Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Takes Iterative Design Savvy To A New Level

Samsung has taken to YouTube to showcase the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a heavy focus on design decisions. As might be expected, that means the recently reported series features some of the key designers behind the device.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 hasn’t hit store shelves just yet. Pre-orders are open but shipments don’t start for at least a week. And, at least at the surface, the foldable tablet-hybrid smartphone is a big step forward from its predecessor. But the new gadget, while very different aesthetically, may actually be more iterative than many are aware.
How did the designers change the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2?
The focus for designers working on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was on making the displays bigger while keeping a similar footprint. That’s in addition to changes that needed to be made in the hinge mechanism.
But an equal bit of time was spent focused on how users would benefit most from apps on the platform. That’s both a software and hardware problem the team set out to solve. And it managed to find its solution in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip via Flex Mode. Just as the feature works on that device, Samsung wanted the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to allow wider use of applications and functionality.
To that end, the company not only redesigned the hinge to actively clean itself with use — also iterating from the Galaxy Z Flip. It also focused on ensuring that the hinge can be stopped at multiple angles. So users are able to use the dual-cam hinge, holding at 75- or 115-degree angles, to use the phone as its own tripod. Or as a stand for media playback.
That additionally enabled changes to the camera not only changes the camera UI to offer better capabilities and take advantage of the now-split interface.
The design itself was reworked to allow a bigger screen on the exterior of the device. But the Samsung team also focused on removing the notch on the interior display to provide more real-estate. Then it trimmed back the bezels, providing more overall screen with less intrusion in a similarly-sized footprint.
When does this flagship folder land?
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost US buyers a pretty penny at $1,999. That’s without any in-the-box pack-ins too. For the discerning buyer, those extras can be had, including a Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, and a carry bag. And those do come with some extra design-savvy, as does the smartphone it’s packed in with. Namely, that’s because that’s the Thom Browne bundle. But that’ll set buyers back a whopping $3,299.
Regardless of which version is pre-ordered, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will begin shipping on September 18.

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