue and loads of fun gameplay if turn-based JRPG titles are your thing.
Enter The Gungeon
All-out mayhem in a retro-style top down shooter. Filled with all manner of guns and weapon types to dispose of enemies as you descend into the depths of the gungeon.
You’ll encounter challenging enemies and even more challenging bosses. While fun, Enter The Gungeon is not for the weak. It’s a bullet hell roguelike game. Which means there’s a fairly sizeable level of challenge involved. If you’re not into difficult games, there are plenty of other excellent options Pro members get for free.
Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light
Lara Croft in a way some have never seen her before. As part of a team in a co-op isometric action adventure puzzle game. It still has loads of the puzzles and treasure hunting vibes you’d expect from a Tomb Raider title.
But you can play with a friend which could make things a little more fun.
Figment is a quirky adventure game that gives off some serious adventure time vibes. It includes wooden swords, musical boss fights and puzzles to solve. As well as some very visually appealing graphics that have a hand-drawn look to them.
El Hijo – A Wild West Tale
This is a cute and lighthearted stealth game where you play as a little boy who is trying to reunite with his lost mother. The game is depicted as non-violent, so you can’t use weapons and there’s no death. Which makes this a perfect game if you’re looking for something to play that can help you relax.
Submerged: Hidden Depths
Through and through this is simply an exploration game that tasks you with setting sail and seeking out adventure. The world is yours to explore and there are tons of new things for you to find throughout the game’s many beautifully crafted environments.
This is the ultimate game to play if you want a relaxing gaming experience. Since there’s no combat and no threat of demise.
If you want more space games, with some depth, Everspace is that game. This is a sandbox adventure/simulation game where you can explore the far reaches of the galaxy and the only limits you really have are your imagination.
Scour the vast emptiness of space for resources, build and upgrade your ships, and even engage in some pretty intense space battles.
Ary And The Secret Of Seasons Trailer
This is an adventure game where you play as Ary, a little girl who, as you progress through the game, will learn to harness the power of the seasons to her advantage. Use these powers to solve puzzles and defeat enemies as you explore the world of Valdi.
Hitman – The Complete First Season
Hitman needs no introduction most of the time, but not everyone has played this wonderful series of games.
This particular version of Hitman is the first season in the first title of the remakes. You’ll (naturally) play as Agent 47 and go around accepting and completing your contract killings without getting caught.
You’re an assassin after all. And you wouldn’t be a very good one if you got caught.
Cyberpunk volleyball with guns. Need we say more? Of course not. That opening pretty much explains itself.
But there is more to the game worth mentioning. Gunsport has a diverse cast of characters you can play, and a pretty rad soundtrack that definitely has an 80s vibe to it.
Human: Fall Flat Stadia Edition
A puzzle game that is also part platformer, Human: Fall Flat turns each level into a floating dreamscape.
No two stages are alike, and you can play single player or with up to 16 other players if you want a bit more of a challenge.
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
PUBG needs little introduction for most, but if you do happen to be unfamiliar with the game, it’s a battle royale third-person shooter where you drop in on a large map and try to be the last person standing.
You have to fight against 99 other players to become the winner. Though there are modes where you can play with a squad of friends and play against other teams.
When you parachute in you land with no gear or weapons, and you’ll have to salvage for everything you need to stay alive.
Orcs Must Die! 3
Orcs Must Die! 3 is a hybrid of action and tower defense that follows on the path of the gameplay from the first two mainline games in the franchise.
Fight off hundreds of orcs in War Scenarios as they try to breach your castle walls, and use every tool at your disposal to stop them.
The game also features a new story that is set two decades after the events of Orcs Must Die! 2. So there’s new narrative to enjoy and brand-new characters to play as. You also get new weapons in the form of War Machines, as well as various other tools of destruction.
Crayta: Premium Edition
Crayta is a game where you essentially build mini games that you can play with other people. It lets you, the player, have almost complete control over the creativity inbuilding the world of your games.
You can invite others to your games for them to test them out, or you can join other games that people have created. If you’ve ever been interested in game creation, this is a fun game to test those waters.
SteamWorld Dig 1 & SteamWorld Heist
Two of the four SteamWorld games on Stadia are part of Pro right now, and this includes SteamWorld Dig 1, as well as SteamWorld Heist. While the first game is more about digging through the world and mining your way to the top filled with riches, SteamWorld Heist is more of a side-scrolling turn-based strategy game with epic battles, challenges to overcome, and a whole lot of steam-powered robots.
Reigns is one of the more unique Stadia Pro games that you just might find to be a whole heck of a lot of fun if you give it a shot. And since it’s free you have no reason not to. You play the king and must make a series of choices presented in front of you that are directly linked to how you rule your kingdom.
Decide whether you should build useful buildings for your subjects. Find love. And even root out evil schemers who plot your demise in an attempt to seize power for themselves. Will you be a good king? Or an evil king? The choice is yours.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated
You can never have enough Stadia Pro games because you never know who might be playing them. Sometimes it’s you, but sometimes it might be family or friends. Maybe it’s your kids. In those situations it never hurts to have some kid-friendly games like this one.
This is a re-release of a game that was launched on consoles years ago and comes with updated graphics, but all of the same fun gameplay. If you thought the TV show was wild, just wait to you play this game.
Figment is an action-adventure game that gives off some real Adventure Time vibes. Solve puzzles to progress through levels, battle enemies and bosses, and stand in awe of the landscapes and worlds created in the hand-painted style of the game’s visuals.
It’s definitely a little different than what some may be used to but that doesn’t make it not fun. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for something to play that allows you to kick back and enjoy an entirely single player experience.
PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle
This is both what you might expect and not what you’d expect. As it is Pac-Man probably like you remember it. But it’s also not. That’s because you play through levels just like you would any other Pac-Man game, but you can do so in a battle royale style as the game can support up to 64 players at a time.
As Stadia Pro games go, this is one that mashes together elements of new and old. Blending the retro fun of Pac-Man with the battle royale genre that was made popular by games like PUBG, which is also still a free Pro game.
A game that’s both fun and topical, Republique is a stealth action game where you play the role of an unknown entity helping another character, Hope, escape the clutches of a totalitarian government. You can sneak your way around armed guards and numerous surveillance cameras, hack into the government’s network, and experience a rather rich and engaging story.
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Google Finally Changes Forms & Clipboard On Desktop In Chrome 91

Chrome 91 is bringing significant changes to the UI and interactivity of Chrome on desktop platforms. That’s based on a recent report from XDA Developers, outlining the alterations.
The biggest changes are, of course, the changes to forms and clipboard. On the first front, on Chrome 91, Google is effectively finally implementing the same UI changes seen on Android back in March of last year, but on desktop. Developed alongside Microsoft, the new UI elements serve to make interactions easier. Especially as that applies to touch interactions. Additionally, they bring the aesthetics of the interface up-to-date, with better support for dark theming. And with a cleaner, more minimal look.
What about the clipboard changes for Google Chrome 91 desktop?
Having said that, the more useful of the new changes is likely the change to clipboard. Summarily, Google is finally allowing desktop platforms access to cross-app copy and paste. The best example of this is the ability to copy – with CTRL + C – and paste — via CTRL + V — from the file system directly into a web page. For instance, a user might copy a file and then use CTRL + V to paste the file into an email as an attachment.
That’s specifically a copy-paste directly from the file system. But this change essentially opens up the functionality to all desktop apps in the form of read-only access. Essentially allowing Chrome and apps to easily access file locations and more without the need to drag-and-drop or otherwise select files or content.
What else is new and when will these changes actually arrive?
Now, both changes are expected to land with Chrome version 91 on the desktop platforms. With the clipboard feature now appearing in the beta channel for the browser. And Chrome 91 will land on May 25, based on Google’s current scheduling. But those aren’t the only features presently expected for the update either. Google is also including several new UI to improve the browser as well as some trialing features for developers.
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New Fire Tablets For Kids Are Here With A Refreshed Design

According to Business Wire Amazon has some new Fire tablets specially made for kids. The new Fire Kids Pro and Next-Generation Fire HD 10 Kids tablets will keep your kids happy and entertained. The new tablets have their differences and one of those is the ages. The Fire Kids Pro is for kids between 6 to 12. While the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is for kids between 3 to 7 years of age.
But you may be wondering what else separates the two tablets. Starting with the Fire Kids Pro it is affordable and comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ That subscription will give kids access to content like premium entertainment and educational content.
Kids will even be able to play games like Teen Titans Go an Asphalt 8 or read books like Keeper of the Lost Cities and Chronicles of Narnia. Content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO, and more will help your little one learn as well.
The new tablet will also get access to a digital store that will allow kids to request apps like Disney+, Spotify, Minecraft, Zoom, and more. Once the kids request these apps the parent will be able to approve them and allow them to be downloaded. This is a good way to make sure the kids do not download something they do not need.
The Amazon Kids web browser keeps the idea of keeping kids safe by giving them “open but filtered access to the web.” This access is for school projects and online curriculum. Parents will have tools that will let them control what sites their kids can and can not visit.
Kids will be able to stay in contact via voice and video with any contacts that their parents have approved. By using Wi-Fi the Fire Kids Pro tablet can contact a safe list of contacts.
Kids can even let their parents know when they are finished with their homework by using the tablet to make an announcement via Alexa-enabled devices. For the kids who love music, there will be access to iHeartRadio Family for kid-friendly music.
New Kindle Fire tablets for kids comes in Pro and regular models
The parental controls that come included will let parents keep their kids’ digital consumption under control. From monitoring screen time, setting daily goals, setting age filters, time limits and more grownups will be able to keep the little ones safe.
The tablet also has a “grown-up look and feel”, but comes in a fun case with fun color options. When it comes to the updated next-generation Fire HD 10 Kids tablet has 12-hour battery life. It also has a USB-C port for charging. Thank goodness it doesn’t have a Micro-USB like some electronics do.
It also has a 10.1-inch HD display, fast performance, and a kid-proof case. That case comes in Sky Blue, Aquamarine, or Lavender. The case also has a built-in kickstand that does double duty as a handle. It also has Amazon Kids+ and a two-year warranty included.
The Fire HD 10 Kids is a version for the younger kids. Once they grow up and become a bit more mature parents can upgrade them to the Fire Kids Pro. The Fire Kids Pro has a 7-inch model that will cost $99.99. There is an 8-inch version that will run $1339.99, and a 10-inch version for $199.99.
If you already own any Fire Kids tablets you can upgrade them to the pro version. By doing so you get a 20 percent discount which isn’t a bad deal. Lastly, the new generation Fire HD 10 kids will run you $199.99. But you can get a 30% discount if you buy two at the same time.
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Save $20 On The Cute Echo Dot Kids Edition!

Amazon is still discounting the Echo Dot Kids Edition right now. Allowing you to save $20 on this one. That brings the price down to just $39.99. The same price as the Echo Dot with Clock, which is also on sale right now. Which is still it’s all-time lowest price.
The Echo Dot Kids Edition is basically the same as the regular Echo Dot, but it’s made for kids. So with this fourth-generation Echo Dot, Amazon decided to paint the Echo Dot Kids Edition in two colors – one that looks like a panda and the other looks like a tiger. Making them a bit more kid-friendly. The other major difference is parental controls. You can control what your kids are able to do with Alexa, on their Echo Dot.
Kids can still use their Echo Dot to learn, by asking Alexa questions, setting alarms and even getting help with their homework.
The Echo Dot Kids Edition also comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited). This gives kids access to thousands of hours of kid-friendly Audible books, interactive games and educational skills. After the year is up, it’ll automatically renew at $2.99/month. Kids+ does also give parents a Dashboard that they can use to control what their kids are doing with Alexa. This includes filtering out explicit songs from streaming music services, setting time limits and much more.
Adding the Echo Dot Kids Edition to your kids room might seem like overkill. But it is a really cool device for kids to have. Especially since kids are naturally inquisitive and they can ask Alexa all of those questions instead of asking you, and annoying you.
You can pick up the Echo Dot Kids Edition from Amazon today by clicking here. But you’d better hurry, as this deal is not going to last very long.
Echo Dot Kids Edition – Amazon
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How To Use Alexa To Play Podcasts On Amazon Echo

You likely already know that the Echo (and for that matter, Alexa) can play music pretty easily. But what about other forms of audio. Like say a podcast? Well Alexa can also play podcasts on your Echo device, as well as other Alexa-compatible devices quite easily. So you can catch up with your favorite podcasts pretty easily.
Today, we’ll show you how easy it is to play podcasts on your Alexa device, like an Echo, with a number of different services. Including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn, Pocket Casts and more.

Play Podcasts on Alexa via Amazon Music
This is probably the easiest way to listen to podcasts on your Alexa device. Since it will default to Amazon Music anyways. Just ask Alexa to play a podcast, and if you don’t specify the service, it will play through Amazon Music.
If you want to play podcasts on a non-Echo device, like a Sonos speaker, you will want to go into the Alexa app and change your default music service to Amazon Music or something else.
Play Podcasts on Alexa via Apple Music
Apple Music, as well as Spotify, will need to have its skill enabled to play podcasts via Alexa. This is not the same skill as the Apple Music skill.
Firstly, open up the Amazon Alexa app.
Head to “Skills & Games” which is located in the “More” menu.
Now search for “Apple Podcasts” skill.
Then tap “Enable to Use”.
This will now link your Apple ID to your Alexa account. So it is able to play podcasts through your Apple Music account.
Now you are all set. But you will want to set this as your default podcast service. So head to settings and scroll down to “Music & Podcasts”.
At the bottom, there is a section for Account Settings. Tap on the Default Services section.
Now you will be able to choose the Apple Podcasts as your default player.
Play Podcasts on Alexa via Spotify
If you already use Spotify to listen to music on your Alexa speakers, then you’re all set. As you’ll be using the same Spotify skill to listen to podcasts on your Echo device here.
Additionally, since Spotify Connect exists, you can use the Spotify app on any other device, and choose your Echo device to play the podcast on. And you’re all set.
Play Podcasts on Alexa via TuneIn
TuneIn isn’t really the most popular app for podcasts, or really anything audio period. But it is available on Alexa. And depending on how old your Echo device is, it might be the default podcast service.
Just head into the Amazon Alexa app, and then head to the Entertainment section. It will then be listed among the top music services of the screen. Once you are in the podcast section, you can then search for what you want to subscribe to. It’s one of the few apps that works within the Alexa app. So you don’t necessarily need to download the TuneIn app.
Pocket Casts November 2018 overhaul 10
Play Podcasts on Pocket Casts
You can download the Pocket Casts skill from the Alexa Skill store and listen to podcasts via Pocket Casts on your Echo device. Which is one of the most popular podcast catcher apps on the market, for many years now. The skill launched in 2019, so it’s still fairly new. It’s not quite as stable and slick as Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music is. But those are also bigger companies that can spend more on developing their Alexa skill.
There are some cool voice commands that you can use with Amazon Alexa and Pocket Casts to play your podcasts too:
Play a podcast: “Alexa, ask Pocket Casts to play [name of podcast].”
Subscribe to a podcast: “Alexa, ask Pocket Casts to subscribe to [name of podcast].”
Get a recommendation: “Alexa, ask Pocket Casts to give me a recommendation.
These will also work with other skills, just swap out “Pocket Casts” for another app or skill.
How to Add Podcasts to Alexa Routines
If you listen to podcasts everyday, maybe while you’re working from home, you can use Alexa Routines to automatically play a podcast without giving multiple commands.
So you could use a command for going to work. Which could adjust the lights in your home office, turn on your favorite podcast, and even do more.
It is a bit strange to add a podcast to a Routine though, right now. As you need to use the TuneIn skill, at least for now.
So you’ll need to go to the app, choose Routines.
Then tap on Start a new Routine, and choose the command you’ll give Alexa.
Now go to Music and type the name of the podcast you want to play, and then choose TuneIn as the provider.
Then you can save the Routine.
Now when you give Alexa that routine, it will automatically play that podcast. It’s a good idea to use a podcast that releases a new episode daily, or several times a week. So that there is always a new episode available.
And that’s about it for setting up routines with podcasts on Alexa.
Wrap Up
That’s just how easy it is to play podcasts on an Alexa speaker like an Echo. While it’s not quite the same for every podcast app or service, it is possible with all of these. We still believe that Spotify is the easiest way to listen to podcasts on your Echo device. And the reason for this is because of Spotify Connect. You don’t even need to use Alexa to play Spotify podcasts on your Echo. Just click or tap on your speaker or smart display in the Spotify Connect Menu and you’re all set.
Amazon Music is the other great way to listen to podcasts, since it is fully supported by Alexa. Which isn’t a huge surprise seeing as it is owned by Amazon, so it’s much easier to get it working with Alexa.
But with the popularity of podcasts these days, we’ll likely see even more skills coming to Alexa.
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A New Spotify Podcast Subscription Service Launches

Spotify has just announced a new means of revenue for podcasters on the platform. News comes from the company site that there is a new Spotify podcast subscription program that has just launched. This is a move to help independent creators on their platform.
Users will have the ability to subscribe to their favorite podcasters.
Listeners who love a podcast and want to help support the creator will have the ability to subscribe to their podcast. When you go to the podcaster’s page, you will see a padlock icon in place of the play button. This will give you the option to unlock the content behind the paywall. Creators who choose which content that they want to be for subscribers’ ears only.
Those who want to put their podcast behind the paywall will have to wait for a bit, however. This is a gradual rollout. At the moment, there are only 12 podcasts supporting paid subscriptions. NPR will also broadcast ad-free versions of their shows on the platform.
There’s an understandably lengthy waitlist of hopeful podcasts that want to start monetizing their content. Spotify says that they will add more podcasts in the coming months. Like with its partnership with Facebook, Spotify refers to this as a move to aid independent creators.
The Spotify podcast subscription will be free for creators for the first two years
Spotify will take their cut of the revenue that creators generate- but, what else is new? However, Spotify may have the best deal out there for creators. From now until 2023, Spotify will not charge creators a dime to monetize their content. They will be able to keep 100% of their income. Starting in 2023, the company will place a 5% transaction fee for the podcasters. This is still really low compared to other platforms. Apple charges between 15% and 30% per transaction.
What’s uncertain is if this fee may rise any time in the future. What’s also uncertain is when in 2023 these fees will start being taken. We’re almost half way through 2021, so we’d hopefully see the fees coming half way through 2023.
You will not be able to subscribe from within the app
Funny enough, you will not be able to subscribe to podcasts from within the app. This means that you would have to go to the browser version of Spotify or Anchor to subscribe. You can still listen to your subscriber-only content on the app.
According to The Verge, you’ll have your pick from three subscription tiers. There’s a $2.99/month, $4.99/month, and a $7.99/month tier. Spotify hasn’t said what you’ll get via each tier. It may be similar to Patreon where creators can pick what content will be available at each tier.
Spotify has been making some ambitious moves recently. Ventures like its Car Thing and Project Boombox make us look forward to what the company will have in store for us next.
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New KB articles published for the week ending 25th April, 2021

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Now You Have One More Reason To Never Close Facebook

Facebook is pushing out a new tool for users today, with the arrival of a news feed-based Spotify miniplayer. For users who subscribe to Spotify and already spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook, spending even more time scrolling through your news feed is even easier to do thanks to the miniplayer.
The feature is the culmination of a deal between the two companies. A years-long partnership already offered things like the ability to easily share your favorite tracks or playlists. Which your friends and followers could interact with to play them. Without this integration though you would have to keep the Spotify app open. Now, you don’t have to.
Meaning if you prefer to keep Facebook open at all times, you can have one less tab running if you also like to listen to music throughout the day.
The Spotify miniplayer on Facebook supports music and podcasts
Whether you fancy music from your favorite artists or you like listening to podcasts, the new miniplayer lets you access both. You do have to be a Spotify Premium users to access the feature though.
As it’s not available to Spotify basic users.  The feature provides full playback just like you’d get in the Spotify app or on the Spotify web player. However playback can only be accessed by tapping the play button on a track or podcast episode that someone in your news feed has shared.
If you simply want to start playback without seeing a shared post, you’ll have to do so one of two ways. Share your own post, or just start playback from Spotify.
The feature is only available through the Facebook app on mobile
Right now the miniplayer isn’t available on the Facebook website. And Spotify doesn’t mention whether or not it will be at any point. This seems to be specifically targeted at mobile users.
And it kind of makes sense given how much time people spend on Facebook through the mobile app. It’s also available for both Android and iOS users. Spotify says it’s pushing the integration out to various regions, including the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and many others. It is not however available everywhere yet.
If it is available for you, music will continue playing as you scroll. With controls accessible at the bottom of the UI just above the navigation bar. So it’s always in view and you can pause the music or play it without ever leaving the app.
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The Bose Sport Earbuds Can Be Yours For $159

Amazon has the Bose Sports Earbuds on sale today, bringing them down to just $159. That’s saving you $20 off of the regular price.
The Bose Sports Earbuds are brand new, having just launched in the last couple of months. So to see these discounted already is rather impressive. Especially when you consider the fact that Bose products rarely ever get discounted.
Bose Sport Earbuds are true wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed to energize your exercise with acclaimed lifelike sound and a comfortably secure fit. Get ready to beat your personal best, again and again.
The proprietary acoustic port design and premium, high-efficiency drivers inside Bose Sport Earbuds deliver big sound from a small acoustic package — pushing you to go one more mile or one more rep.
Bose Sport Earbuds feature a capacitive touch interface, which lets you tap an earbud to play or pause music, accept or reject phone calls and more. When fully charged, the charging case (included) can provide two full charges for up to 10 more hours—or a 15-minute quick charge for up to two hours. Within 30 ft. (9 m) of your device, you’ll hear whatever your device is playing, while a Bose custom-designed antenna hidden on the outside of each earbud helps you stay connected.
The free Bose Music app lets you name your earbuds, set the controls the way you like them, check your battery life and get software updates as soon as they’re available.
The StayHear Max tips have a unique umbrella shape and an extended flexible wing that keep your Bose Sport Earbuds securely in place, no matter how much you move. Designed to resist moisture from sweat and weather, Bose Sport Earbuds go through rigorous quality testing for durability so they’ll stay in top shape, just like you.
You can pick up the Bose Sports Earbuds from Amazon today by clicking here. 
Bose Sports Earbuds – Amazon
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The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 Will Increase Your Productivity

Samsung wants to make you more productive in this mobile world. Today April 26 the company announced the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500. Thanks to the pandemic it has become more common to work and study from home. Remote work is the new norm in 2021, and Samsung wants to make that easier for you.
Whether you are moving from room to room, or decide to work from a park you may not want to carry around a laptop. As an alternative, the new Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and its lightweight design can make the task easier. Keeping you productive on the go is achieved in multiple ways.
First, the new keyboard can connect to multiple devices. So you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet to turn wherever you are into a mobile office. The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can be paired with up to three different devices at the same time. Then with one button, you can switch between the connected devices.
The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 offers a lot of productivity features
This will allow you to jump back and forth between your connected devices so you do not have to slow down on your work. Using multiple screens allows you to have multiple tasks going at the same time, and this keyboard can keep up with your multitasking.
The second way this keyboard improves productivity is by allowing the user to launch their favorite apps with a single tap. The keyboard comes with three designated keys built-in that users can customize to launch their most-used apps.
Users will be able to quickly launch their calendar to see when their next upcoming meeting is. Then they can easily launch Zoom or any other conferencing app to take that meeting. And then they can even launch YouTube with the third key once the meeting is over. Because video conferencing can be stressful, so relaxation will be needed.
Lastly, while connected to your Galaxy smartphone or tablet you have a dedicated key to launch DeX mode. This will turn your Galaxy’s software from a typical mobile layout into a near-desktop experience. This will undoubtedly help to keep you productive.
Thanks to its sleek lightweight design, ability to connect to multiple devices, shortcut keys, and dedicated DeX key the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will help you fly through your work. The keys are designed to be similar in size to a normal keyboard so you do not have to worry about lack of typing space.
The keyboard will be available in early May in black or white.

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Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

This time around, we’re comparing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. These two phones are the most powerful offerings from Samsung and Xiaomi at the moment. Both of them have the “Ultra” branding for a reason. If you’re not in the market for a truly large phone, that is also quite bulky at the same time, and has a premium price tag, well, neither of these two phones is for you.
If, on the other hand, you are in the market for such a device, well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll compare these two phones across a number of categories. First, we’ll list their specifications, and then move to the design, display, performance, battery, camera, and audio sections. That being said, let’s kick off the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra comparison, shall we.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Screen size
6.8-inch WQHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display (120Hz adaptive refresh rate)
Primary: 6.81-inch WQHD+ AMOLED LTPO curved display (120Hz adaptive refresh rate)
Secondary: 1.1-inch AMOLED
Screen resolution
3200 x 1440
3200 x 1440
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 / Samsung Exynos 2100
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
12GB/16GB (LPDDR5)
128GB/256GB, non-expandable (expandable in some countries)
256GB/512GB (UFS 3.1), non-expandable
Rear cameras
108MP (f/1.8 aperture, OIS, 0.8um pixel size. Produces 12MP images with 2.4um pixel size)
12MP (ultrawide, Dual Pixel AF, 120-degree FoV, f/2.2 aperture, 1.4um pixel size)
10MP (telephoto, Dual Pixel AF, OIS, f/2.4 aperture, 1.22um pixel size, optical zoom 3x)
10MP (telephoto, Dual Pixel AF, OIS, f/4.9 aperture, 1.22um pixel size, 10x optical zoom, 100x Space Zoom)
50MP (f/2.0 aperture, 24mm lens, 1.4um pixel size, Dual Pixel PDAF, Laser AF, OIS)
48MP (f/4.1 aperture, 120mm periscope telephoto lens, 0.8um pixel size, PDAF, OIS, 5x optical zoom)
48MP (f/2.2 aperture, 12mm lens, 128-degree FoV, ultrawide, 0.8um pixel size, PDAF)
Front cameras
40MP (f/2.2 aperture, 80-degree FoV, 0.7um pixel size, PDAF)
20MP (f/2.2 aperture, 27mm lens, 0.8um pixel size)
5,000mAh, non-removable, fast battery charging (USB PD 3.0), Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, Wireless PowerShare
5,000mAh, non-removable, 67W wired charging, 67W wireless charging, reverse wireless charging
165 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm
164.3 x 74.6 x 8.4mm
229 grams
234 grams
5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C
5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C
In-display fingerprint scanner (ultrasonic)
In-display fingerprint scanner (optical)
Android 11
One UI 3.0
Android 11
MIUI 12.5
Not yet available
Xiaomi (not available yet)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Design
Both of these phones are quite large, and quite bulky. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is slightly taller, wider, and thicker than the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. The difference is almost negligible. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is 7 grams heavier than Samsung’s offering, as it weighs 234 grams compared to 227 grams of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The main reason for it are the build materials, quite probably. The Mi 11 Ultra comes with a ceramic backplate, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra includes a glass back.

They both have extremely thin bezels, and curved displays. The same goes for display camera holes, though they’re located in different spots. The one on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is centered, while the one on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra sits in the top-left corner. Both phones have huge camera islands on the back, with plenty of cameras to go around (more on that later). The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s camera island is later, as it not only includes cameras, but a secondary display as well.
Physical keys, on both phones, are located on the right-hand side. Both phones feel good in the hand, but only if you like large, bulky phones. They do feel premium, but are quite slippery at the same time. We highly recommend you to get a case for each of the devices, especially if you don’t baby your phones, and use them with one hand often. Using these two with one hand, without a case, well, it’s not a good idea. Their smooth finish and weight definitely make them two-handed devices.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Display
The displays are… stunning. This is where both of these phones shine, to be quite honest. They not only feature large, sharp displays, but those panels are also modern, and pack in a lot of tech as well. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 6.8-inch QHD+ (3200 x 1440) Dynamic AMOLED 2X LTPO display with a 120Hz refresh rate. That display offers an adaptive refresh rate, and it’s curved. It supports HDR10+ content, can get quite bright at 1,500 nits peak brightness, and it’s protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus.
The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra counters that with a 6.81-inch QHD+ (3200 x1440) AMOLED display. That panel is also of the LTPO variety, and it offers a 120Hz refresh rate. Its refresh rate is adaptive, and the display supports HDR10+ content. It can get extremely bright at 1,700 nits peak brightness, and it’s protected by the same Gorilla Glass Victus protection from Corning. This display can also project 1 billion colors.
Both of these panels are excellent in pretty much every way, and both of them come from Samsung. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra have some of the best displays in the market at the moment, if not the best ones. The viewing angles are excellent, the colors are sharp and punchy, the displays are more than sharp enough in general, and the blacks are deep. On top of all that, the displays can get extremely bright when needed, and can be used perfectly fine in direct sunlight. They’re extremely fluid, responsive, and a joy to use.
Now, it’s also worth talking about that cover display on the Mi 11 Ultra. That panel is extremely small at 1.1 inches, and it’s placed on the back of the device. It is supposed to be used as a viewfinder for the camera, and it does a good job for that. It’s mainly supposed to show you what’s in the frame, so that you can use those rear-facing cameras for selfies and whatnot. Therefore, the Mi 11 Ultra ends up being a truly competent selfie shooter.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Performance
Performance is excellent, as you’d expect. These are, after all, top-of-the-line smartphones. They’re premium offerings with premium price tags, so excellent performance is kind of a requirement. Both of them deliver in that regard, and that’s not surprising considering their internals. Neither Samsung nor Xiaomi spared any expense on including the very best silicone here, and belonging components.
Both phones are fueled by the Snapdragon 888 SoC, along with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 flash storage. Those internals are combined with Android 11 on the software side, and Samsung’s and Xiaomi’s Android skins. One UI and MIUI have come a long way over the years, and are extremely competent Android skins, to say the least. They’re extremely fluid, full of customization, and well-optimized.
When it comes to regular tasks, such as opening and closing apps, browsing, consuming multimedia, and so on, both devices perform about the same. The only difference is in animations, but both load apps instantly, and do everything else regarding regular performance really fast. They can also run top games from the Play Store without issue, the most demanding ones. Scrolling is extremely smooth thanks to their high refresh rate displays, and so on. These two phones are basically on par when it comes to performance.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Battery
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra pack the same battery capacity. Both devices ship with a 5,000mAh battery. They do offer different results, though, despite the fact they have similar displays, in both size, tech, and resolution. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, in our testing, offers excellent battery life. Getting to 7 hours of screen-on-time with this phone is not out of reach, not at all.
The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, on the other hand, is closer to 6-6 and a half hours of screen-on-time with regular usage. Do note that gaming wasn’t included in these numbers, and your usage may vastly differ from what we’ve seen. Therefore, you may get considerably different results. The point is, both phones offer really, really good battery life which will be more than enough for the vast majority of users.
If you, however, end up running out of juice, you have access to fast charging on both phones. The thing is, the Mi 11 Ultra offers more in that regard. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra offers 67W fast wired and wireless charging (with the right wireless charging pad), and 10W reverse wireless charging. The Galaxy S21 Ultra offers 25W wired charging, and 15W wireless charging, in addition to reverse wireless charging. The Mi 11 Ultra can be charged up much faster with both wired and wireless charging, and yet, the device does ship with a charger (wired), unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Cameras
These two phones have considerably different camera setups. Both phones do offer periscope units, though, and also a main wide-angle one, in addition to an ultra-wide one. The Galaxy S21 Ultra does also have a separate telephoto camera, while the Mi 11 Ultra uses its periscope camera for that purpose. The Galaxy S21 Ultra includes four cameras on the back, while the Mi 11 Ultra has one. Each phone has a single selfie camera.

The performance from both devices is excellent in good lighting. They can both provide vivid images, that are plenty sharp, with good white balance, and dynamic range. 108 and 50-megapixel main cameras do an excellent job in that regard, and the same goes for ultra-wide cameras as well. Even periscope shots are great on both phones, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra allows for better images when you zoom in further, the quality decrease is a bit less visible. It offers 10x optical zoom, while the Mi 11 Ultra supports 5x optical zoom.
When the light goes away, neither phone disappoints. They do allow for plenty of light to enter the scene, and do a good job when it comes to balancing such images. They have really capable night modes, in case you need more light. Truth be said, both do preserve quite a bit of detail in low light, and handle light flares really well. The Galaxy S21 Ultra may have a slight advantage when it comes to details and sharpness in such conditions, but… the Mi 11 Ultra is right up there.
Both of these phones can provide you with excellent audio. They come with stereo speakers that are quite good. Samsung’s are tuned by AKG, while the Mi 11 Ultra ships with Harman Kardon speakers. The sound coming from both sets of speakers is more than loud enough, while it also offers plenty of sharpness. The bass is not great on either set of speakers (though it’s a bit better on the Mi 11 Ultra), but that’s not something you’ll notice all that much, and you have to keep in mind these are only smartphones.
If you decide to plug in a pair of headphones, you’ll get really good output, as long as they’re good headphones. Do note that a 3.5mm headphone jack is not included, though, but you can connect them via a Type-C port or via Bluetooth. Speaking of which, both phones support Bluetooth 5.2, so you’re good in that regard.
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New Resolution Controls For YouTube Gives More Control Over Quality

According to 9to5Google, new resolution controls for YouTube are coming to mobile. This is great news for anybody who wants more control than what is currently offered by the YouTube app. Now, users will be able to control the video resolution more than they could before.
Thanks to a new server-side update to the YouTube mobile app, users can now choose more than the predetermined incremental options. Before the new update, the auto option was the only other option besides the incremental resolutions.
However, users can now use the new controls to prioritize “higher picture quality.” This is pretty straightforward in what it does. You allow the app to use more data to get better quality. If you have unlimited data or are usually around Wi-fi this could be good for you.
There is also a new “data saver” option. This also is pretty straightforward in what it does. It lowers the quality when streaming videos, but will save data. This is great for anybody not on an unlimited data plan.
New resolution controls for YouTube give you more control over your video quality
While you are playing the quality will still adapt to your network or data connections. However, even if you choose “higher picture quality” it seems as if the cap is 720p for that. If you choose “data saver” your quality will cap at 480p. But, the quality can go as low as 144p. That is extremely low, but at least you will save data.
Users will also be able to choose which option they want YouTube to default to when playing on mobile and Wi-fi networks. This option is in the YouTube app Settings section. Users will be able to still choose what resolution they want from the “Advanced” tab. So you will be able to still choose from 144p to 4K UHD while watching a video.
The new settings and options are rolling out and should be available for everybody in the mobile app. This includes both Android users and iOS users. Of course, you will need to make sure that you have the latest update of the app on your phone.
If you’re not sure if you do head into your phone’s respective app store to check to see if there is an update. In addition to these new settings, creators can now change their channel name without editing their Google account. That is pretty nifty.
YouTube recently was labeled the world’s most used social media platform. There is no real surprise there considering users can get lost watching videos for hours.

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Changing Your YouTube Channel Name Is Now Much Easier

Folks who own a YouTube channel are familiar with the struggle of changing their channel name. It seems that YouTube has finally acknowledged this. According to The Verge, it’s now easier for people to edit their channel names.
To change your name, use the YouTube Creator Studio
In order to change your name, all you have to do is use the Creator Studio feature. Go under Customization and look for the Basic Info tab. From there, it’s self-explanitory. If you want to change your channel thumbnail, go to the Branding tab.
There is a drawback to this method, however. If you have a verification badge for your account, it will be removed once you change your name. When this happens, you will need to reapply for the badge. We’re not sure about how long it will take for you to receive your badge again.
Changing your YouTube channel name used to be a pain
Before, changing your Youtube channel name was a bit of an annoyance. You would have to go through the Google accounts site and edit your name there. You’d get warned about changing your name too much. After that, it would usually take a bit before the change was finalized. It was the same for editing your thumbnail.
This was a bit of a pain point, not only because you had to go to an external site or app, but because your YouTube name was tied to the name on your Google account. This means that if you changed your YouTube Channel name, you’d be changing the name that would appear on your emails.
Other YouTube involves YouTube TV expansion
Firstly, T-Mobile has shut down its T-Vision service that provided television stations. The company struck a deal with YouTube. Now, instead of providing its own television service, T-Mobile will be using YouTube TV for its higher tiers. T-Vision didn’t last long, and it wasn’t getting the results that the company wanted. T-Vision will be officially dead on April 29th.
Google has shut down its Google Play TV & Movies apps on Roku and on Samsung, LG, and Visio smart TVs. Folks who own those devices will be able to access their content on YouTube TV. The app will shut down for these devices on June 15th. Read more about it here.
Being able to change your YouTube channel name from the creator studio may be a small convenience, but YouTube stated that this was a “top request from creators.”
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Snapchat Daily Users Growth Has Leaned Android, Not iOS

Snapchat has continued to see respectable growth over the past several months but that’s been primarily Android users. Users on that platform now outnumber those coming to Snapchat via iOS, recent reports divulge.
The figures are based on Snapchat’s most recent earnings call, for the first quarter of 2021. The company didn’t include exact details pertaining to exactly how its numbers are split. But Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has referred to the shift as a “critical milestone for the company. Particularly with consideration for previous issues it has had with its Android app.
Moreover, the company chalks up its overall growth to key in-app behaviors from Story posting to Snap Map. With a “rise in the rate of new friendships and bi-directional communication” on the platform in March. Snapchat attributes that to people beginning to socialize in “broader” groups.
Snapchat doesn’t say how many Android users it has, so how does it break down its figures?
In terms of the overall growth figures, Snapchat says it added 15-million new users in Q1 2021 — including Android and iOS users. That brings the total “average daily users” count up to 280-million. Revenue growth is also up, no less than 66-percent from a year ago. Totaling out to around $770 million for the quarter.
The growth is also undoubtedly attributable to new features such as Spotlight. As well as other improvements made over the past several months. Snapchat says that the former feature is now available in 12 countries and that it grew to 125-million monthly users in March. That’s a 40-percent growth since January. And the company reported an average of 175,000 submissions a day in February.
This also comes back to Covid
The Snapchat exec also pointed to efforts to “re-open” as a source for growth. Mr. Spiegel indicates that has improved engagement. Particularly as that pertains to larger groups of friends. So the figures for the company’s top-rated social media app will only likely continue to grow over 2021  alongside increased vaccinations and more widespread engagement.
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Google Photos Sharpen & Denoise Editing Tools Now Rolling Out

9to5Google is reporting that Google Photos Sharpen & Denoise editing tools are now rolling out to the Android app. When Google released the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G the company also gave fans a redesigned Photos editor. Now the video experience recently got updated too. Google isn’t done as it is now giving Google Photos some new editing tools.
When users tap “Edit” on a picture they can navigate to Adjust. Then when users scroll to the very end of the carousel they will see the two new editing tools. Users can find these in between the Pop and Vignette tools.
You can tell these apart as they are marked with a yellow dot. This is similar to when the HDR effect launched for Pixel and Google One subscribers. The new tools range from 0 to 100 in their incremental improvements range.
Google Photos Sharpen & Denoise can make your photos look better
The new tools fall in line with other image editing apps. Users can use Sharpen to create a less blurry image. When using Denoise users can remove any background grain in their photos. Just know that if you turn the tools to the max, the effect appears apparent and not accurate.
Sharpen and Denoise tools coming to Google Photos are still rolling out to everyone. The new tools will appear in the Android app and not the iOS app or web. The update is being pushed out via a server-side update.
One thing that is not known is if these new tools will be locked behind a Google One subscription. For those who do not know, Google began making its Google One subscription a bit more important lately. Some features are locked behind subscriptions.
On the other end, with the Google Photos unlimited storage option leaving a Google One subscription is imperative for those with a lot of photos and video. A Google One subscription does offer extra features though. So in the end paying for a subscription gives you more than just storage. But, if you are not interested in paying Google Amazon and other services are available.
Google Photos getting some new tools is making the app an all-in-one tool. After getting some video editing improvements, the app looks like it can meet the needs of many users. Whether the users need to edit photos or videos, they have an app that does it all for them. At least when it comes to some basic editing.
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Spotify Has A Podcast Subscription Feature Coming For Creators

According to Android Police, Spotify’s Apple Podcasts rival will actually be better for creators. This week Apple introduced its Podcasts Subscription model. As usual, since it is an Apple first-party service it is exclusive to the company’s platforms. The new Podcasts Subscriptions will allow creators to charge listeners a monthly fee for access to some or all of their content.
However, Spotify has a rival in the works and according to The Wall Street Journal, it may be better than Apple’s implementation. You see, Spotify will not take a cut from what the content creators make. That is a pretty radical way of doing business, but that could help Spotify.
Spotify is eyeing to offer its own take on podcast subscriptions next week. Apple as many may know, takes a fee of 15-30% from creators who use the App store to conduct digital transactions. This includes in-app purchases, subscriptions, etc. The company also takes a yearly fee.
Spotify’s Apple Podcasts rival will not charge creators any fees
However, Spotify is saying it will not charge creators anything if they want to implement subscriptions. Of course, nobody knows if it will stay this way. But, starting out of the gate like this will surely attract many creators.
Spotify already has a large audience and a lot of them subscribe to the Premium plan already. The premium plan offers exclusive podcast content plus music. As a result, it would not be out of the ordinary for the new service to attract more creators compared to Apple.
The podcast market is heating up and becoming more diverse. Podcasts by nature were free for the longest time, but thanks mostly to Spotify making exclusive deals that have changed. Now that podcasts are becoming more important, the fact that they are becoming paid for could fracture the market.
With exclusives, users may find themselves having to subscribe to multiple services just to hear their favorite content. Spotify has had its hand in a lot of things lately. The company has a Clubhouse competitor on the way, they revamped the web layout recently, and more.
Spotify has been around for a while, and because of that, it has a large audience. By the company announcing that it will not charge creators a fee, Apple’s Podcasts subscriptions could be in trouble. App makers are already angry that they have to pay Apple and Google fees for their in-app purchases and whatnot. It is safe to reason that podcasters will not want to do the same.
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Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds Were A Drop In The Bucket For CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 sales have, despite the (very reasonable) refunds, soared into the stratosphere. Since the game’s launch, CD Projekt Red has sold a very large number of copies.
The company recently pushed out a press release that acted as a sort of reflection on last year’s progress. In it, CD Projekt Red confirms that Cyberpunk 2077 sales reached 13.7 million copies sold by the end of 2020. That isn’t counting any copies of the game that were sold after the first of this year.
Altogether, total sales for 2020 amounted to around $563 million in revenue for the studio. Mostly driven by Cyberpunk 2077. Suffice it to say that even though the game had a rough launch, it was still extremely successful. CD Projekt Red says it’s the studio’s biggest game in history.
Beating out even The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. That said, The Witcher 3 had a good year in 2020 as well. Despite being released more than a few years ago, around 30 million copies were sold last year. Second only to the game’s release year.
Game setbacks and refunds were a drop in the bucket of Cyberpunk 2077 sales
Fans had the right to be upset over the game’s launch. All of the bugs, even after the many delays, were not warmly received. Pushing Sony to remove the game’s digital version from the PlayStation Store. To which it has yet to return, leaving PS4 and PS5 owners with only the physical copies to purchase.
But, the refunds don’t appear to have had a big impact on the game’s overall sales numbers. However, it did have an impact on how CD Projekt Red will run its studio for game development going forward. So perhaps good came out of the tumultuous launch in the end.
According to the company’s full financial report, refunds and additional losses related to the game will total around $51 million. Out of the game’s 13.7 million copies sold, only around 215,000 were refunded.
All roads lead to Night City
CD Projekt Red surely made plenty of missteps with the development and release of its most recent game. But that hasn’t stopped it from being a huge success. Of course sales don’t necessarily translate to overall enjoyment. But it stands to reason that of all the millions of copies which weren’t refunded, those buyers probably enjoyed the game at least a little bit. Enough to keep them from refunding.
On the path ahead, all roads lead to Night City as CD Projekt Red plans to continue with future updates for the game. It has yet to get any of the planned DLC, which is slated for a release in the back half of 2021. So it might not be too long before players are jumping back into its vast and chaotic world.
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Apple And Google Face App Makers Who Say They Are Afraid Of Them

According to CNBC app makers told congress they are afraid of Google and Apple. These app makers are the ones who rely on mobile distribution from both companies. These same app makers are now saying they are scared of how much power giants like Google and Apple have.
The testimony was given on Wednesday April 21. Match Group Chief Legal Officer Jared Sine says that “We’re all afraid.” He said this to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and the chair of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust.
This hearing saw representatives from Apple and Google coming face to face with some of their outspoken critics. These critics include Match Group, owners of Tinder, Tile which is the maker of devices that help you find lost items, and Spotify.
App makers are unsettled by the amount of power Apple and Google have. These apps rely on the App Store and the Google Play Store to get their apps to users around the world. The app makers are worried that Apple and Google can easily undercut them by making small changes to their app store rules.
Google and Apple charge high fees that hurt app makers
In addition to this, app makers also complain of high fees for in-app purchases and unclear enforcement of standards. Various executives are saying that both Apple and Google are threats to their business. Jared Sine says that Google called Match Group on Tuesday night after his testimony. According to him, Google called to ask why his testimony differed from the company’s comments in their latest earnings.
Match Group’s earnings call saw executives saying that they believe they were having productive conversations with Google. The conversations were focused on Google’s 30% in-app payment fee it charges through its Google Play Store.
However in its testimony, Match said that Google had made “false pretenses of an open platform” and complained about its “monopoly power.” Google’s senior director of public policy and government relations, Wilson White, believes employees of Google called to ask an honest question. He said that he did not view it as a threatening call.
Allegations of threats and retaliation
He continues on to say “ we would never threaten our partners” because Google needs app developers to use its app store in order for it to be successful. According to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., the call was “potentially actionable.”
Spotify Chief Legal Officer Horacio Gutierrez says he can think of “at least four clear examples of threats and retaliation.” According to him, Apple retaliated after Spotify decided to speak out about alleged anticompetitive behavior and Apple’s developer fees.
These threats include removing Spotify’s app, refusing to promote it, and waiting for months for minor app updates to be approved. He goes on to say “they’ve basically thrown the book at us in order to make it hard for us to continue to sustain our decision to speak up.”
It isn’t just Spotify complaining about the fees gatekeepers like Apple and Google charge. Gutierrez made complaints of what he calls Apple’s “gag order.” This according to him is how Apple dictates how Spotify can communicate with its own users about how to upgrade to a paid plan.
Spotify can’t promote its paid plans via its app
For example, Spotify customers can only upgrade to a paid plan outside of its iOS app. This is done to avoid Apple’s 15-30% commission fee on digital services purchased through the App Store. However, since Spotify does not allow this Apple will not let the company promote its paid plans via the app.
The real kicker is that Apple Music is promoted by Apple. This is a competing service that has no restrictions as Spotify has. According to Gutierrez, this gives Apple an unfair advantage. But, Apple and Google did not sit back and just listen.
Both companies say that the fees they charge developers are to cover costs that go into distributing apps. Kyle Andeer, Apple Chief Compliance Officer, made a comparison to Apple’s services and how app makers had to distribute their apps prior to the App Store.
He says that the original way app makers did this was a cumbersome and expensive process. Wilson White cast the group as a set of “small but vocal” representatives of primarily large companies.” He says that he worries that they could “damage the very foundation that has allowed the Android open source ecosystem to work so well for a much larger set of small and medium-sized businesses” by trying to satisfy their complaints.
Besides the fees Apple charges, app developers worry about Apple rival products and apps. One example of this is Apple’s recently launched AirTags which compete directly with Tile. General Counsel Kirsten Daru says that in order to access precise location data from Apple “we have to give Apple unprecedented control over our business and direct customers to the Find My app to find their lost items.”
Arbitrary rules delay features and can take a while to solve
However Andeer from Apple says AirTags are a separate product from Tile. How Apple enforces its app store rules seem arbitrary and delay the launch of key features according to the app makers. According to Sine, Apple may tell developers which rules are violated, but not how to fix the violation.
For example, Match Group tried to submit a version of its app with a feature aimed at protecting LGBTQ+ users. The feature would notify these users when they were in a country where they could be at risk. This risk could be for exposing their sexuality or gender identity.
Sine goes on to say that it took two months to solve the issue. In these two months it was only solved after a conversation between Match Group’s owner, IAC, and Apple. Mike Lee, R-Utah asked Andeer to differentiate between why Tinder may incur a commission but not Uber.
Andeer explains this by saying, an Uber customer is paying for a non-digital service. This non-digital service is to get a car to show up to their house. However, users do not expect the same return from Tinder according to Andeer. He says that would be a different service. He seems to insinuate this would be in relation to sex work.
The app makers say they rely on the app stores because it gives them access to a lot of customers. However, it is not the perfect relationship that both Apple and Google make it seem like.
According to Gutierrez, “we are not successful because of what Apple has done, we have been successful despite Apple’s interference. And we would have been much more successful but for their anticompetitive behavior.”
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Facebook Wants Your News Feed Experience To Be A Little Less Negative

Facebook is looking to make some changes to its News Feed to provide users with an experience that’s less ‘negative’. That’s based on recent reports detailing the social media giant’s plans over the next few months.
The biggest change is one that centers around a point of contention for Facebook’s News Feed over the past several years. That’s politics, with the most recent moves following previously announced changes. So, summarily, the company plans to cut back on political posts shown in the News Feed.
Facebook now says it will accomplish that by asking for feedback directly from users to see if politics or other kinds of posts in the News Feed are leading to a negative experience. With the ultimate goal of finding out what’s causing a less-than-ideal user experience with the feature. The company will also be asking about whether or not content is “inspirational.”
Finally, the company plans to poll users more broadly about their favorite topics in order to reorganize the News Feed.
There’s more to this than just polls
This change, of course, comes in addition to an overall desire to pull back on the amount of political content, to begin with.
To that end, Facebook plans to test out a new “X” icon on posts in the News Feed. That will, as can likely be surmised from the icon itself, close and hide the posts in question.
That’s as opposed to the current method for hiding posts, tucked under the three-dot overflow menu on a given post in the app. In effect, bringing the method for hiding posts front-and-center, rather than hiding that away.
When will your Facebook News Feed experience get better?
Now, the company will be doing this polling, as noted above, over the next few months. That means it’s likely going to be at least a few months before any changes are implemented to improve News Feed. Although that’s not a guaranteed timeline either.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Deals – Updated April 2021

Now is a great time to pick up a new Samsung smartwatch, as we are between the current generation and the next-generation smartwatch. Which means that the majority of them are discounted right now. Making it easy to get some for a pretty cheap price.
Currently the latest version of the Galaxy smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch 3, released last August. We’ve seen this one go on sale quite a bit lately. There’s also the Galaxy Watch Active, Watch Active 2 and even the Galaxy Fit series. Which have all been on sale quite often.
Keep in mind that Samsung Galaxy smartwatches do not run on Android, but rather they run on Tizen. Which is Samsung’s own software, but it works really well with Android and even with iOS devices. There are a good number of apps available on the Galaxy smartwatches right now, but apps aren’t super important on your wrist. Getting notifications is. And of course health. The latest Galaxy Watch 3 can do ECG’s, much like the Apple Watch Series 6 can.
Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Deals
Below, you’ll find the best deals on Samsung’s own Galaxy smartwatches. These will include those with the Galaxy name and possibly older ones. It’s okay to get an older watch, that uses the Gear name, since Samsung is still updating them. Samsung does a good job of keeping their smartwatches updated, even many years after they were released. Which is good to see.
Galaxy Watch models are typically fairly cheap compared to the Apple Watch. But getting them on sale is even better, as you’re saving money that can be used for getting some new bands for your smartwatch.
Without further ado, here are all of the Samsung Galaxy Watch deals that are available right now. This will be updated every month (if not more often).
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miHoYo Shares Dev Insights On Porting Genshin Impact To PS5

The release of Genshin Impact on the PS5 is just around the corner. Precisely one week away. Earlier this month, the team over at miHoYo shared details of what to expect with the new PS5 version of the game.
This included things like faster frame rates and 4K visuals for a more well-rounded experience. And just generally smoother gameplay compared to the PS4 version. Which you could also install on the PS5. As planned, the Genshin Impact PS5 release will continue to arrive on April 28.
But leading up to that, the team at miHoYo wanted to share with players some insights on what it did to port the game to Sony’s newest PlayStation console.
The Genshin Impact PS5 release comes with exclusive remodeled scenery
Without diving into too much detail, the team explains that they remodeled the scenery of Genshin Impact for the PS5. This is exclusively for this new console. As the developers wanted to take advantage of the powerful hardware that the PS5 has to offer.
In addition to remodeled scenery, a graphics library was built completely from the ground up. The team also built a customized file-loading system to better use the super fast SSD that the PS5 comes with.
While the PS5 release will already have enhanced graphics, the steps miHoYo has made as part of the port was also to future proof the game. Stating that because of the newly built graphics library and custom file-loading system, it will “have more potential to elevate the graphics” in the future.
This doesn’t necessarily mean higher resolution, but likely little nuances that make for an overall enhanced visual experience in the game.
High-res textures tell a unique story
miHoYo is putting a lot of attention to detail into as many visual aspects of the game as possible. Aiming to tell players a story in the most unlikely places. Like the moldings on wooden structures or the draw distance for a look at far off parts of the landscape.
The game’s visual enhancements aren’t just for making the game look stunning. miHoYo seems to want to immerse the player into the world in new ways. And these little details are a way for the team to do just that.
These small details, paired with the native 4K resolution and HDR support (if you have an HDR display), will help Genshin Impact look better than it ever has on a PlayStation console. If you have a PS5 and you haven’t played Genshin Impact yet, you should give it a try next week.
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Price Tracker Is Live In Android Chrome, Here's How To Access It

Google has now reportedly officially launched a new price tracker for Chrome on Android. Or, more specifically, the feature is showing up for some users but not for others. With the implication being that the feature is still in testing but is rolling out more widely.
To access the feature, users simply need to open up Chrome, and then the tab overview interface. That’s under the square icon with a number inside, showing how many tabs a user currently has open. Then, a tap on the three-dot overflow menu will reveal a down-sloping arrow icon labeled “Track prices.”
Clicking on that, of course, reveals a toggle to turn the price tracker on or off in Chrome. And a link to the notifications setting page for Chrome.
As might be expected, the price tracker offers a quick way to keep tabs on prices for products. It even has notification access in Chrome’s deeper settings. So, if the price tracker needs to alert users about deals on products they’re interested in, Chrome for Android can send a notification.
This change appears to be arriving as part of the Chrome 90 update for Android.
Here’s how to get the price tracker in Google Chrome if it’s not showing up for you
Now, this update isn’t necessarily pushing price tracker to every user with Chrome for Android. As noted above, the rollout here seems to be more measured than a mainstay feature for the browser. For those that don’t see it yet though, it can be turned on manually.
To turn on the price tracker for Chrome on Android, if it isn’t showing up, as shown in the images below, open a new tab
Navigate to the URL “chrome://flags”
In the search bar, type in “tab grid” and locate the “Tab Grid Layout” option
In the drop-down menu, typically set to “Default” by default, select “Enable Price alerts” instead
A button will appear at the bottom of the page, prompting a restart of Chrome. Tap that button. In some cases, a manual force-close and restart of Chrome will be required
The feature should now be turned on and active

It’s still not clear exactly how this works on Android
As of this writing, it isn’t immediately clear how Google has set up price tracking to work on Android. Typically, on desktop platforms, this is a feature handled by extensions.
The placement of the feature, on the tab overview page, seems to suggest that it will keep track of pricing for products that are on web pages the user has already opened up. Namely, those products that have tabs open for them. That’s as opposed to working just like this feature did in Google Shopping. Google will undoubtedly offer up a bit more insight as the feature becomes more widely available on its world-class browser.
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Google App My Actions Feature Gives Easier Access To Custom Shortcuts

It looks like Google wants to make your life a little easier. According to XDA-Developers, the search giant is working on a My Actions feature. Recently, Google began to roll out version of the Google app on the Play Store.
The new update brings along some new features. These include support for voice commands while navigating. What is cool about this is that it will even work when you do not have an internet connection. The update also gives users easier access to privacy settings and more.
However, the cool part is the signs of the upcoming My Actions feature. The new feature will allow users to set up custom shortcuts for their favorite Google Assistant commands. For example, if you have a command that will turn off all your lights when you say a phrase you will now be able to access that easier.
When developers teardown an APK it allows them to get a hint of what features may be in the pipeline. This doesn’t mean the new features will happen. But, rather it shows what may come to users later down the line. Nothing is cemented until the app developer, in this case, Google officially releases new features.
My Actions feature will make accessing commands easier
However, the teardown does have a lot of new lines of code that show various strings. You can swing by XDA to see the full new code. Users can already create and use custom commands. That part isn’t new. However, the upcoming “My Actions” feature will allow users to use their custom commands with the push of a button instead of having to say a phrase.
Users may even be able to pin their custom actions somewhere to better access them. This could come in the form of adding them to your home screen, but nothing is 100% known at the moment. Google has released something similar to this before which gave users the ability to make shortcuts for Google Assistant routines.
XDA says they are attempting to get the feature working, but have not been able to get it up and running yet. However, there is a screenshot of what the setup looks like. This will give users an idea of what may be in store in the future.
New features are always fun. New features that make life easier are even better. This will be more of a quality of life thing. But, having the ability to access their custom commands quicker will surely make many users happy.

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Google Search On Your Chromebook Could Be Ready For A Visual Overhaul

Google may be preparing a visual redesign of the search features it includes on the Chromebook platform. That’s based on recent reports citing a change to the code behind the OS. And specifically for the search tool found behind either the launcher button or a tap on the Search key. That’s the key with a magnifying-glass icon, which launches the launcher’s search tool.
What changes is Google bringing to search on your Chromebook?
Now, the exact nature of the changes is still obscure, as of this writing. The change to the code found in the Chromium Gerrit simply says that the company is adding a new flag. Or, more directly, a new “flag for launcher categorical search” and that it’s associated with the “[Launcher]” in the code.
The flag, of course, doesn’t actually do anything, as of this writing. And the Chromebook platform’s search tool, conversely, already provides a categorically divided search.
For instance, if the search term “sketch” is typed onto the device in use for this article, the results are divided. The apps Sketches and Autodesk Sketchbook appear at the top. A separator line is just below those horizontally scrollable icons. And below that line, listed vertically, are files with “sketch” in the title and then common web searches from that term.
On the other hand, typing “apps” does something similar. But since “Apps” is also a setting on a Chromebook, the search also returns relevant settings.
So, summarily, it’s unclear what, if anything, this change will do for functionality. And that leaves speculation that it will primarily alter the visual aspects of search on a Chromebook. If that’s the case, Google may simply be looking to alter the way Chrome OS presents those results so that it’s a little clearer exactly what each shown result actually is.
This is early on in development
Whatever this new Chromebook feature turns out to be — if Google releases it at all — it’s unlikely that will be known anytime soon. As a still-unresponsive flag setting, this is still incredibly early on in terms of development. So the earliest that any changes associated with this could be seen is likely still months away.
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Global Chip Shortage Could Last Into 2022 As Industry Recovers

Sadly, it looks like the global chip shortage will not be ending anytime soon according to the South China Morning Post. Unfortunately, the global chip shortage could last until 2022. These little pieces of technology can be found in all manner of electronics. From smartphones to gaming systems, they are the little hearts and brains that power our favorite toys.
However, thanks to the pandemic the companies which manufacture these chips have not been able to keep up with demand. Despite a pandemic and people losing jobs, consumer electronics saw a boom in sales. Especially in the computer and tablet market due to people needing ways to work and study from home.
Sadly, some of our favorite consumer electronics could see price hikes as the price of these chips continues to rise due to the shortage. This has been such a problem that even the President has made plans to help solve it.
The President held a meeting with some of the largest chipmakers to convince them to move some of the production to the US. The first step that brought this chip shortage to life was the tech war between the US and China.
Some say that former president Donald Trump’s move to restrict access to advanced US-origin tech did this. The move changed practice known as “just-in-time” inventory. With just-in-time, there are minimum stocks of chips that the players along the value chain run on. The assumption is that supplies will always be secure and efficient.
What then happened is that companies like Huawei bought chips in bulk. Huawei did this to create a stockpile for itself once the bans took effect. But, by Huawei doing this other companies followed suit.
Global chip shortage partially caused by Huawei’s ban by the US
According to Xie Ruifeng who is a senior analyst with semiconductor research firm ICWise, “this created a spillover effect.”
“If it was only Huawei stockpiling orders, the disruption would not be so big, but other smartphone makers including Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo all started to binge buy chips to grab Huawei’s market share, and this created huge demand.”
Even Eric Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, says the US sanctions are to blame. When Huawei made these huge purchases big-name foundries rushed to accommodate Huawei’s orders. This all was happening back in Q3 of 2020.
TSMC and SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) rushed to get these orders together before September 15. This was the date that they had to stop supplying Huawei. In short, the chip ecosystem was thrown into flux. One company gobbled up a large amount of supply leading others to get their fill where they could.
However, it isn’t just smartphone giants that caused the chip shortage. The pandemic hit the automotive, aviation, and travel industries hard as well. Thanks to this, these industries cut back production and procurement of new parts. Including chips.
“[Auto] customers continued to reduce their demand throughout the third quarter 2020. We only began to see a sudden recovery in the fourth quarter of 2020.” -C.C. Wei CEO of TSMC
Once these automakers began recovering, they realized they did not have the supply of chips to fit their needs. You see automakers do not buy directly from TSMC or other chipmakers. Instead, there are middlemen they get their supply from.
All in all, there are many different reasons why the world has a global chip shortage. There are many players around the world working to solve the shortage. But, it looks like the world will have to stomach one more year of the shortage before things get back to normal.
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Top 6 Best Webcams For Streaming

So you’ve decided to start streaming your games and you aren’t sure where to start for the best webcams. Maybe you’re simply now working from home a lot more often and you need a webcam to be more present during meetings.
Whatever your reasons, you’ll need a webcam to get started. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to start with the best webcams available, it doesn’t hurt to have options. It’s also a good thing to have somewhere to start if you’re not sure which webcams to go for or even consider.
So we’ve rounded up some of the best webcams you can get your hands on to use for streamer setup. All of these will provide a great experience, but some will have an extra feature or two that could enhance your experience further.
Top 6 Best Webcams For Streaming – Summary
Where To Buy
Logitech Brio
Amazon, B&H, Walmart, HP, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Moment
Razer Kiyo
Amazon, Razer
Logitech C922 Pro
Amazon, Walmart
Amazon, B&H
Logitech StreamCam
Razer Kiyo Pro
Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, Razer
Top 6 Best Webcams For Streaming – List
Above you’ll find a short summary table of all the webcams picked for this list. Complete with prices and buy links. If you want a little more information on each webcam along with the details in the table above, you’ll find more of that below along with images of each product.
Logitech Brio

Price: $171
Where To Buy: Amazon, B&H, Walmart, HP, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Moment
The Logitech Brio has a lot of things going for it that make it a top contender for one of the best web cams you can buy. But all that extra oomph will cost you a little bit more cash to acquire such prestige for your streams.
We’re talking 4K picture quality, color accuracy that is hard to compete with, auto focus, HDR, great image quality in low-light conditions and more. It even has built-in microphones in case you need them. Though for streaming purposes you’re definitely going to want a standalone mic. Or at the very least use the mic on your headset.
Compared to other Logitech webcams it’s mostly a cut above. You can replace the cable if it ever gets too worn, but it also has a clip that isn’t as strong as other the brand’s other options. At around $171 this is a webcam that you definitely want to love. And there’s a lot to love here. Which makes it one of the best webcams for streaming.
Razer Kiyo

Price: $100
Where To Buy: Amazon, Razer
The Razer Kiyo is Razer’s first solution for streamers in need of a webcam. One of its more notable attributes is the ring light that surrounds the camera sensor. Helping to illuminate you in all your glory for all of your viewers.
Your stream quality is set at 720p resolution if you want 60 frames per second, so you’re not getting the highest quality in terms of the image with the better frame rate. You can however tune the frame rate down to 30 frames per second and the image resolution goes up to 1080p.
So you can choose to set the quality to whichever you feel is best for your stream. The ring light also has multiple lighting levels sop you can find just the right lighting.
Sometimes you may be streaming at night with more lights off. And in those situations you will probably need better lighting. This also has a built-in microphone, which is perfectly fine for video conference calls. But again you’re going to want something more clear for streams.
Overall the Razer Kiyo is one of the best webcams for your streaming setup as it offers solid quality and features for the price.
Logitech C922 Pro

Price: $100
Where To Buy:  Amazon, Walmart
This model from Logitech is an extremely well-known webcam and for good reason as it’s loved by many streamers and non-streamers alike. Making it one of the best streaming webcams you can buy. You get Full HD video and image resolution, though you will also notice that the frame rates are the same as the Razer Kiyo.
So you get 30 fps if you want a 1080p image, or 60 fps if you go with a 720p image. It’s compatible with a wide range of Windows and Mac OS versions which is another reason why it’s such a good option.
It also offers a 78-degree field of view and auto low-light correction. It also works with more than just Windows and Mac, as it supports Chrome OS, Xbox One, and Android 5.0 or above.

Price: $90
Where To Buy: Amazon, B&H
Did you know that ASUS makes a webcam under its Republic Of Gamers brand? Well, it does and it’s a pretty clean looking webcam compared to some of the other options. Straight lines make up the boxy shape of this webcam which sets it apart from the rest on this list in terms of design.
It also offers 1080p image quality at 60 frames per second. Which is something none of the webcams on this list so far offer. And the ROG Eye is the least expensive. Coming in at $90, it’s hard not to recommend it since you get a buttery smooth frame rate and high resolution video for your stream.
ASUS also says it was designed to help prevent overexposure in backlit conditions. Perhaps the best part though is it’s physical size. It’s extremely compact. While not too much smaller than any of the other options, it is a bit smaller. And it shrinks down to a nice pocketable size when not in use. Making it very easy to take with you wherever you go.
Feel like streaming elsewhere? The ROG Eye is more than up to the task with its portable design so you can set it up with desktops or laptops. It still needs to be plugged into your machine of course. But it stores nicely when not plugged in.
Logitech StreamCam

Price: $170
Where To Buy: Amazon
If you want small, like, really small, look no further than the Logitech StreamCam. It’s definitely more tiny than the ASUS ROG Eye and it even provides the same 1080p streams at 60 frames per second. But its price is certainly not as small coming in at $170.
You can pick up the camera in Graphite or White colors, and it uses USB-C for the cable. It’s not detachable like the Logitech Brio though. So if that’s something you want then you may want to consider the Brio as it’s basically the same price.
You’ll also want to make sure and download Logitech’s free webcam software to ensure the best possible image quality from this device. Like most of the other options on here this has a 78-degree field of view so it should capture you just fine.
It also supports vertical video if you prefer it or need it specifically for a stream you’re doing.
As this is another option that isn’t cheap, make sure to weigh it out against other options. It is nice, but consider whether or not you need or want what this one offers. Especially when you can pick up the ROG Eye for $90.
Razer Kiyo Pro

Price: $200
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, Razer
Rounding out this list is the Razer Kiyo Pro, Razer’s most recent webcam and it’s second option to date. There is a lot of similarities between this and the standard Kiyo, but you get some worthwhile advancements too. It might be expensive, but it isn’t just one of the best webcams for streaming, it’s probably the best webcam for streaming. Especially if you’re a fan of Razer.
At this price Razer is giving you 1080p resolution streams at 60 frames per second. So you get high quality images and fast frame rates for a smoother stream. It also offers an adjustable field of view where some of the other cameras do not.
Letting you get up to 103-degrees. The Razer Kiyo Pro also ditches the ring light of the standard model. Instead Razer opted to use an ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor with STARVIS tech. This allows the sensor to adjust for any lighting situation. So even without the ring light, you still look clear even in low-light settings.
Late night stream? No problem. The Razer Kiyo Pro is equipped to handle it. True to Razer nature, the Kiyo Pro isn’t cheap. But it’s worth it.
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Microsoft Gets With The Times, Pushes UI Update To Bing & OneDrive

The Android apps on offer from Microsoft are some of the best around. That’s true both for its productivity apps such as OneDrive and its more personalization- and search-focused apps such as Bing. But Bing Search and OneDrive are getting even better now, reports indicate, thanks to a new update from Microsoft bringing significant UI changes.
What’s changing with Microsoft Bing and OneDrive in this update?
Now, the redesign of Bing Search, in particular, focuses on the visual. The app has a brand new home screen that provides faster, easier access to Bing features. And it also allows better access to specific topics. But the biggest change is how that’s all organized, with Microsoft giving its search app a modern aesthetic that’s in keeping with its top competitors.
Microsoft OneDrive is undergoing a similar transformation to Bing visually with this update, making the already top-rated cloud app even better. The interface has cleaner lines and a flatter overall appearance. But its bigger changes are related to functionality, unlike Bing’s.
For starters, Microsoft OneDrive is now Chromecast compatible. So users can now push their documents and media — such as photos or videos — to a larger screen simply by tapping the Chromecast icon. That icon, of course, is the same as found in other apps and, as in those apps, located at the top of the UI in the title bar.
Another major change is that there is now a Recent view in the Home tab in Microsoft OneDrive for Android. As might be expected, that takes users to the most recent files that they’ve used or interacted with.
These are both free apps and the changes have already started rolling out
Both Microsoft OneDrive and Bing Search, are, of course, free to download and use. And they’re some of the best apps around, in their respective categories. So users who are interested in checking out the changes will want to head over to the Google Play Store. As will long-time users, since the updates should be rolled out widely as of this writing.

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Bing Search

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Silent White WH-1000XM4 From Sony Available In May Are Limited Edition

According to Android Police Sony has a limited edition Silent White WH-1000XM4 color on the way. The new colorway will be available next month in time for the company’s 75th anniversary. Sony definitely makes some of the active noise-canceling headphones on the market.
The WH-1000XM4 was a slight but worthy upgrade over the WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones. The XM4’s have great sound quality, a long-lasting battery, and industry-leading noise-canceling. The XM3 has all of these features as well.  The XM4 does add auto-play and auto-stop when you take them off though. They also have the ability to pair with more than one device at a time which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is.
Now though, Sony wants to give them a little make-over. Currently, you can get the WH-1000XM4 headphones in black, beige, and blue. But next month you can get them in Silent White. Sony says that this new Silent White is “developed to embody the concept of silence and serenity.”
Honestly, it is absurd to think that the color of your headphones can embody silence and serenity. The user will see them when they go to put them on, and when they take them off to store them. However, Sony still wants to give the world the option to pick these limited edition WH-1000XM4 headphones up, and that is perfectly fine.
The color though looks absolutely clean. But, you may be worried about getting them dirty right? Well, Sony says that an “additional coat of paint” will help to deal with stains. However, they are white, and white gets dirty.
The limited-edition Silent White WH-1000XM4 look amazing
Despite this though, these headphones will remain some of the best on the market. The colors aren’t the reason for this either. Sony just makes some really good headphones. Their XM line of wireless active noise-canceling headphones has been some of the best around for years.
For anybody looking to get the new Silent White WH-1000XM4 headphones, you will have to wait until next month. Sony’s 75th anniversary is next month and these limited edition WH-1000XM4 headphones will most likely sell like hotcakes.
Fans in Europe will be able to pick these up in May for €430/£400. But, make sure you act fast when they become available. These again are limited edition and will only be available while supplies last. Sony already has issues supplying PS5 consoles, so once these are gone they are gone.
For buyers in the US, you guys will most likely have to import them because as of now there is no news on when they will be in store. You can also be patient, but who really wants to do that.
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MediaTek May Launch A 4nm Chipset This Year: Reports

MediaTek could beat Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, and the likes to launch the world’s first 4nm smartphone chipset. According to multiple sources in China and Taiwan, the production of MediaTek’s 4nm processors may begin as early as this year. Phones running on the new chipset may arrive in the market in the first half of next year. Several Chinese OEMs such as OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi have reportedly already placed orders for the upcoming high-end MediaTek SoC.
While all major chipmakers, including the aforementioned Qualcomm, Samsung, and Apple, moved to the 5nm architecture for their latest mobile SoCs, MediaTek’s latest is still using the 6nm process node. There were indications that the Taiwanese company may finally move to the more advanced 5nm technology for its next-gen flagship SoC, reportedly called Dimensity 2000. The chipset was expected to arrive by the end of this year.
However, by that time, MediaTek’s rivals would be ready with their second-gen 5nm solutions. So to make its premium offering more appealing to potential customers, the company has decided to entirely skip working on 5nm technology and move directly to 4nm. Since 4nm chips would be more power-efficient and could boast superior performance than 5nm solutions, this move would give MediaTek an edge over its competitors.
TSMC will manufacture MediaTek’s 4nm chipsets. The contract chip manufacturing giant had previously said that it would start running a trial production of 4nm chips in the second half of this year. The company expected to begin mass production in 2022. However, according to the latest reports, it appears the company would start mass-producing MediaTek’s 4nm chipsets this year itself. That’s if everything goes as per plan, of course. However, even if things don’t pan out as expected, the world’s first 4nm SoCs might still arrive early next year.
MediaTek could be the first chipmaker to launch a 4nm SoC
MediaTek leapfrogged Qualcomm to become the world’s largest smartphone chipset vendor in 2020. The company particularly won the battle against Qualcomm in the budget and mid-range tier. Now it appears to be all set to win the premium tier as well by releasing a 4nm SoC ahead of everyone else. This could further help the company consolidate its position at the top.
The only downside of MediaTek’s upcoming 4nm chipset is that it comes significantly costlier. According to the reports, the new SoC will cost around $80 per unit. In contrast, the current high-end 5nm chipsets cost between $30 and $35 per unit. So we might only see this chipset inside those ‘Ultra’ high-end phones.
All this said, these are still early and unconfirmed reports. There’s still a long time to go and a lot could change by then. The likes of Samsung and Qualcomm could bring their own 4nm solutions within this time span. Not to mention, the tech industry has yet to overcome the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage. It now remains to be seen whether MediaTek manages to beat out the competition in releasing the world’s first 4nm smartphone chipset.
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You Can Ask Alexa For Where To Get A COVID Vaccine

Now that the US has opened COVID-19 vaccines to everyone 16 years and older, companies are doing their part to help get everyone out there to get their vaccine. And today, Amazon announced that you can now ask Alexa to find out where you can get a COVID vaccine.
Simply say, “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine?” and she’ll list a number of nearby places that you can go to get a shot.
Alexa will also help you call places to set up an appointment. Many places do offer online scheduling for appointments, but you can also call them up and make one. A number of States also offer the ability to simply walk in and get a shot, with no appointment necessary.
Every US adult is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine
As mentioned already, every adult in the US (16 years and older) is now eligible for the vaccine, no matter where you live. That was President Joe Biden’s deadline that he set earlier this month. Originally it was set for May 1, but President Biden moved it up two weeks as many States started to see new surges in cases.
The Biden Administration has also said that about 90% of people in the US should have a vaccination site within five miles of their home. Since the vaccines are now available at many pharmacies too. This includes chains like Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club and even mom and pop drug stores in smaller towns.
As of right now, about 40% of Adults in the US have at least one shot. And since the efficacy of the vaccine after the first shot is about 80%, that’s fairly impressive. And about 26% of the adult population have been fully vaccinated. That’s when the efficacy jumps to over 95%. But right now, the US is working against the clock to get the entire country vaccinated before cases start to surge again, as we are entering the summer and everyone wants to be outside.
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New KB articles published for the week ending 18th April, 2021

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Top 20 articles for vRealize Operations, March 2021

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Amazon Alexa: Everything You Need To Know

Believe it or not, the first smart assistant to make its way into a speaker was, Alexa. Unlike Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa actually started on a speaker instead of on your phone. Of course, part of that is because Amazon’s phone didn’t do so hot, pun intended. The Fire Phone likely would have been where Alexa started, if it didn’t do so terribly bad.
Amazon actually stumbled upon Alexa’s success unexpectedly. In 2014, it launched an invite-only program for some Prime members to buy a new product called the “Echo” This was a pretty tall speaker that had a little-known feature, a smart assistant inside.
Now seven years later in 2021, Alexa and Echo are super popular, and some might say it’s more popular than Google Assistant and Nest, and Apple Siri and HomePod.
Alexa (and its counterpart, Echo) has come a long way since its debut in 2014, so here’s everything that you need to know about Amazon Alexa.
What is Amazon Alexa?
To put it simply, Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s version of Google Assistant or Siri. It’s a smart assistant that lives in all sorts of devices (smart speakers, displays, tablets, smartphones and more). Which can be used for all sorts of different things. Alexa can give you the current weather, call your mom, control your smart thermostat and so much more.
Unlike its competition, Alexa really relies on developers to expand its features and skill-set, with Alexa Skills. These can be thought of as apps for Alexa that will allow you to do more with your Alexa device. For instance, if you have Philips Hue lights, you’ll need to install the Philips Hue Skill on your Alexa account to be able to use Alexa to control them.
Alexa can do just about anything that you throw at it these days, but there are still some things that it has trouble with.
Alexa vs Echo
Alexa and Echo are not the same thing.
In the beginning, Echo devices were the only ones that used Alexa. So it was pretty easy to think that they were the same thing, but that is not the case. Alexa is the software behind the Echo. While the Echo is the hardware that Alexa runs on. And more importantly, that name is only used for first-party Alexa hardware. Essentially only Amazon-made Alexa hardware.
Alexa can run on many different devices, including those that are not from Amazon. But an Echo can’t run different smart assistants. For example, the Echo Dot can’t use Google Assistant. It can only use Amazon Alexa.
If you are looking for a device that you can use Alexa with, you will want to get one that is an Echo. Because it is a first-party device, and not a third-party device, it gets more features and usually has better hotword detection. Essentially, it won’t trigger whenever it heres anything similar (or not similar at all) to the hotword “Alexa”.
Does Alexa work with non-Echo devices?
Alexa is available on a ton of non-Echo devices that are on the market. Of course, the most popular is likely Sonos.
Sonos has Alexa (and Google Assistant) support on all of its smart speakers. That includes the Sonos One (Gen 1 and Gen 2), Beam, Move, Roam, and the Arc. As mentioned above, these do not have the same hotword detection as an Echo, however. For example, the Sonos One will get triggered whenever someone says something similar to “Alexa”, even if its coming from the TV.
Amazon Alexa is also available on devices from Anker, JBL, Harman Kardon, NETGEAR (thanks to a Harman Kardon collaboration), Bose, ecobee Yamaha and more. Most of the bigger names in audio have at least one Alexa-compatible speaker or soundbar. Of course, the ecobee one is really interesting. It has a couple of products that essentially have an Echo built-in. It’s not just compatible with Alexa, but it is built into the thermostat (and the wall light switch).
Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant
For quite a while, both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant were very similar in terms of what they could do. But the big difference was that Alexa supported more smart home brands and products, whereas Google Assistant was able to answer more questions. Of course a big part of this is the fact that Amazon runs a huge online retail store where these products are sold. And Amazon would prefer those that supported Alexa over other features. So they would sell more. But Google Assistant on the other hand, has the world’s largest search engine behind its assistant. Which makes answering questions super easy.
Not to mention the fact that Google had been working on text-to-speech for many years, dating back to Google Now back in 2012.
Nowadays, they are very similar though. Google has caught up to Amazon in terms of smart home products support. And Alexa has gotten way better with answering questions. It’s still not quite as good as Google, but it likely won’t ever be, unless Amazon starts a search engine.
The reason to pick one over another will likely come down to what smart home products you have in your home. If you have a lot of Ring devices like the doorbell, the floodlight and others, then Alexa is what you want. As Ring is owned by Amazon and doesn’t work with Google Assistant. And vice versa if you own Nest products, as it is owned by Google.
What’s the best Echo device to buy?
Since the first Echo device was announced in 2014, Amazon has really expanded it’s lineup, and now has an Echo for virtually everything. Which makes finding the best Echo device a bit tougher. But here are three of the best that are currently available.
Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

The Echo is the tried and true speaker from Amazon. This is a good middle-ground option for everyone, as it does offer some great sounding audio, tuned by Dolby. While also being under $100. That’s nearly half the price of the original Echo.
It also produces sound in 360-degrees, so it can easily fill a room with sound. It comes in three colors – Twilight Blue, Glacier White and Charcoal.
Amazon Echo (4th Gen) – Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen)

The Echo Dot with Clock is another great pick, coming in at $60. This is the small Echo Dot, but now with an LED clock, which believe it or not, is super useful to have available. Allowing you to easily look over and see the time. Without asking Alexa for it.
Now, due to its smaller size, the sound on this one isn’t all that great. But you will be pleasantly surprised at how good it is, for the size. It comes in two colors – Twilight Blue and Glacier White.
Echo Dot with Clock – Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

The Echo Show 10 is perhaps the best smart display with Amazon Alexa built-in. This is because it can follow you around the room and has a very capable speaker too. So in the world of having to do plenty of video calls to everyone, the Echo Show 10 really stands out.
There is also a built-in camera that can double as a security camera when you are not at home. The Echo Show 10 comes in two colors – Glacial White and Charcoal. It is somewhat expensive though, coming in at $199. But some of the advantages to having Alexa on a display is that Alexa gets visual. So you can see the weather instead of just hearing it. Not to mention you can also see the feed from your cameras and doorbells on the screen.
Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) – Amazon
What are Alexa Skills?
Alexa is pretty powerful out of the box, but what makes Alexa even more useful are skills.
These are essentially add-ons for your Alexa device. These aren’t quite like apps, as you aren’t downloading anything onto your Alexa device. You are essentially linking these skills to your Alexa account (technically, Amazon account). So you instantly have all of these skills on any new Alexa device you may add to your home.

These are really important for smart home products. As each brand has its own Alexa Skill that needs to be installed. This basically links your Amazon Account with their account. For example, the LIFX skill links your Amazon and LIFX skills together.
But there are many more skills available than just those for smart home products. You’ll also find skills for different streaming services that you can watch on your Echo Show (smart display with Alexa inside). And much more.
The most popular Alexa skills
These are the most popular Alexa skills that are available. And they are all free too.
Alexa Guard
Send a Hug
Big Sky – Weather
Multilingual Mode
Easy Meal Ideas
America’s Test Kitchen Daily Cooking
Morton’s Salting Sous Chef
Amazon Music Unlimited
Apple Music
7-minute workout
Amex Alexa Skill
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
20 Questions
Logitech Harmony skill (this may be sunsetting soon as Logitech is killing off its Harmony Remotes)
Alexa Answers
Ask My Buddy
Mayo Clink Skill
NPR Hourly News Summary
Hyundai Blue Link
MyFord Mobile
EVCar (works with Tesla)
Philips Hue
And there are loads more available. As of late 2020, Amazon announced that there are over 100,000 Alexa skills available. And more are being added everyday.
What are Alexa Routines?
Amazon Alexa Routines are exactly what they sound like. A set of Alexa commands that you give everyday as part of a routine. And it makes Alexa super flexible.
For example, with an Alexa Routine like “Good Morning” you could set Alexa to turn on the lights, start your coffee (if you have a smart coffee machine), update you on weather and your commute and end with the latest headlines from your favorite news source. Without having to give Alexa five different commands, you can do it all with just one command.
These routines can be adjusted to your liking, and Alexa gives you some nice options in the Alexa app as well.
Alexa Routines can be triggered by a number of things. From specific commands, to sensors going off, or other events happening. They can even be based on the time of day.
Alexa Routines can be very powerful, and allow you to use Alexa to do more things throughout your day and allow you to spend more time doing other things. If you set them up properly, you can really save some time in your daily routines.

Can Amazon Alexa control my smart home products?
Yes, and it can control almost any smart home product you can think of. The only real caveats there are Nest products. While Alexa does work with the Nest Learning Thermostat, most of its newer devices do not work with Alexa. And that comes down to Google being the owner of Nest and wanting it to work with Assistant over Alexa.
Some of the brands that work with Amazon Alexa include:
Samsung SmartThings
Philips Hue
Those are just a few of the very many that work with Alexa. There are also a number of TVs and even laptops that work with Alexa. Like all the Fire TV devices, including actual TVs from Toshiba, Insignia and others. Most Android TVs also have Alexa supported – from brands like Sony, Hisense, and others. LG’s OLED TVs also have Alexa support.
Amazon Alexa is also available on every Android and iOS device too. In fact, Alexa comes pre-installed on some Android devices. But you can easily install the Alexa app from the Google Play Store.
Is Alexa worth it?
This all depends on your setup. If you use an Android smartphone, and ask a lot of questions of your favorite smart assistant, then Google Assistant is going to be better. The same goes if you use a lot of Nest products in your home.
Otherwise, if you use Ring and Blink products in your home, and mostly want your smart assistant to control your smart home products, then Alexa is worth it. It’s also a bit more flexible than Google Assistant right now.
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Google Photos Adds A Dedicated Document Hub To Easily Find Documents

Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud photo backup apps. It is used by many, and all those who use it would be glad to know that Google Photos is getting a dedicated Document hub to make it easier to find documents.
One of the best features of Google Photos is the ability to easily search for images. This comes in handy when you have backed up a ton of photos.
Just like me, there are several users who keep their important documents like driving license, medical report, etc. in the form of a picture on Google Photos.
Now, with the dedicated Document hub, users will be able to find their screenshots, posters, paper documents, and signs. You can even find specific ones like handwriting, text messaging, bulletin boards, display boards, post-its, business cards, signatures, etc.
The new Document hub joins the three existing sections, i.e. People & Pets, Places, and Things. Notably, People & Pets, Places, and Things sections have been available in the Search tab.
Documents backed up in Google Photos will be further divided into multiple sections to make it easier to search.
Google Photos Document hub is not yet widely available for everyone
Thanks to the new feature, Google Photos will further specify the documents into screenshots, posters, paper documents, etc. Besides, it can also differentiate photos into handwriting, text messaging, and more.
This will negate the need of searching via keywords. Because Google Photos will neatly organize your images based on the above-mentioned categories.
Do note that the Google Photos Document hub is not yet widely available for every user. It seems to be a part of the server-side update that is rolling out for a limited number of users at the moment.
Moreover, there is no word when it will be available for everyone. It was spotted by folks at Android Police, and as per our friends there, some categories like “Sign” aren’t that accurate.
So, at the moment, it seems like the feature is not baked properly to be widely available. We also assume this feature will make its way to the desktop version of Google Photos soon.
Since it is a server-side update, all you can do is wait for Google to push this new Google Photos document hub feature for you. You can at least make sure that you have installed the latest version of Google Photos on your phone from the Play Store.
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OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro OxygenOS Brings April Security Patch & Camera Improvements

Although OnePlus launched its “over-hyped” OnePlus 9 series last month, it has already bagged multiple updates. The latest OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro brings the April security patch and camera improvements.
The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro received their first update with some connectivity and camera improvements. Later, the second update brought in March 2021 security patches and bug fixes.
The third update for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro dealt with overheating issues. The fourth update that arrives with version OxygenOS bumps the security patch level to April 2021. Moreover, it also bundles camera improvements.
Apart from this two main inclusion, it also fixes the battery icon issue on the Status bar, Google Fi SIM card issue not accepting incoming calls, improves system stability, and updates the GMS package to 2021.03.
OnePlus 9 series, especially the OnePlus 9 Pro, was hyped by the company to be one of the best camera phones out there. Thanks to the partnership with Hasselblad, the phone costs almost $1,000.
I have personally tested the phone, and I can say that the phone is just overpriced, and Hasselblad branding is simply a “gimmick.” The phone is okay when there is plenty of light but just cannot compare with the Ultras and Pro Max’s from Samsung and Apple.
The latest OxygenOS update for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro was spotted in India
Notably, as per XDA Developers, the OxygenOS update was spotted for the Indian variants of OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. However, we expect the update to arrive in other regions soon.
The update weighs around 349MB in size. Even though the size of the update is pretty decent, we would advise you to download the update via a stable internet connection.
Here is the complete changelog of the latest update for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro:
– Improved charging stability
– Improves the sensitivity of the keyboard in the edge area
– Improved the temperature control strategy
– Fixed the issue that the battery icon in the status bar is abnormally displayed
– Fixes the small probability issue that Google Fi SIM card can not accept incoming calls
– Fixed known issues and improved system stability
– Updated Android security patch to 2021.04
– Updated GMS package to 2021.03
– Improved the image purity and the ambiance performance
– Improves the white balance consistency of the rear camera
– Improved image over-sharpening of the rear camera
As always, the update is rolling out via OTA in batches. Meaning that it won’t be live for all OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro users. Initially, it will be available for a limited number of users.
The good thing is that you can also manually check for the update. In order to that, you need to head over to System>>System updates. If a new update is available, a notification will pop up asking you to download the update.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Hits PC And iOS On April 20

Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is finally coming to PC this week. After spending more than a year with Android exclusive access.
Cloud gaming via PC was shown off earlier this year back in February. Through screenshots that Microsoft shared of the continued internal testing. But other than a mostly vague description of “coming in the Spring of 2021,” no one knew when the PC version of this service was going to appear.
A new report today from Microsoft gives the official launch date. Noting that both PC and iOS will gain access to the service formerly known as xCloud at the same time.
Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC and iOS will be a limited beta
According to Microsoft, the PC and iOS versions will be in a limited beta for the time being. Not too unlike Project xCloud was for Android back when it first opened up.
Since it’s limited, that also means that only a small group of people will be able to check things out. Microsoft will begin sending out invites starting tomorrow, April 20. And will likely continue sending out invites throughout the week and going forward.
From there the company will probably send more invites out in waves as time goes on, eventually launching into an open beta where anyone can join. For now though Microsoft hasn’t given any indication as to when that could be.
If you want to b considered for the limited beta access, all you need to do is have an existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Though you’re probably more likely to have a chance at receiving an invite if your subscription has been active before today.
However that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of you getting an invite even if you’re just signing up. So you may want to give it a shot if you’re curious about trying things out. If this is your first time signing up for Game Pass Ultimate, you can still snag your first month for $1.
Access is open to all 22 countries where Xbox Game Pass is supported
Microsoft says that all 22 countries where Xbox Game Pass is supported will have the chance to receive invites. So keep your eye on those inboxes.
If you get an invite, you can play games through Edge, Chrome, or Safari web browsers on Windows 10 PC and iOS smartphones and tablets. You’ll also need a compatible Bluetooth or USB controller if you’re playing on PC, or a compatible Bluetooth controller for iOS. iOS devices can also use custom touch controls.
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Samsung To Adopt A Different Design For Galaxy Watch 4

The hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is likely to adopt a slightly different design than its well-received predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 3.
Renowned leaker Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung may be planning to replace its Tizen operating system with Google Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 smartwatches. According to new reports, these wearable are expected to be launched in Q2 2021.

Samsung’s new watch will use Android to replace Tizen.
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) February 19, 2021
In March, Android Police’s Max Weinbach discovered references to the company’s upcoming TWS dubbed the Galaxy Buds 2 in the latest version of the Galaxy Wearable application. He also found few details about upcoming Galaxy Watches, which he shared on Twitter, Sammobile reported.
Max revealed that the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4 bear codenames Fresh and Wise respectively. The Galaxy Watch 4 will be up for grabs in two sizes including 41mm, and 45mm.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to use different batteries
Rather than drawing inspiration from its precursor, the Galaxy Watch 4 will feature a different design, according to The Elec. The outlet revealed that the South Korean tech giant is likely to use batteries made by Samsung SDI and Chinese lithium-ion batteries maker ATI (Amperex Technology Limited).
The 41mm variant will be drawing its juices from a 240mAh battery and the 45mm model will be backed by a 350mAh cell.
The 41mm version of the Galaxy Watch 3, on the other hand, comes with a 247mAh battery, and the 45mm model boasts a 340mAh cell.
Samsung SDI and ATL will reportedly supply batteries for the Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung removed ATL from the supply chain back in 2017 after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.
The tech behemoth resumed relation with the Chinese battery maker in 2019. ATL has provided batteries for various accessories, wearables, and even the Galaxy S21 series.
In a bid to save on cost, Samsung plans to use ATL-made batteries only for the 41mm Watch 4 model. The report also coincides with earlier speculations suggesting that the watch will replace Tizen with Google’s Wear OS and will have a blood glucose measurement tool.
Galaxy Watch 4 release date
In August last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch series and the Galaxy Note 20 series. The much-awaited Galaxy Watch 3 successor is expected to be announced during the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s Unpacked event. The event is slated to take place in July.
Ice Universe made a more optimistic speculation. The tipster suggests that Samsung’s upcoming wearable device will be announced in the second quarter. Since the watch got the green light from Safety Korea recently, this possibility can’t be ignored.

Galaxy Watch 4 and
Galaxy Watch Active 4
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) March 6, 2021
It will be interesting to see whether Samsung will launched the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4 at the same time. Just behind Huawei and Apple, Samsung is the third-largest smartwatch vendor, according to Counterpoint Research.
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Top 10 Best Allergy Android Apps – 2021

Many of you probably struggle with some sort of allergies. They can range from annoying to problematic, depending on what we’re talking about. Well, in order to help you deal with them, we’ve created a list of the best allergy apps for Android. Do note that you’ll find both general allergy apps on this list, along with ones that specialize in specific problems. There’s something for everyone on this list.
We’ve highlighted 10 applications down below, though there are many more in the Play Store, of course. These are only our favorites, and all of them are great in their own regards. The apps are not listed in any specific order, though, so don’t pay much attention to the order of things. Along with app names and links, you’ll find quite a bit more information here. Information regarding pricing, required Android version, descriptions, and so on.
Top 10 Best Allergy Android Apps 2021
Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best allergy Android apps for 2021, including any download and in-app purchase costs.

Download Cost
In-app cost (per item)
Allergy Plus




Find Me Gluten Free

Cara Care



mySymptoms Food Diary

WebMD Allergy

Top 10 Best Allergy Android Apps 2021 Downloads
Below is a little more information on each app, a suggestion for the type of user the app is best suited to, and a direct link for easy downloading.
All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are always recommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.
Best Allergy Android App For Most Users

Allergy Plus
Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: 5.0+
Allergy Plus is probably the best allergy app for most of you. Why? Well, it’s quite general, it doesn’t specify in a specific allergy type, and it’s also a really good app in general. This application brings a nice UI, and it’s based on, an allergy forecasting website. It will provide you with location-specific, real-time allergy information. Do note that it is region-locked, though, so it may not be available in your region.
This app can provide you with the latest allergy, air quality, and weather forecasts. It can notify you on forecasted allergy level changes, and show you a 5-day allergy and weather forecast side-by-side. On top of that, it will show you in-depth information on impactful allergens in your area, which can be immensely useful. This app is free to use, though do note that ads are included.
Download Allergy Plus
Best Allergy Android App For Online Doctor Visits
Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: 5.0+
Amwell is essentially a telemedicine app. If  there is another telemedicine app that you prefer over this one, that will do as well. Amwell is a great choice for such an app, though, as long as it’s available where you live. This app will provide you with online medical care, on-demand. All you need to do is download the app, choose the type of your visit, and choose your health provider.
Now, Amwell is available for a wide-range of health issues that you may have, and allergies are included in the package. No matter what allergy you’re dealing with, chances are Amwell’s doctors will be able to help you. Many major health insurance carriers do cover Amwell visits, which is one of the reasons we’ve included it on this list. The service is available 24/7, and its doctors are licensed professionals.
Download Amwell
Best Allergy Android App For Air Quality

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: Varies with device
AirVisual is one of the best air quality applications on the market, and Play Store ratings reflect that. This app brings a great-looking user interface to the table, not to mention that ads are not included here. You can use the app for free without any obstructions. The app will provide you with real-time and forecast air pollution data that matters. In fact, it will go into quite a bit of detail while doing so.
It provides detailed figures on key pollutants for more than 10,000 cities in 80+ countries. So, once again, depending on where you live, the forecast may not be available. Considering how many cities and countries it supports, though, chances are you’re good. The app provides 7-day air pollution and weather forecasts. It also shares health recommendations. You can even link your air quality monitors to the app, if you want.
Download AirVisual
Best Allergy Android App For UI Design

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.3+
AirCare is another great air quality app, and in addition to specializing for that, it’s also one of the best-looking apps on the list. This app comes with a colorful, and yet minimalistic UI, It will give you all the information you need, and look great while doing so. Developers often underestimate the importance of great design with such apps. This app can provide you with real-time air quality data for 40+ countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
AirCare will show you “clear and understandable” real-time information about air pollution. Live data for AQI (Air Quality Index) is included, and the same goes for raw pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, O3, CO, NO2, SO2 (on supported stations). There is also a “Summer mode” for UV and pollen data, while you can get all that data presented in nice-looking graphs, charts, and maps. That is where this app’s design truly shines.
Download AirCare
Best Allergy Android App For Gluten Intolerance

Find Me Gluten Free
Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.4+
If you’re celiac, gluten insensitive, or just practice a gluten-free diet, this is the app for you. Find Me Gluten Free is an app that can locate a gluten-free restaurant in your vicinity. Finding such a spot is extremely simple, all the app has to do is use your phone’s location. Once you allow it that permission, it will scan places nearby you, and show you the restaurants that offer gluten-free food.
The UI here is extremely simple. There is a toolbar at the bottom that will provide you with all the functionality you need. Once the app scans your surroundings it will show you the restaurants, and you’ll be able to get more information about them. You’ll be able to see their locations, ratings, and so on. You can even sort the list by rating if you want, or by address. It’s a must have app for people who can’t stand gluten, for one reason or the other.
Download Find Me Gluten Free

Best Allergy Android App For Tracking Various Issues

Cara Care
Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 5.0+
Cara Care is an extremely useful app. This application allows you to track and manage GI issues like IBS, IBD, GERD, Celiac, dyspepsia, or food intolerances. In other words, if you have any food allergies, you can track and manage them with this app. You can track and log everything about your allergy that you need, in a really nice-looking UI. The app will provide you with a lot of info based on the information you’ve entered.
It will allow you to make connections between your diet, and your overall wellbeing. Cara Care also comes with a nice-looking UI which is really easy to use. There’s a really good reason this app is so highly-rated. Do note that the app does come with in-app purchases, but it’s free to use. It will even provide you with a personalized analysis of your symptoms and diet from your dietitian.
Download Cara Care
Best Allergy Android App For Food Allergies

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 7.0+
Yummly is primarily a recipe app. You can find tons of great recipes here, and the UI of this app is one of the best we’ve seen, especially for that type of an app. Now, considering this is an app for food recipes, it does allow you to use some filters when looking for recipes. Those of you who are celiac, sensitive to gluten, or simply don’t want to eat it will find it extremely useful.
You can make it so that the app shows only gluten-free recipes. There are tons of them available, and you’ll basically never be without ideas what to cook next. There are over 2 million recipes, in general, available via this application. Needless to say, that’s quite a lot. You can collect and organize your favorite recipes, while you’ll also find step-by-step guides on how to make a specific type of food aka utilize the provided recipe.
Download Yummly
Best Android App For Tracking Food Allergies

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 5.0+
MoodBites is yet another great tracker, this one specializes in allergy-tracking. It does that by keeping track of what you eat, it’s essentially a food diary. If you have a food allergy, this is a great app to have, especially if you have several, and the situation is quite serious. You can keep track of what you eat and how you feel. It’s great for people struggling from IBS or autoimmune disorders as well.
If you simply want to keep a gluten-free or keto diet, this is also the way to go. It has many uses, that’s for sure. You can even make use of the app’s food database to track everything. The app also allows you to log any allergen you want, gluten, milk, peanuts, etc. Thanks to the app’s ‘Calendar’ feature, you will be able to see what food exactly did you eat on any given day, and how did it make you feel.
Download MoodBites
Best Symptom Tracker Android App For Allergies

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: 4.4+
This is the only paid app on the list, but it will be well-worth it for some people. This is also a food diary and symptom tracker app. It’s quite great, though. You may decide to go with something free, which is perfectly fine, but if you want to try this one out, you can. With this app, you can record, track, and analyze your food, mood, and symptoms. It’s extremely easy to log everything here.
The app also allows you to export your food diary as a PDF, CSV, or Web report for printing or sharing. The app will allow you to discover any patterns between your diet and symptoms. You’ll get detailed results for each item, and that includes both a histogram and a trend chart. The app looks quite nice, and it’s highly functional. The bottom bar certainly helps with navigation, and makes logging everything really easy.
Download mySymptoms
Best Weather Android App For Allergies

WebMD Allergy
Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: 4.2+
WebMD Allergy app is extremely useful if you’re having a hard time coping with allergies. This app will essentially prepare you for each day with a personalized allergy and weather forecast, along with doctor-approved tips. Those tips are provided for various different allergy types, by the way. The app does allow you to track how you feel as well, and you can record symptoms and treatments as well. Adding notes is optional.
The app delivers up-to-date allergen levels based on your location. This is especially useful to have if you’re traveling, and dealing with allergies. The app will be able to prepare you for something you’re not used to, coming to a new place with new allergy obstacles. It can also provide a 3-day forecast filled with information you may be interested in if you struggle with allergies.
Download WebMD Allergy

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Top 10 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards – Updated April 2021

There are loads of different gaming keyboards out there and the best ones come from a wide range of different brands. Though it’s highly likely that you may already be familiar with which brands those are.
If you’re not sure gaming keyboards are the best to choose from or you just aren’t sure what to really go for, then this list can help.
We’ve put together ten of the best gaming keyboards on the market that you can get your hands on. All of them have something valuable to offer and will cater to a range of different tastes. If PC gaming is your primary gaming platform, you definitely want a good gaming keyboard to enhance the experience. And there should be something on this list that fits just about everyone.
Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards – Summary
Gaming Keyboard
Where To Buy
Razer Huntsman Elite
From $160
Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Razer
Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Origins
Amazon, Best Buy, HyperX
Razer Huntsman Mini
Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2
Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart
SteelSeries Apex Pro
From $180
Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, SteelSeries
Razer BlackWidow V3
From $100
Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
Logitech G Pro X
Logitech G
Corsair K65 RGB Mini
Reddragon K530 Draconic
Razer Huntsman Elite

Price: From $160
Where To Buy: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Razer
One of Razer’s most popular gaming keyboards, and one of the best gaming keyboards out there, is the Huntsman Elite. This is a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with all the bells and whistles you might want or need.
It features Razer Chroma RGB lighting, a numpad, dedicated media controls and more. Razer is also using its optical switches for shorter actuation time, which translates to faster key presses and thereby more key presses.
It also comes with a magnetic wrist rest that can be detached at any time if you don’t feel like using it.
Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Price: $110
Where To Buy: Amazon
One of the best gaming keyboards out there and one of the best we’ve ever used is the GMMK from Glorious. We like it because it allows you to swap out the switches on each and every one of the keys.
Which means you can customize how each key feels. You can swap them all out or just focus on specific keys. Like the WASD keys for your movement in games. It also has RGB lighting, is extremely well-made and it can be picked up in a full-size, tenkeyless, or a 60% option.
Like the Huntsman Elite this is not a wireless keyboard so you’ll need to keep it plugged in during use. Still, even with that it’s hard to argue against going with this over even some of the best wireless options. The cable is also detachable so it can be stored nice and neat if you take it to tournaments and LAN parties.
HyperX Alloy Origins

Price: $110
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, HyperX
Like the keyboard above, the HyperX Alloy Origins offers a detachable cable for easy storage and transport. This is a great feature to have if you bring your keyboard with you to game other places.
Beyond that, it has loads of other excellent features worth considering. Including RGB lighting, switches rated for 80 million key strokes, and the ability to save up to three custom profiles just to name a few.
The cable is also USB-C unlike the one on the GMMK. And the keyboard is fairly durable thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum body.
Razer Huntsman Mini

Price: $120
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
If you really like the compact keyboard look or you just don’t have a lot of space, the Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best gaming keyboards you can buy.
Not only does it save space, it has support for Razer Chroma which is always a huge plus. Chroma can add to the gaming immersion if the game has supported lighting profiles. Which can lead to some really cool effects.
It also has fully programmable macros and comes in two different colors. Black and Mercury. This also comes with optical switches, and a detachable cable. It does not have a wrist rest though like the Huntsman Elite.
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Price: $129
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart
Corsair makes great keyboards in general, but there are a few reason why we like this one and consider it one of the best keyboards out there for gaming. For one it has an aircraft-grade aluminum body. But more than that is the keyboard body is completely open.
This makes it extremely easy to pop off every single key when you need to dust this thing down or give the keyboard a full cleaning. It has RGB lighting (surprise, surprise), a detachable wrist rest, and it uses USB passthrough. It uses Cherry MX Speed switches, and it comes with dedicated media controls. The roll bar for volume adjustment in particular is a nice touch.
The textured WASD and space bar keys also help to indicate your fingers are on the right keys. We’ve all probably been there. Where we accidentally hit the wrong key in the middle of a heated encounter in whatever game we’re playing. These textured keys could help prevent that.
SteelSeries Apex Pro

Price: From $180
Where To Buy: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, SteelSeries
This option from SteelSeries looks and feels a little like the option above. It has a sort of open design so the keys are easy to pop off with no plastic or aluminum cover plate that surrounds them.
It comes with a wrist rest, also has RGB lighting, and comes in a full-size and tenkeyless option. But where this thing really shines is the cool OLED display in the top right corner. You can use this to display various settings, or you can set it up to track in-game information at a quick glance. Which we thought was pretty cool.
There are dedicated media controls too if you like to have those kinds of controls at your fingertips.
Razer BlackWidow V3

Price: From $99
Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
The BlackWidow is one of Razer’s longest running keyboard lines, and for good reason. The V3 is the latest iteration of it, coming with the option to choose either Razer green switches or Razer yellow switches.
The body is made of aluminum like really any other keyboard Razer seems to make these days, and it also comes with a detachable wrist rest. A lot of the keyboards will offer this for the best of both worlds.
Naturally it has Razer Chroma support, and this starts at $99 but can go up over $200 if you get the pro model. Which has the option to work wirelessly or wired.
Logitech Go Pro X

Price: $150
Where To Buy: Logitech G
We really love the Logitech G Pro X because of a few reasons. It’s slim, which gives it a very sleek and stylish look without being too crazy in the design department.
It also has the swappable switches just like the Glorious GMMK keyboard. This feature in particular can’t be praised enough. Especially if you’re the kind of gamer that likes to have a very precise feel on certain keys for movement or in-game actions.
The G Pro X is also tenkeyless so there’s no numpad here, and you get customizable RGB lighting too. It’s not wireless but it does feature a detachable cable, and the rubber feet on the bottom provide three different angles for a more customized typing experience.
Corsair K65 RGB Mini

Price: $110
Where To Buy: Corsair
Corsair has finally joined the party with a 60-percent mechanical gaming keyboard, the K65 RGB Mini. A fraction of the size of the standard K65 RGB, but all of the power and functionality you’ve come to expect.
It features a USB-C wired connection and a thick braided cable that should be pretty durable. It also has a standard bottom row of keys just in case you want to swap them out for custom key caps.
You’ll also find that it has three switch variants launching. Including Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX SILENT Red, and Cherry MX Speed.
Reddragon K530 Draconic

Price: $65
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rounding out our list is the K530 Draconic from Reddragon. Which we felt was more than deserving of top 10 spot for a few reasons.
For one it’s pretty compact and space-saving which is great for any gaming setup. Whether you have a lot of desk space or not. It’s also only $65. So if you need to save money in addition to space, you can grab this for almost half the cost of the Huntsman Mini from Razer.
You also get RGB lighting, and it can be used wirelessly or in a wired mode if you need to save on battery life. Or if it needs a recharge. and, the cable is USB-C. Reddragon may not be a massive household name like Razer or SteelSeries, but don’t sleep on this option.
It’s definitely worth considering and is sure to provide a great gaming experience.
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A New Symbian Emulator For Android Can Even Emulate N-Gage Games

Mobile platforms from the ’90s and early 2000s have a cult following among old tech enthusiasts. There’s a new Android app that caters to those enthusiasts by being able to emulate the Symbian operating system. According to XDA Developers, the Symbian emulator is called EKA2L1 and it’s available on the Google Play Store.
The Symbian emulator lets you emulate a handful of Nokia devices
The Symbian platform was the basis for many mobile devices back in the day. This includes PDA’s and cellphones during the ’90s and early 2000s. Having access to that software on your phone is a treat. With EKA2L1, you can emulate the S60v1, S60v3, and S60v5 platforms. This gives you access to a fair amount of Nokia devices. The list includes the Nokia N95, the Nokia E50, the Nokia 7650, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, and most notably, the Nokia N-Gage.
Fans of these devices would be glad to hear that this software is available. There’s no word on whether there’s an iOS version available or planned. The app itself was in development for two years.
It’s not as easy as downloading and installing the app
EKA2L1 is available on the Play Store, but in order to get the app to work properly with your device, there are a few hoops that you have to go through. Firstly, there are a few requirements that your device needs to meet. It’s recommended that the device runs 64-bit software. There is a 32-bit version, but it may not be as stable as you’d like.
In order to run the app, you’ll need to find your device firmware ROM. Along with that, you’ll need to find a repackage of your device’s Z drive. Here’s a helpful article that will help explain some of the finer details on how to dump the ROM file and system from compatible Symbian devices. Needless to say, it’s not easy.
Many nostalgic fans would certainly remember the N-Gage (myself included) and having the ability to emulate that platform is stellar. It sits atop the list of compatible devices as the one everyone knows. Nokia basically took a cellphone and smushed it together with a portable gaming console to create a unique, taco-shaped wonder. It was a very ambitious move on Nokia’s part, but it ultimately came crashing down.
The mentality of bringing hardcore games to a phone, however, is alive and well. Many smartphones come with pro gaming features and software. Not only that, but services like Google Stadia try to redefine what mobile gaming is. Nokia was very much ahead of its time when it developed the N-Gage.
If you remember those old times and want to relive them, then it’d be worth the trouble downloading EKA2L1. It’ll take some work to get it up and running, but the nostalgia is definitely worth it.
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Android 12 Trash Can Management Could Be A Thing

The ability to manage a trash can in Android 12 looks to be a possibility. According to the people over at XDA Developers. If this feature arrives, it could add some much needed control for the user over trashed files.
The trash can management in Android 12 would reportedly be located in the storage section of the settings. Though there’s no guarantee that Google will open this capability up. Or even add it to the system with Android 12 at launch.
Evidence found within the APK of the Files app on Android indicates however that Google may be considering it. This would be related to Google adding a visible trashed section to the Files app. Which is also potentially on the way.
Users will be able to empty the trash can in Android 12
Having a trash can that remains visible to users without any extra work would be a major benefit even all by itself. After all anyone that users a PC on any platform is familiar with the trash can.
But it seems like Google isn’t going to stop there. Users who want to see the trash can or the “trashed files” as it were, would be able to see this section of the storage from within the Files app. But other types of management would be handled from storage settings.
This would include the ability to see how much of your phone’s storage that trashed files are taking up. As well as allow users to empty the trash can to make more room for other files in the future. Should they have a need to do so.
It also appears that emptying the trash from this location in the settings would permanently delete any files that were in trash at that time.
Files will let users restore files or delete them forever
Managing the trash can from the storage settings may be useful but it may also be less functional than accessing the trash section from the Files app.
XDA points out that Files will let users view the contents of the trash can as well as restore accidentally trashed files, and permanently delete them if they’re certain that they don’t need them any longer. This feature may or may not be introduced with Android 12 when it launches later this year. But the belief is that Google will plan to showcase these changes alongside Android 12’s official reveal. Although not necessarily launch it at the same time.

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Google Puts Up Over $260M To Help Fund Vaccination Endeavors

Google has reportedly decided to put up as much as $267.5 million to fund efforts related to getting more people the Covid-19 vaccination. That won’t just be in the US either. In fact, the company will provide both funds and ad grants to vaccine education bodies as well as direct funding to governments. Public health organizations will be on the receiving end too, with those funds going toward vaccine-related announcements.
What is Google going to fund, exactly, to drive global vaccination efforts?
Google’s goal here appears to be serving countries and communities that may otherwise be overlooked. To that end, as much as $2.5-million in funding will go to community organizations, including those serving vaccine-hesitant communities. More specifically, that will go from to Partners in Health, Stop the Spread, and Team Rubicon. And those organizations will be working directly with more than 500 community-based organizations serving “Black, Latino, and rural communities.”
That portion of the funding, Google Health’s Chief Health Officer Karen DeSalvo explains, will go toward things like pop-up vaccination sites as well. And, taking things a step further, Google Cloud is launching an expanded virtual agent as part of its Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution (IVIs). That will, in turn, help people schedule vaccination appointments and ask questions via a virtual agent. With that agent being available in 28 languages and dialects.
To ensure that IVIs is readily accessible, regardless of connectivity, it will be available in chat, text, web, mobile, or over phone calls.
The bulk of Google’s endeavor will be on the ad front
Now, the bulk of Google’s clout is in ads. That is, after all, its primary business. So that’s where the company plans to put forward the most effort too. Google is committing $15-million in Ad Grants to that end, which will be used to fund education communications regarding vaccinations. The grants will go to Gavi and The Vaccine Alliance.
Gavi hopes to use the funds to gain vaccines for countries that don’t necessarily have the means to gain them as part of COVAX. And Google will be providing technical assistance at no cost for that endeavor as well as providing matching for employee donations towards Gavi.
Lastly, Google will fund PSAs by public health organizations in both English and non-English-speaking communities. To that end, it’s committing $250 million in Ad grants. That will, Google says, help fund “2.5 billion vaccine-related PSAs.”
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VMware Skyline is Available as a Hands-On Lab

Tweet The Hands-on Labs are an easy way to evaluate VMware products and solutions in a live environment. All you need is a web browser, no hardware or software installation required. We have over 120 new labs developed by our 200+ army of volunteer engineers. But did you know that VMware Skyline is one of the solutions that you can try? You can access the … Continued

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Source: vmware

New KB articles published for the week ending 11th April, 2021

Tweet Products Title Published Date VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] Cannot configure vsphere.local as Identity Source to link to Cloud vCenter while deploying vCenter Cloud Getaway(83171) 04-07-2021 VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] How to enable whitelist strategy in Distributed Firewall(83326) 04-06-2021 VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] The “Internet” connection … Continued

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Grab The Surface Pro 7 For Only $779 From Woot

Woot currently has the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on sale for $779. This model comes with the Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor clocked at 1.1GHz. It also has 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD included. There’s also Windows 10 Home included for software. So this is not the entry-level Surface Pro 7, but still a pretty mid-level device for people.
Surface Pro 7 is pretty similar to the Surface Pro 6, with mostly just the internals being updated. But it is still a pretty powerful tablet that is going to be able to replace your laptop. Since it does run on Windows 10, and not a stripped down operating system. So all of the apps that run on your laptop now, will also run on the Surface Pro 7.
What is new this year with the Surface Pro 7, is the fact that there is a USB-C port available for charging. Instead of using a proprietary connector. Which is a really big deal. Basically, the same charger you use for your phone, can charge the Surface Pro 7, and vice versa. We’re getting closer to a world where everything is USB-C, and it’s awesome.
Surface Pro 7 is lightweight and great for using in your lap. This makes it awesome for travel. Since it’s not going to make your bag super heavy, and you can still get some work done when you’re away. That’s definitely a good thing. Battery life is decent on the Surface Pro 7, coming in at about ten and a half hours of usage. And it now supports fast charging too. So you don’t need to sit next to an outlet for hours on end waiting for it to charge up. That’s great too.
You can pick up the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 from  Woot in this blowout sale, by clicking here. This sale won’t be around for long, so you’d better hurry.
Surface Pro 7 –  Woot
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Galaxy S21 Series Is Losing Its Trade-In Value Like Crazy

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is losing its trade-in value like crazy, claims SellCell. As you’d expect, the Apple iPhone 12 series is doing much better in that regard, which is not exactly surprising. iPhones have been doing quite great in that area for years.
The Galaxy S21 series losing trade-in value considerably faster than iPhone 12 models
Now, based on the information provided by SellCell, compared to their retail price during the launch month, the Galaxy S21 series devices depreciated between 44.8-percent, and 57-percent in value.

That’s a considerable drop, especially compared to the iPhone 12 series, which went on sale in Q4 2020, and lost between 18 and 33.7-percent of its value up to this point.
The 256GB storage variant of the Galaxy S21 has depreciated the most, it seems. It depreciated at a rate of 19percent per month. So, its value has dropped by 57.1-percent since it launched three months ago.
The Galaxy S21+ with 128GB of storage is doing the best job keeping its value
The 128GB storage variant of the Galaxy S21+ is doing the best, it seems, as it depreciated slower than any other S21 variant. Its resale value stands at around 55-percent of its original price tag.
When it comes to iPhones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128GB did the best. It has faced a reduction of only around 18-percent since it launched five months ago. The 512GB iPhone 12 Pro variant and the 64GB iPhone 12 lost the most value, around 33.7-percent, on SellCell.
This is not actually surprising, as Android phones generally lose value much faster than iPhones. Out of all Android phones, however, Samsung usually stands as the one to lose the last value over time.
According to price comparisons on BankMyCell, the value of the newest iPhones depreciates 16.7-percent in a year, while it’s much higher for Android smartphones, it stands at 33.62-percent. This is also consistent with findings from decluttr, a smartphone reseller site. You can check out the graph below, if you’d like to get more information.

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You Can Bundle The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery & Echo Show 5 For $179

Today, you can bundle the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and the Echo Show 5 for just $179. That’s going to save you over $100 if you were to buy these separately. Making this a really great deal, and a greater “starter kit” for those that are looking to make their home, a smart home.
The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is a spotlight camera that you can place outside of your home. So instead of only having a camera in front of your home from your doorbell, you can also have one beside or behind it, to capture everything that’s happening around your home.
There are lights on either side of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, so it does light up when someone walks by, thanks to the motion sensing. But it is not as bright as the other floodlights that Ring has available right now. It does still work pretty well for lighting up around your home.
Now this particular spotlight is not a wired one, allowing you to put it virtually anywhere outside of your home. And that’s a big deal actually. Making it more convenient to put it maybe on the corner of your home, or beside your home. This is battery operated, and Ring says that it should last you a few months on a charge. But it is also pretty easy to take the battery out and recharge it. So that’s not a big deal.
The Echo Show 5 is really great, because you can make video calls on it (and more), which is amazing now where we can’t get together with our friends and family for the holidays. It can also play music, and movies from Amazon Prime Video.
You can pick up the Ring Spotlight Cam battery and the Echo Show 5 from Amazon by clicking here. This price is not going to last long.
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery & Echo Show 5 – Amazon
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New Galaxy S20 FE Variant Appears; Wireless Charging Confirmed

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE variant has surfaced yet again, this time around, it popped up on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). That listing confirmed that the phone will support wireless charging, as expected.
In addition to that, the listing confirms the phone’s design. If you take a look at the image below, you’ll notice that the design is basically identical to the other two models on the market. So, there will be no design changes, as expected.

The new Galaxy S20 FE variant will support wireless charging
The model that surfaced on WPC is the Samsung SM-G780G, the same one that appeared several times thus far. This phone will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 series SoC, but it won’t support 5G.
The current Galaxy S20 FE model with 5G is supported by the Snapdragon 865. Well, this variant will be identical in almost every way, except it won’t support 5G. It may also ship with the Snapdragon 865+, instead of the Snapdragon 865, we’ll see.
What’s interesting here, is that WPC lists 4.4W “maximum received power” for wireless charging. That’s quite odd, as the current Galaxy S20 FE models support 15W wireless charging. It’s possible (and probably) that the listed value relates to Wireless Power Share aka reverse wireless charging.
In addition to the existing Snapdragon 865 model, and the upcoming one, the Exynos 990 variant is also available in the market. That variant of the phone does not offer 5G either.
Samsung may stop manufacturing the Exynos 990 Galaxy S20 FE model altogether
Now, a rumor that surfaced yesterday said that Samsung plans to stop manufacturing the Exynos 990 model altogether. This Snapdragon 865 variant with 4G is expected to replace it.
The device will feature a 6.5-inch fullHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Three 12-megapixel cameras will be included on the back, while an in-display fingerprint scanner will also be a part of the package.
The phone will come with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance. 25W wired charging will be supported, while the device will include a 4,500mAh battery. This phone is expected to launch soon.
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The Legion Phone Duel 2 Is The Doctor Octopus Of Gaming Phones

Lenovo has officially announced the Legion Phone Duel 2, its second smartphone in the mobile gaming space and with all of the improvements you’d expect it to have. And some you may not have expected.
This isn’t just any gaming phone. No, the Legion Phone Duel 2 is the Doctor Octopus of gaming phones. That seems like a weird thing to say, but it’ll all make sense in a moment.
See, Lenovo wasn’t content to just put out a second gen gaming phone with improved hardware like a better mobile platform and better cooling. So, it decided that more buttons could help set the phone apart from the competition.
The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 has eight extra buttons
Lenovo has decided that eight extra buttons was something that could really set this phone off. You read that right. Eight! Where ASUS has four additional buttons on its ROG Phone 5 Ultimate (six if you count the two on the fan attachment), Lenovo as placed eight of them on this device.
There’s four ultrasonic buttons on the top, and two rear touch points. There’s also two in-display force touch points. So in addition to on-screen controls for whatever game you’re playing, you have all of these to deal with. It sounds like a lot and it would no doubt take some getting used to.
But Lenovo says these buttons, which it’s calling the Octa-Trigger system, “perfectly match a player’s natural grip.” Your experience may vary there, but Lenovo seems confident that players will love the setup. And there’s a decent chance a lot of customers who opt for this phone will.
In addition to the extra buttons the phone is definitely well-equipped when it comes to hardware. Lenovo is, unsurprisingly, using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. As is every other major gaming phone manufacturer this year.
It also comes in a few different RAM and storage options. You can get it with 12GB, 16GB, or 18GB of RAM, and either 256GB or 512GB of internal storage.
The pop-up camera is back but with a better sensor
Like with the original Legion Phone Duel, this model comes with the pop-up camera. It’s designed in a way that specifically benefits streamers, and it even uses a better sensor this time around so there’s better image quality.
Lenovo says it also uses more advance AI features, and it offers an 84-degree ultra wide-angle autofocus lens as well as improved low-light performance. You still get a fairly large display at 6.92-inches and it has a 144Hz refresh rate.
There’s also now a cooling fan on the back of the device (Lenovo actually says it’s a twin turbo fan cooling system), and there’s a whole lot more RGB lighting too by the looks of it. It’s not just the Legion “Y” logo that lights up this time. You’ll also find lights as part of the small fan, as well in the LEGION brand name above the Y logo.
Lenovo hasn’t announced US pricing, and it may not even get a US release. Lenovo says it’s still TBD, but that’s a step up from last year since Lenovo is at least considering a US release this time around. In Europe the phone will cost €799 for the 12GB/256GB model, or starting at €999 for the 16GB/512GB model. It comes in black and white.

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New KB articles published for the week ending 4th April, 2021

Tweet Products Title Published Date VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] VMC vCenter gets inaccessible with ICMP after Phase 1 of an SDDC 1.12 upgrade maintenance (83295) 01/04/2021 VMware HCX HCX – Failure to deploy IX or NE appliance with “InvalidGuestLogin” error (83303) 02/04/2021 VMware PKS Enable X-Forwarded-For on the nsx-t ingress controller for … Continued

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Xbox Owners Get Their First Taste Of MLB The Show This Month

Sports games fans and Xbox owners, your time is coming as MLB The Show 21 is landing on Xbox consoles this month. The series, which has been a Sony PlayStation exclusive since it started, is finally making the jump to the Xbox platform.
This will be the first time that MLB The Show has been on Xbox in all its time being a video game franchise. Sony is not usually one to make its exclusives available on other platforms. But in the past year it’s made waves in the gaming community for confirming that some of its most beloved favorites would be crossing over to PC.
While MLB The Show may not be as critically acclaimed as Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s still big news. And it’s yet another game that Sony has agreed to share with players that own one of its consoles. More than anything else, this is a good thing for the players. Because it shows that Sony is willing to loosen the hold on some of its titles. Even if just a little bit. The bigger deal though is that the game is arriving on Game Pass.
MLB The Show 21 will be a day and date launch on Xbox Game Pass

Chances are if you only own an Xbox, you may have never played any of the MLB The Show titles. In which case it would be understandable if you weren’t keen on dropping $60 on MLB The Show 21 when it arrives later this month.
If that’s the case, you can try it at no extra charge on Xbox Game Pass on April 20. Which is the game’s launch date and when it arrives for Game Pass users. It goes without saying you will need a Game Pass subscription. So you’re not getting the game for free per se. But you do get to test it out before deciding to buy a full copy of the game.
Android users get in on the action too
Play your Xbox games on Android through the cloud? Not a problem. Because Microsoft says that MLB The Show 21 is coming to the cloud version of Game Pass as well. On the same date no less.
So you can play the game on your Android device wherever you are as long as you’re connected to the internet. Earlier this week, Microsoft also released a bunch of backwards compatible titles for the cloud. Including older hits like Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero, and Banjo-Kazooie.
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Google Is Restricting Apps From Seeing All Installed Apps For Privacy

According to XDA-Developers Google is restricting apps from being able to see the other installed apps on your device. This change comes via the Developer Program Policy which now makes it harder for the apps to see other installed apps. This is a great new feature that many should really like.
Google says that it regards the full list of installed apps on a user’s device to be personal and sensitive information. Due to this fact, the company will limit which apps can access this information. Google is keeping users' privacy safe with different approaches lately. So this change seems to fit in line with its other moves.
Google says it will be restricting which apps can request the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission specifically. As of now, this is required for any apps targeting API level 30 (Android 11) and above that want to query the list of installed apps.
Going forward to use the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission will require for the app’s functionality to depend on it. To clarify, an app’s functionality must depend on accessing the list of installed apps.
In order to enforce this, developers will have to “sufficiently justify why a less intrusive method of app visibility will not sufficiently enable your app’s policy-compliant user-facing core functionality”.
Google is restricting apps from accessing a users' list of installed packages
The outline of permitted uses of the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is below:
Permitted use involves apps that must discover any and all installed apps on the device, for awareness or interoperability purposes may have eligibility for the permission. Permitted use includes; device search, antivirus apps, file managers, and browsers.
Now if an app does not meet these requirements then the developer must remove the permission to stay compliant. Developers whose apps do meet the requirements can use the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, but the developers must sign a declaration form.
Failure to submit the form to the Play Console will result in the removal of the developers’ app. Starting May 5, 2021, is when the new change will take effect. In November this year, Google will require all apps to target API 30 at a minimum.
With the focus on privacy becoming more and more mainstream this is a great policy change that Google is enforcing. Sometimes apps that can see your full list of installed apps can spy on you. Some malicious third parties may even be able to spy on your device usage.
Some apps can inundate users with apps thanks to device usage information.   Nobody likes being flooded with ads, especially when it seems like related ads seem like they’re psychic.
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The Chromebook Video Player Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better

Google is finally getting around to making the Chromebook video player better, reports indicate. And that’s not just better in terms of performance, necessarily, either. Instead, the company appears to be focused on delivering a modern, sleek UI.
The new UI is also already readily accessible, at least for some users.
What does this update do for the UI?
The biggest visual change here is that the new UI isn’t packed into a bottom-bar interface. The current media player is based on an older HTML5-based video plugin. So the playback bar, play/pause button, full screen, volume, and overflow UI are all on the bottom. They kind of half-overlay the video with a darkened tint.
The new UI is based on the Media app that’s already in use for photo viewing and moderate editing. And, instead of the bottom-bar UI, it uses a floating UI that’s not wholly dissimilar to QuickTime. Google has moved all of the controls there, including a new skip forward/backward button, system-independent volume controls, and PiP features.
When is a better video player coming for your Chromebook?
Now, as noted above, the update is only going to be available for some users. That’s because the better Chromebook video player is tucked behind an experimental flag and on the Canary Channel of Chrome OS. That’s arguably the most difficult channel to get to and undeniably buggy. In fact, it’s beyond usability for most day-to-day users. So it’s effectively out of reach for most.
The fact that it is in the Canary Channel, flag setting or not, shows that it’s going to arrive much sooner than later. Potentially within the next several updates. It could arrive as early as early June with Chrome 91 or in mid-April with Chrome 90. Although it could also arrive later with Chrome 92 — in late July — or later.

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Samsung’s New Raise Offers Rejected Mainly For Weak Wage Increases

Samsung is one of the largest Android manufactures in the world, and one of the largest companies on the planet in general. Well, Samsung’s new raise offers have been rejected because unions want more guarantees according to SamMobile.
These offers were the biggest raises in over a decade. However, major unions are not one hundred percent satisfied with Samsung’s employee compensation packages for the new fiscal year. This really seems to be the truth in its home country of South Korea.
There are new reports stating that representatives of 3,000 employees have rejected Samsung’s new offer last week. This is a big shift in the power dynamics in the South Korean market. This news comes a year and a half after Samsung’s former board chairman Lee Sang-hoon was arrested.
Sang-hoon was taken to jail for the act of union-busting. However, the former chairman was acquitted last August. This makes it imperative that Samsung keeps unions happy. As said these representatives are rejecting Samsung’s current offers.
The representatives are aiming to get a double-digit increase in wages for the employees. To put some context to this the previous offer ranged between 7.5-12%. The last third of which would have been tied to performance bonuses.
Samsung’s new raise offers are not good enough according to unions
The unions already boast hundreds of members and are on track to sustain continued growth. The negotiations that are still ongoing with Samsung involve four of these unions. The reason why the unions are truly unhappy is weak wage increases.
The unions argue that the wage increases over the past three years have been weak. It stands to reason if Samsung were to improve the wage increases that the unions may be happier. However, the trajectory of where the situation can go is hard to anticipate.
Accusations of not acting in good faith are coming from both Samsung and unions. Neither side seems to want to go to the courts to solve anything according to SamMobile.
Samsung again is the leader in the Android smartphone market, so keeping their employees is important. The company offers some of the best smartphones on the planet like the Galaxy S21. But, they also have tough competition from other companies.
Xiaomi has recently released their new Mi 11 family. In addition, a little over a week ago OnePlus gave the world the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. If Samsung is to going keep its lead the company will have to make sure it dots its i’s and crosses all of its t’s.
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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20+ Cases – Updated April 2021

The Galaxy S20+ is still one of the best phones on the market and routinely gets discounted. So if you’re a new Galaxy S20+ buyer, you’re going to want a case or two for your new smartphone.
Welp, we’ve rounded up the best cases for the Galaxy S20+ that are currently available. These range from inexpensive to pretty expensive (for a case). So there’s something for everyone.
Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20+ Cases
This list of the best cases for the Galaxy S20+ includes cases from clear cases to TPU cases to wallet cases and everything in between.
These only fit the Galaxy S20+, so if you are looking to get a case for the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 Ultra, you’ll want to check out their respective top 10s.

Where to buy

Samsung Leather Cover

KuGi Anit-Slip TPU

Samsung Kvadrat Case

OtterBox Commuter Series

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Caseology Parallax

Samsung Silicon Cover

Spigen Tough Armor

Best Design
Samsung Leather Case
Samsung Leather Cover

Price: $50

The Samsung Leather Case is by far the best designed case for the Galaxy S20+, and it is at the top of our best cases list for a reason. It is a pretty plain looking case, so it’s not flashy and won’t grab a lot of attention. Samsung kept it simple here. But with a leather case, Samsung also added some thickness to the Galaxy S20+, making it protect it better when it gets dropped.
Also with leather, it’s going to look really nice when it weathers, which is going to be cool.
Samsung does offer this case in a number of colors, so you can get one to match the color of your Galaxy S20+, or a different color – like this red one.
Samsung Leather Cover –
Best Inexpensive Case
Kugi Anti-Slip TPU
KuGi Anit-Slip TPU

Price: $6
Buy: Amazon

The Kugi Anti-Slip TPU is a pretty impressive case, especially seeing as it is just $6. This is a TPU case, that is rigid on the back and on the sides, adding more grip to the Galaxy S20+. That’s going to make it much easier to hold onto the device, so that it is less likely to slip out of your hands, which is definitely important.
This case does have a slight lip over the display, so that it will protect the display if it does get dropped. But thanks to the pretty steep curves on the Galaxy S20+, it doesn’t interfere with using the device, which is definitely nice.
Finally, the Kugi Anti-Slip TPU is available in three colors: blue, black and red.
Kugi Anti-Slip TPU – Amazon
Best eco-friendly case
Samsung Kvadrat Case
Samsung Kvadrat Cover

Price: $50

The Samsung Kvadrat Cover is a slightly newer case that Samsung is making for its smartphones this year, and it’s aimed at being eco-friendly.
That is because the Kvadrat Cover is made completely from recycled material, that is also 100% compostable. So those that are worried about the environment, this Kvadrat Cover is definitely the one to get.
It is a somewhat fabric based cover that provides a good amount of grip to the phone too. Not to mention the fact that it also offers up a rather unique look. Samsung offers this one in a few different colors. Including Green, Red and Gray.
Samsung Kvadrat Cover –
Best Durable Case
OtterBox Commuter Series
OtterBox Commuter Series

Price: $39.95
Buy: Amazon

The OtterBox Commuter Series case is a really good option for those that are drop prone. As the last thing you want to do with your $1200 smartphone, is drop it and shatter the display. Luckily, the OtterBox Commuter Series is good at protecting it. With a really bit lip over the display, and also a really thick backside and sides. This allows you to drop your phone without it being destroyed.
Now the downside to a case that is this rugged, is the fact that it is going to be very thick. And since the Galaxy S20+ is already a pretty big phone, that makes this an even larger phone. So that’s something to keep in mind before buying it.
Like the other cases on this list, the OtterBox Commuter Series also comes in a few other colors. So you don’t have to stick with that mint color that is shown above.
OtterBox Commuter Series – Amazon
Best Clear Case
Spigen Liquid Crystal
Spigen Liquid Crystal

Price: $10
Buy: Amazon

The Galaxy S20+ has a pretty cool design, and there are a couple of cool colors available – like the navy blue that Best buy has. So you might want to get a clear case so you can appreciate and show off the design of the Galaxy S20+. With the Spigen Liquid Crystal case, you can do just that.
This is a clear case, and it does also have a nice lip over the display, allowing you to protect the display if it slides out of your hand. Which is very likely to happen. The sides and corners have also been reinforced, so that the Spigen Liquid Crystal is going to take on all of the impact instead of your phone.
The Spigen Liquid Crystal is one of the cheaper cases on this list, and definitely worth picking up.
Spigen Liquid Crystal – Amazon
Best Flip Case
Samsung S-View Flip Cover
Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Price: $50

The Samsung S-View Flip Cover is more than just another flip case for your Galaxy S20+. It also has a window on the front, that will give you an always-on display. This will show you the time, battery, and your notifications. So you can see at a quick glance whether you need to deal with the notifications you have received.
With the Samsung S-View Flip Cover, you also have the ability to reject calls straight from the cover, without even needing to open your phone. Which is a really convenient feature, to be honest.
Samsung offers the S-View Flip Cover in a few different colors including black, blue, pink, gray and white. Essentially, all of the colors that the Galaxy S20+ is available in. So you can get one to match your Galaxy S20+.
Samsung S-View Flip Cover –
Best wallet case
Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet Case
Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Price: $37.99
Buy: Amazon

Looking for a good leather wallet case for your Galaxy S20+? Snakehive has something for you. This is a stunning looking leather wallet case, and unlike most other wallet cases out there, this is real leather. Which is going to make it easier to hold onto your new phone. But with it being a wallet case, you can keep your Driver’s License and other cards with you. Preferably those that are not supported by Samsung Pay yet.
It is still a somewhat thick case for the Galaxy S20+, but that’s pretty much expected for a leather wallet case. Snakehive offers this case in a ton of colors, including blue and green, which are odd colors for leather cases.
Snakehive Genuine leather Wallet Case – Amazon
Best grippy case
Caseology Parallax
Caseology Parallax

Price: $14
Buy: Amazon

The Caseology Parallax Case is a pretty awesome one to pick up. It offers a pretty unique design on the back, which is a 3D and textured backing. This makes it much easier to hold onto the Galaxy S20+, and that’s part of the reason for getting a case.
This case is also available in a ton of different colors, so you can get the one that fits your taste the best. And considering this is under $15, you’d be a fool not to grab this one.
Caseology Parallax – Amazon
Best Silicon Case
Samsung Silicon Cover
Samsung Silicon Cover

Price: $30

The Samsung Silicon Cover is much like the Leather Cover at the top of this list. It’s a pretty plain case and for a lot of people, that’s pretty important.
Though, this is made of silicon, so a darker color is going to attract grease and fingerprints a lot more than a lighter color. So getting a lighter color might be a better idea here. The Samsung Silicon Cover does come in a number of colors too. These include, black, blue, navy, pink, gray and white. Basically, all of the colors that the Galaxy S20+ is available in.
Samsung Silicon Cover – Samsung
Best Durable Case
Spigen Tough Armor
Spigen Tough Armor

Price; $15
Buy: Amazon

Rounding out our list of the best cases for the Galaxy S20+ is the Spigen Tough Armor. The Spigen Tough Armor is a pretty durable case from Spigen, for the Galaxy S20+. This is a dual-layer case that offers some really good protection, without making the phone insanely larger like the OtterBox cases tend to do.
Spigen Tough Armor is pretty thick, with a soft layer against the phone and a hard cover on the outside to absorb any impact from dropping the phone and so forth.
Now what really makes this case stand out, is the fact that it has an integrated kickstand. This is going to allow you to prop it up and use it when you’re traveling and such to watch Netflix, without having to worry about holding the phone the entire time. Which, and trust me here, is not a fun experience.
Spigen Tough Armor – Amazon
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Top 10 Best MLB / Baseball Android Apps – 2021

Baseball fans rejoice, as the new MLB season is here. MLB season 2021 is starting, and will end in October. So, there’s plenty of matches to look forward to. For that occasion, we’ve prepared a list of MLB / baseball related apps that we believe will interest you. Below, you’ll find a list of apps and games, five of each, that we consider to be amongst the best out there. We’ve tried to compile a diverse list, to keep things interesting.
The first five entries on this list are reserved for MLB apps for Android. The last five entries are reserved for games. Other than that, the apps / games are not listed in any specific order. Along with the apps themselves, and links to their download pages on the Play Store, you’ll find descriptions of every app, along with more information. Information such as the cost of in-app purchases, the required Android version, and more.
Top 10 Best MLB / Baseball Android Apps 2021
Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best MLB Android apps for 2021, including any download and in-app purchase costs.

Download Cost
In-app cost (per item)





YouTube TV

Yahoo Sports




MLB 9 Innings 21


MLB Perfect Inning 2021


MLB 9 Innings GM




Blocky Baseball


Top 10 Best MLB / Baseball Android Apps 2021 Downloads
Below is a little more information on each app, a suggestion for the type of user the app is best suited to, and a direct link for easy downloading.
All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are always recommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.
Best MLB Android App For Most Users


Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 5.0+

MLB, also known as MLB At Bat, is the official app for Major League Baseball. This app doesn’t have the best reviews in the Play Store, but it sure is a good application. If you’d like access to official information regarding MLB, this is not a bad choice at all. You’ll be able to see official news first, not to mention that the app looks really nice as well. Its UI design is clean and flat.
You’ll also be able to see live scores for all MLB games, along with statistics, and much more. Pitch-by-pitch features are also included, not to mention upcoming schedules, standings, and similar information. Do note that the app also offers subscription models. MLB Audio Yearly offer will set you back $19.99, while MLB Audio Monthly costs $$2.99. MLB TV subscribers do receive MLB Audio for free, though. So, you have options, even though the app itself is free to use.
Download MLB
Best Android App For MLB Live Scores


Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: Varies with device

SofaScore is one of the most popular, and also one of the best live score apps in the market. There is a good reason for that. This app offers tons of features when it comes to following your favorite sports teams. On top of that, it offers a ton of sports that you can do that for. So, no matter if you’re interested in soccer, basketball, or baseball, this app has you covered. MLB is also a focus of SofaScore, and it can not only deliver live scores, statistics, and everything related to that, but much more.
This application will throw some MLB news your way. The app’s design is spot on. It’s clean, flat, and easy to navigate as well. The app is constantly receiving updates, and is getting better and better with each of them. This app may be an overkill if you’d simply want to know a result of a particular game, but you won’t regret trying it out. Once you install it, as a sports fan, it’ll be difficult letting it go, considering how much information it shares.
Download SofaScore
Best Android App For Watching MLB Matches

YouTube TV

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: No
Android version: Varies with device

If you’re planning on watching MLB matches, YouTube TV is a great choice. Why? Well, YouTube actually worked out a deal with MLB, to offer MLB.TV on its platform. YouTube TV offered free Spring Training streaming, but in order to watch the MLB season, you’ll need to subscribe to MLB.TV. Do note that MLB.TV is not cheap, though, it’ll set you back $24.99 a month (after a 7-day trial), or $129.99 for the entire season.
Once you pay that, you can watch the matches via YouTube TV. For some of you, that may be more than worth it, if you’re a baseball fan. It’s hard to deny that MLB.TV is not cheap, though, YouTube TV does bring a ton of additional channels to the table, and is quite a versatile application in that regard. On top of that, it’s a really well-designed app, and is getting great support from Google.
Download YouTube TV
Best Android App For MLB News

Yahoo Sports

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 6.0+

Yahoo Sports is an all-around great option for baseball fans. This app not only brings all the latest news that you may be interested in, but its Yahoo Fantasy Sports platform is also excellent. You can get MLB scores, news, schedule, rumors, injuries, match statistics, and various other information. Basically, if you’ll choose one MLB news app or an all-in-one app, you should consider this one.
Now, when it comes to Yahoo Fantasy Sports. It’s a great platform for you to lead your MLB fantasy team. It’s extremely simple to use, and easily one of the best around, if not the best one. Dive into the fantasy sports world and lead your team to victory, as the MLB season progresses. Yahoo Sports is also one of the best-designed apps on this list, without a doubt, while it also supports push notifications.
Download Yahoo Sports
Best Android MLB Scorecard App


Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.0+

iScore is an excellent scorecard app that focuses solely on baseball. Well, baseball and softball, to be entirely accurate. By using this app, you can create rosters, leagues, score full games, share your lists, and so much more than that. iScore is an excellent choice for coaches, especially. Regular fans probably won’t use something like this, but if you’re really into baseball, you may consider it, as you can get extremely detailed here.
The app will generate over 500 stats automatically, for every player, after every game. Pitch Tracker feature is also included, and it can track every pitch location, type, and speed. It also includes a speckle chart. Batting Spray Chart is also included here, as is a detailed scorebook output. This app goes into incredible detail, and if you’re in need of something like that, go for it.
Download iScore
Best MLB Android Game For Most Users

MLB 9 Innings 21

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.4+

MLB 9 Innings 21 is one of the best baseball games in the Play Store. This is MLBAM, MLBPA official licensed mobile Major League Baseball game, by the way. So, you’ll get all the correct names and everything here. The developer implemented approximately 2,000 MLB star players in full 3D graphics. On top of that, the stadiums of 30 teams have also been implemented, with belonging sound effects.
The game also offers approximately 600 different types of hitting and pitching forms for each player. It comes with a new League Master Mode. This is the highest difficulty League Mode, for those of you who are wondering. You’ll be able to get Vintage/Prime Cards if you win the league in this mode. The in-game UI is also quite great, it offers really good graphics and belonging physics.
Download MLB 9 Innings 21

Best MLB Android Game For Graphics

MLB Perfect Inning 2021

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.4+

MLB Perfect Inning 2021 is an officially licensed game that comes from GAMEVIL. It has been renewed for a new season with a ton of new content on offer. It comes with an upgraded real-time player-vs-player mode. Matchmaking balance and rewards have been updated, while you can go head-to-head with players from around the globe. 2021 uniforms and rosters have also been updated, while there are 30 home stadiums available in the game.
The graphics in this game is excellent. You’ll get to look at highly-detailed faces and animations, partially thanks to the game’s engine. You can compare and trade players in this game, while the day/night cycle progresses with the innings. If you want a baseball simulation, while playing with licensed players, well, this is a great game for that. The game is free, but in-app purchases are included.
Download MLB Perfect Inning 2021

Best MLB Team Management Android Game

MLB 9 Innings GM

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.4+

MLB 9 Innings GM comes from the same developer as MLB 9 Innings 21. Unlike that game, this one is actually a management simulation game. So, if you prefer manager games over regular ones, this is the way to go. Just like its sibling, this game is licensed by MLBAM and MLBPA. 30 major league teams are included, along with retired legendary players that you can access.
Your job will be to build the winning team, and keep the momentum going. In this game, you can scout players, trade them, train your team, and so much more. You’ll be upgrading your favorite players here, and also be building strategy and tactic for each game. There are several game modes that you can access here, including the League/Ladder Mode, Tournament, and Club Match.
Download MLB 9 Innings GM

Best Fast-Paced, Fun MLB Android Game


Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.2+

If you’re looking for a somewhat different baseball game, well, BASEBALL 9 is the way to go. Players in this game look cartoonish, but that’s what makes the game fun. This game still tries to be realistic, and it actually does a rather good job at combining all that. It’s a rather odd combination, but in the case of this game, it works. Do note that the app isn’t officially licensed, though, it’s more of a general baseball game than an MLB one.
The gameplay here is quite fast, and you can even play base running manually, if you want. You’ll get detailed player stats in this game, while you can rename, gear up, and customize your players as well. This game is meant to be played online, but there is also an offline mode that you can dive into. Recruiting players is also possible. This is a really fun game, with nice-looking graphics, and it’s definitely worth trying out.
Download BASEBALL 9

Best MLB Android Game For Retro Fans

Blocky Baseball

Price: Free to download
In-app purchases: Yes
Android version: 4.2+

If you love baseball, but don’t want to play a game that takes itself too seriously… Blocky Baseball will fit your needs. This game is really fun, and yet it’s quite simple. On top of everything, the graphics are… well, retro. The players are blocky, hence the name of the game. Basically anyone can play this game, as the controls are quite simple, and the game is quite colorful.
The game offers collectible characters, though you’ll need to progress in order to collect them, of course. There are a number of different fields that you can play on, not to mention that weather effects are included in the equation. This game includes some fun mechanics here, like paint bombs. Those you’ll want to avoid when hitting the ball, as they’re imagined as traps to get you to make a mistake while gaming. It’s difficult to explain this gameplay, you have to try the game for yourself.
Download Blocky Baseball

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Users Prompted To "Connect SimpliSafe" In Google Home Due To Error

According to 9to5Google, some users are being prompted to „Connect SimpliSafe” by Google Home. Google likes to make setting up their devices truly easy. So simple that anyone can do it. The Google Home app is one way of doing this. From the Google Home app, a user can connect a plethora of home devices.
However, an error seen today April 1 is promoting users to „Connect Simplisafe”. Above the row of quick actions of the Google Home App Google sometimes shows a carousel of suggestions. These suggestions are actions to set up first-party functionality like Google Duo, invite home members, etc.
Third-party integrations are also included in these suggestions. These integrations include things like media streaming services. Following Google Home’s 2.35 update on March 31, 2021, some users are being prompted to „Connect SimpliSafe”.
Now, this would be fine, if these users actually had any of these devices in their house. It would even be acceptable if the users were near any devices, but nope not even that is true. SimpliSafe supplies home security systems, cameras, doorbells, and sensors such as motion, temperature, etc.
Some users are being prompted to „Connect SimpliSafe”. Even if they don’t have one
When a user taps the prompt a webpage opens to sign into that third-party account. However, simply tapping the x will remove the prompt altogether. The situation is a tad bit bizarre considering it is being pushed to more than a handful of people.
9to5Google says that they have seen the prompt on iOS, but not on the Android app. If you are seeing the prompt and do not own any of the company’s devices just simply tap the x to remove it. Besides this odd situation, Google has been on the roll with its support of home tech.
Recently the search giant made it where smart doorbells could easily access Google Assistant for more flexibility. The company is also introducing new features to its Nest Hub family. They recently received a pretty substantial update, and even the Google Home speakers are getting new connect sound.
Since the pandemic the home technology market has been booming. People have been things such as smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart TV, and more to make staying home more enjoyable. Capitalizing off of this boom the company also released a new Nest Hub recently.
So even with this odd error, Google is having a solid go at it of the home-connected devices. Besides this seems like a simple error to fix.
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This Chromebook Bug Could Reveal Your Location Data But There's A Fix

There’s reportedly a years-old bug in Chrome OS that could be making location data on any given Chromebook somewhat less-than-private. The bug, first spotted by the Committee on Liberatory Information Technology, exists specifically in how Chromebooks handle Wi-Fi logs. More directly in the records pertaining to connected networks.
Summarily, the logs are housed in unprotected memory and aren’t necessarily easy to decipher. But they can, if viewed by somebody who knows how to read them, reveal location data. And that data would reveal location history for up to a full week. More concerning, the bug will effectively impact every Chromebook available, including the best devices on the market.
Here’s why this location data bug isn’t a huge deal but is still concerning
Now, the location data bug can only technically be taken advantage of by accessing the Chromebook itself. Namely, somebody who knows how to decipher the logs needs physical access to a Chromebook to gain access to the data. So it isn’t altogether likely that anybody who isn’t a major corporation has a lot to worry about.
But they can also be accessed in Guest Mode because, as noted above, they’re stored in unprotected memory. And that means that any Chromebook with Guest Mode turned on could potentially be a source for leaked location data.
Here’s how to protect yourself
Because physical access is required and user log-ins are typically password-protected, the easiest way to prevent any such leak is going to be to turn Guest Mode off entirely. For clarity, Guest Mode allows users who aren’t signed in to effectively log in without a password and access a Chromebook. So that’s going to be the weakest link for this bug.
Thankfully, turning off Guest Mode is easy enough. Users simply need to sign in and then access the Chrome OS Settings app. That can be accessed either via the app launcher or by clicking on the clock at the bottom right-hand side of the UI before clicking the gear-shaped Settings icon. Then, users need to navigate to „People” under the left-hand sidebar menu, before selecting „Manage other people.”
In that menu, there’s an option to turn off „Enable Guest browsing.”
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Dish and T-Mobile Are Having A Fallout Over Boost Mobile CDMA Network

According to Axios Dish and T-Mobile may have some friction between them. Dish Network wrote a letter to the FCC on April 1 stating that its partner for wireless services, T-Mobile, is shutting down a network prematurely.
The network which T-Mobile is shutting down is still in use by millions of Dish’s Boost Mobile customers. Back when T-Mobile and Sprint merged, T-Mobile was allowed to sell a chunk of assets to Dish. The inclusion of Boost Mobile is in this agreement.
Dish relies heavily on T-Mobile’s network services. As Dish continues to build out its own 5G network the company uses T-Mobile’s existing infrastructure to expand. The plan to expand over several years might get derailed as a result of T-Mobile shuttering the network.
The letter from Dish brings up concerns over the shutting down of Sprint’s previously owned CDMA network. Boost mobile was a subsidiary of Sprint and utilizes CDMA heavily. After being acquired by T-Mobile there is little to no reason for the CDMA network.
However, Dish says that a majority of Boost Mobile’s customers around 9 million still rely on the CDMA network. It gets a bit more interesting though. The agreement between Dish and T-Mobile does cover the latter to provide network services.
Dish and T-Mobile are on two different pages over the CDMA network
However, T-Mobile did not promise to operate the CDMA service for a certain length of time. CDMA is an old network that is rarely in use. With the rise of LTE GSM became almost universal in usage.
Now, despite T-Mobile not agreeing to operate the CDMA for any length of time Dish expected different. Dish was expecting the Un-Carrier to eventually shut down the network between three to five years down the road.
Sprint is now shutting down the CDMA network on January 1, 2022. As a result, Dish is finding itself having to migrate everything over much faster. The large migration will be difficult, and as a result, customers will suffer.
Millions of Boost subscribers will find themselves without cell services when January 1 2022 rolls around. It may feel like salt in the wounds to Dish when comparing the situation to Verizon. Verizon currently has 1% of its customers on CDMA.
However, Big Red is not shutting down its CDMA network until 2023. This effectively gives its customers an extra year to decide what they want to do. Dish’s letter is also accusing T-Mobile of flip-flopping on other spectrum issues. If you want to see the specifics of the letter click here.
T-Mobile is being accused of adopting tactics similar to AT&T and Verizon. Normally this would not be a problem. But, T-Mobile allegedly was pushing for policies to encourage smaller competitors. T-Mobile seems to be pulling a 180 to stay competitive in the mobile wars.
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Here Are The 10 Best Headphones For Your New OnePlus 9 Or 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are undeniably going to be among the most popular phones for 2021. The phones start at under $800, just for starters, despite flagship specs, including Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 5G processor. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, they’ve also got great audio support. Including Bluetooth 5.2, with full support for aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, and AAC. So picking the best headphones to meet your needs with the OnePlus 9 series is going to be important.
But, with hundreds of brands and thousands of earbuds and over-ear cans to choose from, that won’t be easy. Happily enough, we’ve already spent a good deal of time with a lot of headphone brands and models. And we’ve taken some time to compile a list of ten great headphones that are going to work great with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.
For those that haven’t bought or pre-ordered your OnePlus 9 series device yet, arguably among the best smartphones for 2021, it’s available now, here.
The top ten best OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro headphones
This list of the best headphones for the OnePlus 9 series isn’t necessarily in any given order. But it will include headphones at a variety of price points and a variety of styles. Whether that’s truly wireless earbuds or on/over-ear headphones. You will note that there aren’t any wired headphones on the list though, since OnePlus didn’t include a 3.5mm audio combo jack this time around.
With that all said, let’s take a closer look at some of the best headphones available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.


AfterShokz OpenComm
From $159.95

OnePlus Buds Z
From $44.99

OnePlus Buds
From $59.00

JBL Tune 750BTNC
From $99

Monolith TrueWireless Earphones M-TWE
From $99.99

Ausounds AU-Frequency ANC
From $129.95

Sennheiser CX 400BT
From $99.95

KLH Fusion
From $199

Sony WH-1000XM4
From $348

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Headphones
From $322.06

AfterShokz OpenComm

Price: $159.95
Where to buy: Amazon

If you’re looking for all-day comfort, with an open-ear design, and communication first engineering, AfterShokz OpenComm is probably it. And this isn’t just comfort to last all day long either, the battery lasts up to 16-hours for talk and up to 8-hours for music playback. And charging is quick too.
Of course, these aren’t going to be the best headphones for your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro for music. The device represents frequencies that are audible to the human ear well. And the sound is clear and balanced, thanks in part to Bluetooth 5.0 — with NFC pairing also included. But bass frequencies lack the punch found in many other headphones here. For clarity, the tones are there, but they stay more in the background.
Where these headphones shine is on communication. The speakerphone effect seen in many competitors is all but non-existent. And audio travels both to the bone-conductive tips and from the flexible, repositionable microphone with clarity that’s uncommon in listening devices. So if communications are what you’re looking for, AfterShokz OpenComm is going to be a near-perfect fit.
AfterShokz OpenComm – Amazon
OnePlus Buds Z

Price: from $44.99
Where to buy: Amazon

No list of best headphones for the new OnePlus flagships would be complete, of course, without the company’s own offerings on that front. Starting out at just $44.99 from the company’s own website, these are a budget offering engineered to pair with OnePlus phones.
That means that they won’t come with extras like active noise-cancellation or the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. But they do pack an array of premium features in a great design. For example, they’re fast-charging ready, IP55 dust- and water-resistant, and come with automatic in-ear detection. So the buds can tell when you’ve taken them out or put them in. And then start or stop playback based on that.
Moreover, they feature limited Dolby Atmos support and near-lossless Bluetooth 5.0.
And for those who want something a bit more stylish, there’s another variant of OnePlus Buds Z to be had too. Namely, the $53.99 Steven Harrington edition.
OnePlus Buds Z – Amazon
OnePlus Buds

Price: From $59.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Of course, starting from $59.99 and intermittently available in either white or gray on Amazon and the OnePlus site, there’s also OnePlus Buds. Now, these are the original OnePlus earbuds and will still pair brilliantly with the OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro. They also offer a few unique features, such as „environmental noise cancellation.”
That feature, summarily, allows for clearer voice during calls and recording. While others such as Dolby Atmos support and Dirac Audio Tuner support allow sound quality to match up with what it should. As does the 13.4mm, dynamic driver. And real-time, low-latency design.
On the battery front, these are easily some of the best headphones for your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro too. Namely, because the carry case can get up to 30-hours while the earbuds can go for 7. And, OnePlus says, up to 10-hours of listening can be gained from just 10-minutes of charging thanks to fast charging.
OnePlus Buds – Amazon
JBL Tune 750BTNC

Price: From $99
Where to buy: Amazon

Available in Black, White, Blue, or Coral Orange, JBL Tune 750BTNC is going to be one of the most affordable options on this list. Let alone the most affordable over-ear option, for those who want the best headphones for their OnePlus 9 series smartphone.
JBL Tune 750BTNC features a foldable design, pooling the company’s long-time leadership in wireless audio.
That’s coupled with the company’s JBL Pure Bass Sound and active noise cancellation technology. As well as other top features such as multi-point connections for connecting up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and Bluetooth 4.2 for nearly lossless audio. The former of those means you can connect these headphones to your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro and another device. Then you won’t miss any phone calls if you happen to be streaming on that other gadget.
Of course, battery life is going to be another big selling point for these affordable wireless headphones. The company says that up to 15-hours of listening can be had, in fact. With only 2-hours required for recharging.
That’s all coupled with hands-free calls & voice controls, as well as ready access to Google Assistant on your OnePlus 9 series smartphone.
JBL Tune 750BTNC – Amazon
Monolith True Wireless Earphones M-TWE

Price: From $99.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Ordinarily priced at $129.99, Monolith True Wireless Earphones M-TWE is presently on sale for just under $100. And it’s a shoo-in on this list for a number of reasons.
Not least of all, it packs all of the great features found in other top headphones on our list. So, active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, and more are all part of the package. The 8.5-hours or more of battery life isn’t bad either. But the company takes these headphones a step further too.
All-day comfort and a sleek design with touch controls and AI assistant access are met here by Ambient Mode, just for starters. That readily amplifies environmental noise without interrupting playback. So you can be more situationally aware while listening. Monolith M-TWE is also compatible with the SoundID app to top things off.
SoundID means that users can first test their hearing on a per-ear basis and then adjust the audio tuning to best match what they expect from great headphones. And that’s going to make Monolith True Wireless Earphones M-TWE one of the best headphones you can buy for your new OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro.
Monolith True Wireless Earphones M-TWE – Amazon
Ausounds AU Frequency ANC

Price: $129.95
Where to buy: Amazon

Building on the previous entry, Ausounds AU Frequency ANC is a great option for those who want the best headphones for their OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro. Not only do these headphones hit exactly where they should in terms of mix, with all-day comfort and no unnecessary ear pressure from the active ANC. The ANC also doesn’t alter the frequency response curve significantly. So listening with that activated won’t change the sound too much.
In terms of battery life and charging, conversely, AU Frequency ANC provides up to 20-hours of battery life. And up to 1.5-hours can be had from just 15-minutes of charging. Intuitive touch controls, an IPX4 waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof rating, and USB-C charging rounds out features on the hardware front.
And all of that is packaged into a timeless, stylish design, priced at under $150, with a cost point at just $129.95.
Ausounds AU Frequency ANC
Sennheiser CX 400BT

Price: $99.95
Where to buy: Amazon

Sennheiser is a brand that needs no introduction in the audio world. And its Sennheiser CX 400BT is no exception.
Although normally priced at a reasonable $199, these truly wireless earbuds are currently priced at $99.95. That could make them the most high-value offering on this list. You won’t find active noise cancellation here or ambient mode. But what you do get is Sennheiser’s high-quality audio, with its world-class comfort and a snug fit to match.
Sennheiser CX 400BT also delivers customizable touch controls and a built-in EQ. So users will be able to get exactly the types of tap or hold interactions they want, and exactly the sound they want. All packed in a sleek, minimal design.
On battery life, Sennheiser claims up to 7-hours on a single charge. Android Headlines' review showed up to 6, but 7 should be easily attainable at lower volumes. And that’s just for the buds. An additional 13 hours of battery life can be had from the charging case.
Sennheiser CX 400BT – Amazon
KLH Fusion

Price: From $199
Where to buy: Amazon

Taking just 90-minutes to charge, lasting up to 7-hours per charge, and with more than 28-hours from the charging case, KLH Fusion could be the best headphones for the OnePlus 9 series on battery life alone. But KLH goes further on that front, with easy-to-see and easy-to-read LEDs making it easier than ever to keep tabs on how charged everything is.
Now, these headphones also offer great audio that’s easy to hear at a moderate, medium volume. And the quality of that audio is well balanced with plenty of punch and nuance. Active noise-cancellation, easy access to on-device AI, and more are included too. But the big kicker on the audio front is comfort. KLH includes no fewer than 7-earbud tip sizes for these lightweight, durable buds. So the perfect fit is easy to obtain too.
Finally, KLH says that Fusion is rated at IPX5 for water and sweat resistance. So there’s a lot to love from these best-in-class earbuds.
KLH Fusion – Amazon
Sony WH-1000XM4

Price: From $348
Where to buy: Amazon

For those who have a little extra money to burn, Sony WH-1000XM4 enters this list at $348.
Needing very little introduction, Sony WH-1000XM4 could be the best headphones option for your new OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro on the branding alone. Or, at the very least, on what that branding entails. These headphones, available in black, blue, or silver, build on Sony’s WH-1000XM3 in nearly every way.
To begin with, the latest Sony headphones offer Dual Noise Sensor technology-driven noise cancellation. They also offer Edge-AI driven audio, with adaptive sound control for a more personalized listening experience. That all means the audio here is customizable, after starting at a high level, to begin with, thanks to technology from Sony Music Studios Tokyo. Call quality is on-point too and these are some of the only over-ear headphones with on-ear detection.
Moreover, setting aside multi-device pairing, Sony includes Speak-to-chat technology that reduces media volume when a conversation is detected. So you’ll be able to keep listening even in social settings. And touch controls, with ready access to AI voice assistants on source devices, ensure that you can stop the music altogether easily if needs be.
For battery life, Sony rates these headphones at up to 30-hours per charge. With 10-minutes of charge providing an additional 5-hours of playback.
Sony WH-1000XM4 – Amazon
Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Headphones

Price: From $322.06
Where to buy: Amazon

The last headphones on our list are typically priced at $399.99 but currently start at just $322.06 at Amazon. Available in Space Grey, Silver, or a stunning Carbon Edition, Bowers & Wilkins PX7 are over-ear headphones that could easily be the best for the OnePlus 9 or OnePlus 9 Pro.
Not only are these headphones equipped with Bowers & Wilkins' largest drivers — at 43mm — with adaptive noise-canceling features. They’re tuned by the same engineers responsible for the company’s 800 Series diamond speakers used in Abbey Road Studios. Suffice it to say, you get what you pay for with these headphones on the audio quality front. Power, balance, and stable audio are all right where they should be at just about any volume.
Ambient pass-through works here too, allowing environmental noises to push through as needed.
Moreover, these headphones can multi-device connect and can remember as many as eight separate devices. So they’ll always be ready to go, regardless of which source device you’ve decided to use. And they’ll survive the daily grind too, with composite arms built from carbon fiber.
On battery life, up to 30-hours can be had, with 6-more from a 15-minute charge, according to Bowers & Wilkins. And PX7 also happens to be one of the few over-ear style headphones that will stop playing if you lift one of the cans off of your ear. With music or playback resuming when you put it back on your ear.
The sole drawback to these headphones is that the company recommends keeping them out of the rain and away from water. Otherwise, these will undoubtedly be among the best headphones you could buy to pair with your new OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro.
Bowers & Wilkins PX7 – Amazon
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New KB articles published for the week ending 28th March, 2021

Tweet Products Document Id Title Published Date VMware Cloud Foundation 83229 VCF on VxRail Upgrade cheat sheet (83229) 25/03/2021 VMware Cloud on AWS 83242 [VMC on AWS] Types of VMC Failure Simulations Available (83242) 25/03/2021 VMware ESXi 83243 RX packet drops seen on 25Gb network adapters due to page allocation failure “Failed to allocate all, … Continued

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Source: vmware

New KB articles published for the week ending 21st March, 2021

Tweet Products Document Id Title Published Date VMware ESXi 83150 DISPLAYING SMART DATA FOR NVME DEVICES IN ESXI (83150) 17/03/2021 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 83023 How to disassociate vRealize Suite 7.x from VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 3.10.x (83023) 15/03/2021 VMware Cloud on AWS 82785 [VMC on AWS] Default segment sddc-cgw-network-1 can be deleted … Continued

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New KB articles published for the week ending 14th March, 2021

Tweet Products Document Id Title Published Date Virtual Disk Development Kit 83068 How to add VMTools version info to an existing OVF/OVA template (83068) 10/03/2021 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 83029 After a VCF on VxRail Level Skip Upgrade for 4.1 to 4.2 the VxRail 7.0.131 bundle may  not be available to download. (83029) 09/03/2021 … Continued

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New KB articles published for the week ending 7th March, 2021

Tweet Products Document Id Title Published Date VMware Cloud on AWS 82770 [VMC on AWS] Unable to apply storage policies to individual virtual disks during HCX bulk migration (82770) 03/03/2021 VMware Cloud on AWS 82730 [VMC on AWS] hbrsrv and lwdproxy service status is critical in Network Extention Appliance (82730) 02/03/2021 VMware ESXi 82763 VMware … Continued

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The Samsung Galaxy A51 Is Down To $349

Amazon has the unlocked Samsung Galaxy A51 back on sale, down to just $349.78. That is a really great price for the Galaxy A51, and it works on all of the US carriers – AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Though this is not a 5G smartphone.
As for the Galaxy A51 5G, it has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display: Dive into edge-to-edge color with an expansive 6.5” Infinity-O Display featuring a Super AMOLED screen that brings cinematic clarity right to your fingertips. As well as a long-lasting 4000mAh battery retains power throughout the day so you can keep streaming, snapping, sharing & gaming; If you’re short on time and juice, Fast Charging will have you back up and running in no time
Capture pro-level photos on your Samsung cellphone with the tap of a finger, from landscape shots and portraits to macro angles that reveal intricate textures and detail. Thanks to the quad-camera setup and 48-megapixel main sensor on-board. There is also Super Steady OIS that allows you to take remarkably smooth video of fast-moving action in crisp, UHD quality; Its top-notch stability makes cell phone photos and videos look super smooth with minimal blur.
There is 16GB of built-in storage, and there is also a micro SD card slot that supports up to 512GB. So if you need more space, you are covered.
What’s impressive here is that this does also support 5G, at this price. It does only support Sub-6 though, which will work on AT&T and T-Mobile’s network. You can use this on Verizon, but you won’t get 5G yet. Once they launch their nationwide 5G network later this year, it’ll work.
You can pick up the unlocked Samsung Galaxy A51 5G  from Amazon by clicking here. But you’d better hurry as this price is not going to last very long.
Galaxy A51 5G & Galaxy Buds – Amazon
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Grab The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live For $139

Amazon currently has the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live on sale for just $139.99. That’s a pretty good price for the Galaxy Buds Live, considering these are normally priced at $179. This is the lowest we have seen the Galaxy Buds Live for, as a brand new model. We’ve seen refurbished models a bit cheaper.
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will work with non-Samsung smartphones to, so you don’t need to have a Galaxy S21 to use these.
Upgrade your sound and style with Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Designed with the largest Galaxy Buds speaker, improved bass and an open fit, playlists sound more like live music than ever before. When you need to block out background noise for a phone call or important task, initiate Active Noise Cancellation with a touch. Making it easy to go from listening to music, to talking to someone you walk by.
Galaxy Buds Live are easy on the eyes, light on the ears and have long-lasting battery life . Features including Active Noise Canceling are enabled through a Bluetooth connection or the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, available through Google Play Store, and the Galaxy Buds app on iOS devices, available through the App Store. Actual battery life may vary and depend on usage conditions such as function settings, playback file type, and Bluetooth signal strength.
Hear every sound come alive. 12mm speakers with sound by AKG work together with Galaxy Buds Live’s ergonomic design to deliver spacious sound, while the large driver and bass duct help emit deep bass with air flow that lets sound flow seamlessly.
You can pick up the Galaxy Buds Live from this Amazon sale today by clicking here. This sale is not going to last long, so you’ll want to grab these before they are gone. In fact, these are on sale today only and likely will sell out before midnight.
Galaxy Buds Live – Amazon
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Fiat 500 Hey Google Family Announced With Google Assistant Tweaks

Fiat has announced the 500 Hey Google family of cars today, and it has the „Hey Google” branding as well as Google Assistant built-in.
And yes, it does sound weird. Since every Android Auto car does have Google Assistant built-in. But with the Fiat 500 Hey Google series, you’re getting a few more tweaks and cool voice controls that others cars don’t have.
Both Google and Fiat have released blog posts about this new series of cars. Which consists of three 500 series vehicles. It is essentially a limited edition of the classic Fiat 500.
What makes the Fiat 500 Hey Google family unique?
You can ask the Google Assistant for key vehicle information, like what’s your fuel level. You can also ask to turn on or off the headlights, and also control the in-car entertainment system. Among many other things.
Fiat has also made these cars unique, in terms of looks. There are „Hey Google” badges and Google’s colorful dots are all over the three Fiat 500 models – Fiat 500, 500L and 500X. There are also „Hey Google” tags on each headrest.
All three vehicles also include a 7-inch touchscreen with the Google Assistant built-in. It can also connect directly to the Fiat Mopar Connect system so you can access vehicle information and stats on your smartphone, tablet or smart display. You can also check where you parked your car, how many miles you drove that day and much more.
Unfortunately, there’s no plans for the Fiat 500 Hey Google series to come to the US. Instead, it will be launching in ten European countries. These include Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland. And if you do buy one of these models, you’ll get a sweet goodie bag with all kinds of swag included. Including a Fiat-branded Nest Hub, key cover, and a canvas bag.
There’s no word on pricing just yet.

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T-Mobile Will Likely Offer All 2021 Google Pixel Phones

T-Mobile and Google announced their partnership quite recently. We’ve already talked about what it entails, but it could point to something else as well. Based on a rather specific quote by T-Mobile (spotted by DroidLife), the carrier will likely offer all 2021 Google Pixel phones.
T-Mobile CEO hints that the company will offer all 2021 Google Pixel phones
T-Mobile was careful not to say too much, but this quote is somewhat revealing. T-Mobile’s CEO, Mike Sievert, said that Google will see T-Mobile feature “a broad range of premium Pixel devices”.
At the moment, T-Mobile is only selling the Google Pixel 4a (5G), when it comes to the company’s smartphones. Well, based on this quote, and the partnership in general, that will likely change this year.
The word “Premium”, from the quote we mentioned, seems to point out to the company’s phones. On top of that, Mr. Sievert did say “a broad range”, and that certainly means more than one device.
In fact, if we had to guess, we’d say that T-Mobile may offer all Google Pixel smartphones this year, including the rumored foldable Pixel handset. Google is expected to announce at least 3-4 smartphones by the end of 2021.
The Google Pixel 5a will likely arrive first
The Google Pixel 5a will likely arrive first, in mid-2021. Following it, we may see the Google Pixel 6 (perhaps even two models), and the Google Pixel Fold, or whatever Google ends up calling its first foldable smartphone.
The Google Pixel 5a may arrive in more than one model as well. We doubt the second model will be called the Pixel 5 (5a), though, as the regular Pixel 5a will likely offer 5G, thanks to its new SoC.
All in all, the Pixel 6 and Pixel Fold are definitely the most exciting phones from Google. The Pixel 6 is rumored to include a new camera sensor after quite a few years. The Pixel Fold, on the other hand, well, it will become the company’s first foldable smartphone, and that’s exciting in its own regard.
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Save Up To 50% On SanDisk, Samsung, Western Digital & More SSDs – Today Only

In Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day today, you’ll find a number of SSDs on sale, including internal and external SSDs. Making it a great time to pick up a SSD or two. These include brands like Samsung, SanDisk and Western Digital.
Keep in mind that this price is good today only, as it is part of the Gold Box Deal of the Day. And it will expire at midnight PST tonight.  
As part of this deal, you can pick up the SanDisk 2TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD for just $269, that’s down from $360. Which is actually a really great deal for that size of a SSD. You can get a slightly slower model, the SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD for $239. It’s a bit slower at 1050MB/s versus 2000MB/s on the PRO model.